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Monday, October 5, 2009

Karamjit Kaur - Update Found

10/06/09 - I'm beginning to think I wasn't completely off on this.. I think I was correct about the circumstances about this girls family life. I will be interested to see what they say was the reason for what she did. There is also something with the location of where she was found that I find interesting as to something I drew?? I am going to go back and update the previous post with new pics. I will post updates on this one as I get them. I'm a little worried about this girl and possible repercussions.

Still worried about why I was seeing the other stuff... I did read in one news report that there was an area they found with blankets and beer bottles, as if there were people partying.. I hope part of what I was seeing was just mis-understanding of that stuff..

10/05/09 - Whoa was I wrong on this one.. at least about what happened to her. And I'm very glad about that! She was found alive in Indiana with her brother-in-law, who is now in police custody. Details are sketchy and I'm sure we will figure out more in the next few days. But the most important thing is that she was found safe. Thank God!

I post this as a reminder also. I always try to tell people that I am not always right. There are times when I just cannot make a connection, or I may be making a connection, but to someone else.. or I may have part of it right but not the most important part. Its important to own it all, right, wrong or whatever.


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