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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome to Psychics Unite to Help Find Missing Children

Monday, May 4, 2009, Madeleine McCann's parents appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. This sparked a renewed interest in the case across internet. Tweets were sent out to psychics who may want to help find little Madeleine. So that is where this idea was born, to create a blog where gifted psychics can unite to help find these missing children.

I realize that authorities are usually short on patience when it comes to psychics. They get so many tips from people claiming to be psychic and they get to the point where they just do not have the time to listen. I have found it frustrating that we are sometimes given insight about a child, but there is no where to go.

This is going to be a safe place to share your information. I will reserve the right to review all of the posts and weed out those that I do not feel are legit or are intended to be harmful in any way. I will not disregard anyone who feels their information is accurate and may in some way help. I may on occasion follow up before I post the comments to make sure anyone sharing ideas are really trying to help.

With that said, we will start this blog with the intention of helping to find Madaleine McCann. Please post your thoughts and feelings. Hopefully, in time, people will take notice of this blog and look here for clues and information that may help bring these little angels home safely.

I will be posting my thoughts as soon as I have finished going back through my journals. I welcome any and all who wish to help to do the same.


p.s. Feel free to post information about other missing children that are in need of our help. I want this to be an interactive forum.

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