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Friday, May 8, 2009

Haleigh Cummmings

02-13-09 I tried to meditate on a little girl who has been taken from her home in Florida. Haleigh, age 5. First, what I already knew - Father is 25, girlfriend is 17; girlfriend was watching Haleigh and brother while father was at work. Mom and Dad in bitter divorce. Dad had custody and girlfriend didn't get along with Mom.

My feelings - Haleigh is gone and the girlfriend probably had something to do with it. I could see a long tunnel (pic.1) It stated out kind of like the pick then I could see butterflies and lights. That gave me a feeling that she has crossed over. There was also a cinder block holding the door open (I knew that) but I got a feeling that it was all a set up. I began to see what looked like a grid of an area or an aerial map. I heard Sarasota as the map came into focus. I spotted a round thing that may have been a stack or tower. I thought for a minute about the husband of Susan Smith and how completely devastated he was. Briefly I though "Mom" but I believe it's more that he really doesn't have a clue.

Someone helped the girlfriend. A name - like Bob or Robert. I could see letters.. Anyway - the grid (pic.2) seems to feel that there was an arrow pointing me to that tower, and the road runs 3 ways to there. Then I started seeing another tunnel. It was going down or through a tunnel and i felt swamp and alligators. Which began an awful line of thinking. I could see a blindfold and I don't think he had the nerve to kill her, but left her there to die or be killed??? I don't know,but its like she (the girlfriend) got the idea from the Caylee Anthony case but thought she could get away with it. Then my focus went back to the grid. I could perhaps see another road behind it and I feel the tunnels may be to the right and then I saw an airplane (pic.3) over it and thought it might be near an airport. I started seeing an object as it became clearer. I could see someone holding it in their hands, small like a cell phone (pic.4) There may be text messages between the girlfriend and the guy who helped her. She feels manipulative to me and cold, no conscience. At the very end something like what is shown in pic.5, and peaches? I have no idea about the shape. It seemed or felt like equipment or something like that.


  1. Hello Diana,

    My name is JO , I too am a psychic . I wanted to write you because in reading your post here about Haleigjh , I wanted to tell you I had very similar thought also. I saw an airport like you did , and also the tunnels and a rope around a tree, maybe as some kind of a marker I thought. I felt Haleigh crying for her daddy when I did a psychic reading on her picture. I felt Haleigh told me she was by the two trees and keeping that in mind, I have noticed that in this case there always seems to be two of everything. I dreamt I was in the trailer the night Haleigh went missing and that Misty was not there.I also saw one of my customers whos name is John sitting in the bath tub ( at time I didnt know they had a tub in the bedroom )I also dreamt of a ballfield / park of some kind.
    I did a psychic search while on goole map, and I started at the trailer where Haleigh was abducted and I went to Hoot owl rd, and my search ended on Ridge Rd. I found out afterwards that a relative on Haleighs moms side named Johnny Jack Lauramore lives on Ridge Rd. Strange I thought.Recently I keep seeing hoot owls everywhere I go so think someone is trying tell me about hoot owl rd. buyt I found out there is also an area called hoot owl ridge and so I did a search for hoot owl ridge and checked out a realestate listing for hoot owl ridge area and believe it or not, it turned out to be Tommy Croslins trailer for sale .....I am thinking now that since this hoot owl ridge connected me to Tommy that he is the one that holds the key to what happened to Haleigh.

    Please let me know what you think of my psychic thoughts here.
    Thank You.

  2. Believe it or not what stands out most is the owl. A few weeks ago I was coming home late, after 9pm probably, and as I was coming down my little country road I could see something very small sitting in the middle. I slowed down and had to come to a stop because a tiny little barn owl was sitting there, not moving at all, just looking at me. He sat there for a few moments and then just flew off. And now here you are with owls.. we need to look into this! I'm glad you jointed the forum! I look forward to working with you!

  3. if you look at brians dreams drawings for gabriel, he mentions in several dream drawings that gabriel johnson is by a ballpark or ballfeild, "ballfield, 300 yards se of last check" and reading on your haleigh cummings impressions also reminds me of the gabriel case ex: elizabeths twin brother is robert, and her grandfather is bob. brian also stated that cell phones were used and discarded it could be brians is getting his dreams mixed with haleigh or haleighs are crossing over with gabriels. also allison dubois had givin her impressions on the gabriel johnson case and stated their are helicopters circeling above where gabriel is at... also elizabeth sent text messages to gabriels father logan stating she killed him and thats when logan reported all of this to police

  4. This child was beaten badly by a young women a man mid twentys took her unconcious to a boarded house she regained concious uncle she calls him she had seisure drugs lots drugs old man involved dirt a large tract of dirt there are horses she says im in the garden by bobbi