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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hassani Campbell

08/24/09 When I first started meditating on Hassani this morning I saw a cross. I get the feeling that he is alive, a plus sign +, but he is in desperate need. Grand Blvd. A triangle, I could see something weird like a board on top of a building, like a billboard. At first I was thinking like a sign, then a convenience store, I could see a deer and it looked like its head was going up and down, like a statue instead of a live deer. It has something to do with that store or the location.

Then I started seeing an image but it started changing and it made me think of a sonoco gas station, I don't know why because the image looks more like a shell. Perhaps that is the store. I feel he may have been sold in some black market, with sick people who need help. Not sick like the flu, just plain sick. I could see money or feel like an exchange of money. I heard "Officer Bill", then I could saw a C and then it changed to Casa I think I heard that and C Casa?? his home?

Did anyone find money or maybe they should look, perhaps that's where the mean guy comes in. I know I didn't want to think that the dad was involved and not believe the rumors, but it isn't looking good for him. I remember the first time I saw his picture, I though that his features looked like what I saw in my first vision, but softer and that one felt like a white guy. When I was thinking about Hassani being alive or not, I could see him, curled up in a fetal position and crying. I asked "where will they find him"? I heard "hard work" then I feel not so much hard work to find him but hard work being done where he is, almost like construction of some kind. I also heard Chicago.


  1. I am not a psychic but on occassion have the gift of dreams.
    I have recently been trying to dream about Nevaeh Buchanan and who is responsible for her death. However, the last few days I have had a couple dreams that I feel may be pertaining to Hassani Campbell I am not sure though.
    I have watched several news videos
    regarding this precious child.
    I am not sure if I can post here if not please delete it for me and know that I apologies.
    A few days ago dream had three buses but not school buses more like long moving vans but they had something to do with a type of building construction I think lumber was on them. The buses had a logo on the side which was yellow and red I couldn't read the words. They were all parked in a sandy area with very little grass near the construction site.
    Last night my dream started at an intersection when I passed a large red pick up truck, from there I was in front of a restaraunt/bar that was on the South side of street in middle of busy town. I went into it and I think I walked down a few steps before seeng round tables...I also remember that
    this place had bizarre food stuff I wouldn't normally think of eating one thing in particular was something that was shaped like a hot dog but covered in a batter or something but I remember thinking eeew people actually eat this. I went to a round table that had several people gathered and I sat next to a woman with a "baby type toddler" the baby was very very long for a baby and had knobby knees and elbows he was very bony and there was a significance to seeing him as half black and half white...literally half of his body was white and half was black in color initially. The woman he was with in my dream was his mother she had a very light non white complexion and had bushier hair. Only other adult I remember in my dream had orange hair with a pale complexion and freckles about maybe 6'2".
    Switched over watching them as they pulled into a single story house with attached garage on left of house, cement driveway. House was part white siding and part red/orange brick in a type of subdivisions with all single story houses. Something else was that he was barefooted because I remembered thinking in my dream Nevaeh was reported not to have socks and shoes on also. Again I am making no claims just wanted to share this in hopes something might be useful. I do remember watching a video clip where the news reporter stood in front of a building with glass and I seen the reflection of the public transportation bus stopping right in front there, my gut picked up the reflection and I felt that was significant and then after reading about the routine his father spoke of I felt it was someone who knew this routine. Again no claims may be nothing but felt I had to share.
    Warmest Regards and Green Blessings;

  2. Thank you for your comments. I found what you wrote very interesting.

    Just because you don't consider yourself psychic, doesn't mean that you do not have the gift. A lot of people see, feel or even dream things that they never consider to mean anything, when in fact a lot of it probably does. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully we will be able to do something with the information that might help find him.


  3. Thank you Diana for your kind heart felt words. I do accept them as a gift now-I have had them my entire life but I need to work on trusting in myself. When they happen spontaneously they are pretty accurate but when I try and encourage my dream to happen or if it pertains to a child I am finding them confusing and difficult to interpret and sometimes having characters like Santa Claus in them. I do hope that something might be of help and that this little one is brought back home safe and sound, there is too much of this happening these days : (

  4. You are welcome. And keep working at it. It takes time, patience and practice but you will get there.

  5. I received something in meditation the other day 8/28/09 and really thought it related more to Lindsey and one of Mish's dreams, but now I think it may have something to do with Hassani. I simply got the words:

    Easy Climb 90

    I googled Easy Climb not really expecting to find anything, but Easy Climb is a special wheelchair and the website I found for them is located in Denmark. Hmmmm. Don't know, but here's the link. ... 60wYhlt1ZQ

    I wonder if someone has recently inquired or purchased one of these chairs for a child?

    Blessings and Prayers for little Hassani.

    Kim C.

  6. Denmark? Hmmmm I wonder if it could be Madeline?

  7. I don't know much of anything about Madeline, so I really can't comment. I just didn't get anything else except:

    Easy Climb 90

    There may be distributors in the US for this product manufactured in Denmark?

    Wow, just when I went to put the letters in the word verification box, I see a wheelchair there and the end of the box. Weird!

  8. I live 45 miles east of Oakland CA where Hassani went missing. You talk about the Sunoco sign and it looking like a shell....well we have Shell gas stations darn near on every block in CA. Anything else i can check or help you with? I'm not a rel good self starter but if someone tells me what they want i will help any way i can. Namaste

    Picture of shell gas station symbol