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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Naveah Buchanan

Naveah Buchanan
Age 5
Case Type: No Longer Missing
Missing Date: Monday 25th May 2009
Missing From: Monroe Michigan
Missing Country: USA

  A woman who belongs a group I belong to posted Naveah's case and ask if we could work on it.  I didn't know much about this little girl but I had seen her picture on a missing persons site.  I knew she was no longer missing when the post was put up, and I believed they were calling it murder.  I didn't look into it because I don't like to know details before I start working on the child, and I always try to go back and work on as many as I can.

I did the meditation, but afterwards when I looked at the case I felt I must be way off.  However, the comments I received seemed to indicate I may not be as off as I felt.  So I will post my findings.  At the time, I felt that perhaps I was actually picking up on a different child but didn't know who.  That is another reason I'm going to post this, just in case it seems familiar to anyone else. And more than anything else, Naveah deserves justice and I hope they will find the person who did this and lock them away forever.

I first tried to meditate on Naveah on the 23rd and I didn't feel like I was making a connection but then again all of the animals were unusually noisy and active that morning...


I didn't get very far but I saw a snow covered mountain top and an electric pole. That was about it...


Meditation from 09/29/09

I don't know what either of these images mean, it's just what I see.

I also see an eye looking, watching someone. I am starting to feel like a large area, maybe a shopping mall or some place like that. The first image maybe is an escalator? I don't know. Ashville, Greenville, Kentucky?? A parking log. I ask "Where did they find her?" I see trash, like a dump or dumpster and a parking lot. "Who?" I hear the name Ron and I see a sandy haired man and this reminds me of a guy that I know named Ron. He has square features, sandy hair, slim build, short stature. He is half cherokee but has sandy hair?? Could be a description of someone involved. That's actually when the Ashville, etc. came in. I also saw a star and I begin to wonder if that is a symbol for someone who has crossed over. I see the star on occasion and its usually associated with someone who is already deceased.

I saw her running around in a little pink or light colored dress in that large area. I don't know if the cities or state have anything to do with where the person is from, where they are?? I also see an old pickup truck or something and then when I wondered why always a truck?? I saw what I thought was an older model car, one of those big boat looking types and then I saw another weird image that I have no idea what it is.

I also remember starting to feel a pain in my foot while I was meditating. I've had a little swelling in my left foot, on the outside.. Its painful and its been there for over a week but I didn't do anything so I have no idea why its swollen or painful. I'm wondering since I started feeling sharp pain while I was meditating if that is some indicator of something or someone. I thought if it was better by the next day, perhaps it was. And when I look at it today is is less swollen and less painful so who knows...

Follow-up note - as of today, October 3rd, the pain and swelling in my foot are gone.  It started getting better right after this meditation.  I'm feeling like there may be some sort of connection to the person who did this to Naveah.


  1. i see her eating cotton candy she is alive and with a family as there child there are other kids in the family she is in plane site 2 states over probibly by ocean

  2. Sad to say that she was found deceased. But they are still looking for her killer. I posted the case here as a favor to a friend who wants to help find out who did this.

  3. Dreamt of this little girl last night! At first she couldn't tell me her name but said it was heaven spelled backwards. She said she was riding her bike when mommy's friend took her and killed her. I asked her what friend and she said "George" I saw him, he had a goatee, brown hair and his eyes were sunken in. What I witnessed next was awful. There was sexual abuse and I saw her face being pushed into dirt. I also keep seeing some type of shiny jewelry, I can't tell if it's a necklace or bracelet.