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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yair Anthony Carillo

Yair Anthony Carrillo
Case Type: Stranger Abduction
Missing Date: Tuesday 29th September 2009
Missing From: Nashville Tennessee
Missing Country: USA
Sex: Male
DOB: 25/Sep/2009
Age: 4 Days when taken

Updates as of 10/03/09

09/30/09 - I feel like I am all over the place on this one. I hear a name, starts with a K and sounds like Kendra or Kim (The car that was spotted at WalMart and followed her out of the parking lot was a Kia and from what it looks like, is partly how they tracked this woman down).. I see them in the home and the woman being stabbed there (I did see the stabbing part in headline when I was looking for a picture, but nothing more.  I don't like to have any info before my first meditation.) I feel that she survived and may have been able to give them a description. (This was true)  But then I see a car and her putting the baby in a car, like she was shopping. This is where the all over the place comes from..  (She had been at WalMart shopping which may be how she was targeted.)   I ask where and I hear Oak and then maybe Oakwood and 1800.. but now I think I'm confusing cases.. I'm feeling frustrated.

I am reminded of a conversation I was having with the other moms at gymnastics the other night about those storks they put outside in someones yard when they have a new baby. I said "Its like advertising that here is a baby, or in my case 2.. Come and get them."(There was a blue stork in the yard announcing the birth.)

I see a heavy set, round like woman. (The suspect is a heavy set woman) She is wearing a tee-shirt, grey I think, (The Kia is grey so I was off on where the color fit in) and her arms are big, heavy. I'm starting to think about my meditation from yesterday about Naveah Buchanan (I will start a post about her). I was getting shopping mall and parking lot, (WalMart) but that didn't fit Naveah and I worried that perhaps I was picking up another child.

I'm thinking at this point its time to give up and check out the details. Perhaps I can focus later on where the suspect is now and worry less about what they already know...

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