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Friday, July 31, 2009

Robert Manwill

Robert Manwill, age 8, went missing around 9:30 pm last Friday, July 24, 2009, from his mother's home in Boise Idaho.

07/31/09 - I heard a brief news story about this boy today but the report was interrupted by other news. Now I don't usually get information like this, but the report sounded urgent so I quickly asked my guides, without benefit of meditation, "where is Robert?"

I got several quick responses - barrel, under a tree, near water, which felt like creek or small river, hunting cabin near by, french creek and then bear which I felt meant bear creek, (french creek is a place near where I live that used to have a bear) and the number 8.

I was actually in the shower so I jumped out and wrote it down. I took this as he would be found in a barrel type container, under a tree near a creek that might be called bear or reference bear. I then checked the internet. I had only heard his name and Idaho, and that this was an urgent search. What I found on the internet was that he is 8 years old and a Bear Creek Lake near Boise. There seem to be many places where fishing vacations can be taken which might be what the cabin reference was, but I have no idea.

Please, if anyone can make heads or tails of this, please contact the proper authorities.

08/04/09 - I tried meditating on Robert Manwill this morning. I've been keeping up with the story. But this afternoon I came across a news story about a boy being found in the New York Canal. The identity has not been established as of yet. So, I'm going to post what I got this morning and I will post any other news I get later on.

"From where he is, what can he see?" I'm not sure what the image is but it looks like a bell on a pole and then it changed to sort of swirling or spinning around the pole. I could see what looked like a bucket that was knocked over. I'm feeling or seeing an 8 again like in the first impressions, but more that the 8 is an indicator of where he is, like a road, route or marker of some kind. I was asking how to get where he is and I started seeing squiggly lines like perhaps this is an image of roads or how they would break off on a topo or aerial map. I feel trauma to the back of his head. A wooded area perhaps passing some sort of picnic area along the road and I see the 8 again. I'm asking him to show me how to get there, and he shows me something that looks like a cup but I don't think its a cup. I think there is something about the shape itself.

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