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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kimberley Amero - Cold Case

Sixteen year old Kimberley Ann Amero went missing from St. John, New Brusnwick on September 3, 1985.  Her family is trying to find some answers and hopefully find Kimberley.  I don't have a lot on this girl yet but was requested by her sister to try. 

I have set up a discussion on the Psychics Unite Forum.  The family also has a facebook page set up. 

My initial information in the majority of cold cases will usually be personal, validation type info.  It can be a mix of general things, stuff about family and/or friends and a little about what happened.

06/21/10 - The first thing I saw was a blue night shirt, or a long shirt.. medium kinda bright blue and it had teddy bears on it.  I could see her in a car in the front passenger seat.  It was a really pretty day but a few clouds.  Warm and she had the window down and the breeze was blowing in on her. It felt nice. 

Then I saw a girl that looked a lot like a friend I had in high school.  This might be a description of a friend or the name of a friend of Kimberley’s.  My friends name was Colleen and she was a year older than me.  She had sandy brown/blonde hair, long and layered and she was skinny and a little taller than me.  In the image I got it was like I was seeing a photo of her standing at the sink looking back sort of sideways, over her shoulder at me but she had dark rimmed glasses on.  I don’t remember having a photo of Colleen like that.  But like I said, it could be a name, or a description of someone she was friends with. I’m not sure.  Then I heard, “I can’t, I graduate next month”. 

Next I saw another girl who was a few years younger than me but I could see her as she is now.  Her name is Amy Jo, but this time I feel its about description.  I remember the last time I saw her and her baby was a little over a year old and I thought she really looks great for having 5 kids.  It was something about that, looking great after having 5 kids and I wrote in my journal that it may represent her mom.

I see a red truck backing into a driveway, but its like a wide and maybe dirt or gravel driveway.  There is a man inside a garage with the doors open.  He is working at a sort of work bench that is between the doors and he sees the truck back in.  He isn’t wearing a shirt.  That felt like a dad figure.  From the back he looked like he had a nice build.

At this point as I was writing this in the journal I wrote again that it seemed important that I write that she had 5 kids.  As I’m sitting there looking at her picture I felt that I wanted to write that she is alive.  I saw an image of a show on tv where these gypsy families would kidnap young girls around 13 for their son’s wives.  The girls never ran away as they got older because they became brainwashed into that life.  That surprised me because I felt I would probably feel that she was gone and we would be looking for a grave. 

I don’t want to get anyone's hopes up about that last part. 

After I did my meditation and I set out to find an email for the person who contacted me.  I couldn’t remember for sure how or where she contacted me but then I found a facebook page.  On it I saw a note from Kimberley's mother speaking of her other 4 sisters and brothers.. something like that, which validated to me that I was connecting with either Kimberley or my guides telling me about her, which could be the case if she is still living.

06/24/10 - I could see 2 birds, one white and one black.  I feel this indicates that she may have left with someone.  I start to wonder if she is in the US,  Oklahoma.  I feel she does not want to be found.

I could see a dress. blue, kind of old fashioned looking.  It seemed to be patchy or have patches of fabric and laced up the front. I feel here energy is blocked because she does not want to be found. 

 Age progressed photo.


  1. Kimmie if you read this web site you know am thinking and dreaming about you all the time PLEASE Look me up !!!!

  2. I have to say ,the birds are Doves and the white one is Kim and the other one is Black and that is me .Why I say this is because we were to get tattoos .So we would know each other in case we got lost .The bear sleeper is mine I gave it to her before she left !So she would never for get me NEVER !!!!!As I haven't forgot you never !!!!

  3. I hope that through all of this she will see your searches and how much you miss her and maybe someday she will finally contact you.