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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chelsea King - 2-28-2010

As soon as I saw this girl's photo, I felt that this abduction is connected to Amber Dubois somehow. Amber also went missing last February. Possibly same abductor? Or same kind of abductor?

In Amber's case I felt that this guy (older than Amber) had this fantasy going in his head and how they would make a life together. And she was flattered. And she went willingly, but I think there may have been someone else involved, too, possibly a staged confrontation with someone else and this guy I am talking about was conveniently around to save the day, so to speak. And in one of my visions about Amber, she sort of knew this guy. But all was not as it seemed. But, she did think that he was going to help her out of this other situation.

**Now I have to note that I got all kinds of other stuff with Amber too, but I don't think I will post ALL the stuff here.

Anyway, this is the first thing that came to me and I was reminded of this other vision I had on Amber. I also made note of the reddish hair and the way Chelsea's bangs hang down. Similar look but Chelsea is 3 years older than Amber was, but still a similar look to me. Blue eyes, too.

I also see San Diego area in the description above. Same area as Amber. I don't know, just what's popped up for me. Many similarities.


  1. My thoughts went to Amber also, especially after I saw how close the two locations are.

    I've actually thought about contacting Amber's family to see if we could post some of the stuff we had sent to them regarding her case. Mostly, in the hope it might add clues to what they have already done, and also just to see if any of it would now make more sense to anyone.

    I'm not sure..

  2. The location where they found Chelsea's body appears to have a clear view of the mountain with the cross atop. In the rural terrain portion of that park, there are two 400ft small mountains, which obviously have a canyon between them.

    All this to say, your gifts are right on target. It's just hard for others to see, sometimes. I believe Chelsea didn't live long, but if she had, your tips would've helped find her.

  3. Thank you Butterfly. Yes it is hard sometimes to figure out what the visions mean or put enough of it together to make a difference. I had posted in an email to someone,that I was seeing this mountain and cross after I asked where is she.. Usually that will tell me that it is the location or something she can see from where she is.

    The police were all over this but of course we didn't really know why they were searching where they were searching until now.. What a great job they did.

    I guess I feel that psychic information is most useful when the police and searchers hit a dead end. Then it can really help to refocus and give a new direction. In this case they didn't need our help, they did a great job in finding her.

    My intention was to simply have place to put our information out there so it could be used, if needed, and not interfere with the work LE has to do. I think we are accomplishing that. And in some way, I hope it is helping, even if I never know how...