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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lindsey Baum - Please read!

Lindsey Baum, age 11, went missing from McCleary, Grays Harbor, Washington on June 26, 2009. She had left her friends house around 9:30 pm for a short walk home and has not been seen since. I was contacted by someone close to the case and have been working on this ever since.

I have what I believe to be credible clues but I waited to post in fear that whoever has her might be watching the blogs and news. At some point I thought perhaps it was time to start sharing as a way to jump-start more people to get out there and look. I suppose what I didn't think about was that people would come to my blog and copy my information, without my permission, to other blogs and websites. Some of these sites, I imagine, do try to help. But I also know that there are people out there who have nothing better to do with their lives than to try to exploit the heartache of others.

I want to ask any one who has taken stuff off of this blog and posted it elsewhere to please remove it. I have an idea of the people that might be doing it and I'm going to try to find the posts myself and contact the administrators to see if I can have it removed.

I also want you to know that by doing this you have hurt Lindsey's family and they also ask that you stop. I will not be posting anything else about Lindsey's case. If you have legitimate information you can email it to me at and I will forward it to Lindsey's mom.



  1. Your audacity is amazing!

  2. Your cowardness is also amazing.. sign your name!

  3. I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I did not jump into this uninvited. I was asked to do so. I was also asked by the Baum family to go back to the private emails we had been exchanging for the reasons I stated. I did not find the info on the blogs, they did. I am doing what was requested by Lindsey's family. If you are so offended by this then that begs the question, were you one of the people in question? Is that why you didn't sign your name?

  4. I respect that you are following what the family has asked. Dont let that one comment get to you - it's not worth it! I had someone leave me a rude message once when I stated I could not post some specific information but instead felt that it was important to forward to Law Enforcement. Sometimes people don't understand and they are just so curious it gets in the way of their common sense!