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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Briant Rodriquez

I've been going over some of the clues I posted regarding the case of Briant Rodriquez. First, and most importantly, he was found alive! For that we are all grateful.

From my journal entry of 5/8 I got pig which confused me, interstate or route 89, and "being with the angels" which got my mind wrapped around Los Angeles.

Well I think the pig could have been a clue about Mexico, which they were already looking at anyway, just hadn't thought about the swine flu thing.

Today I found an article that stated "Vega and Moreno are originally from Mexico though they have claimed addresses in Ontario for years." I remembered when I was looking for route 89,the only thing I found was a route 89 north of where the kidnapping happened and a link to a route trip documentary about traveling route 89 from Mexico to Canada. And I found this map. A clue? Could be or at least a positive connection to these 2 guys. However I still feel there might also be a connection to LA or Westchester County. The name Howie, the airplane thing and the actual reference to Westchester was too specific to be ignored completely. But I am always willing to say I can be wrong!

What took me to LA in the first place was the thought "with the angels". However there are numerous references to the City of Angels and places called City of Angels thoughout Mexico including right along the border near Mexicali.

The woman with dark hair. It seems they are looking for a woman with dark hair in connection to the kidnapping. She is the girlfriend of one of the suspects. However, I saw a picture for the first time of Briant's mother the other day when they were re-united. I hope this doesn't sound bad, but the dress she was wearing made her look pregnant. Could explain that part. Or it could turn out to be this other woman. Only time will tell, but it appeared that the woman was taking care of Briant and it doesn't sound like he was cared for very well by his abductors.

The abstract painting I sketched showed a man in a hat that reminds me of a sombrero. Mexico clue again? Jara and a name that sounded like Gerald. There is a General Heriberto Jara International Airport in Mexico. And Cava is a commonly used word or name there. One initial I got was a V and one of the suspects name is Liberato Vega. The other suspect, Isreal Ledesma Moreno, is a capricorn.

Coincidences? Perhaps... I just don't know. Hopefully these guys will be caught soon and we will get the answers. Are there still clues here that will help? One can only hope.

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