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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brittany Smith, Age 12 - Salem, Virginia

Brittany Smith, age 12, was reported missing on December 2, 2010 after her mother was found murdered in her home in Salem, VA.  Law enforcement believes she may be with a man her mom met on the internet, Jeffrey Easley, age 32.

12/08/10 - The first thing I get when I tried to focus back on the day Brittany went missing was her mom, Tina Smith.  I felt she may have had injury that was more personal, like stabbing rather than like a gun.  I had a fleeting moment that made me think that Brittany may be involved or at least went willingly after the fact.  The whole thing felt more about Brittany.  I had heard or read on Help Find My Child that the mom met the suspect on the internet and when I focused on her I felt that the reality was he wanted Brittany and he used the mom to get to her.  Anyway, I tried to see where they went and I heard Oregon Trail which I thought Oregon seemed wrong but that's what I heard.  I tried to visualize a map and this is what I got.

I saw and old farm house and I asked "why?" I heard the name Bill. I feel he may be some who is helping the Easley.  Then I heard Romney.  I was trying to see where exactly and I heard Pigeon Fort or Fork.. not sure.  I remember when I was trying to visualize the day this happened  I could see her playing video games as if it was or had been normal for a while. He may have had contact with Brittany before this happened. 

** After my meditation and before posting any of this I tried to find a connection with Oregon Trail, Salem VA and Romney WV.  What I found was that there is actually a place in WV called Oregon Trail in Harpers Valley WV and if you put the 3 areas on a map you come up with this...

This evening when I had time to sit down and post this I first checked to see if there was any news about Brittany and I did read that there was a video of them at a Walmart the day after her mom was murdered.  I'm not sure if there are any more leads.  I also saw where Easley had actually been living with Tina and Brittany.
This is the suspect, Jeffrey Easley.


  1. Pigeon Forge TN is on the way to Alabama where he has family.

    With the tent purchase, they could be moving all over.

    Do you think the reason you see the video games and nothing else is she was not around for it? Brittany had Brittany Easley on her FB when the news first hit. Maybe mom confronted him and it went bad. He convinced her to run off to be together and she never realized.

    Tina's mom stated something like he was a friend, she met him once and he made a very bad impression and that she had no idea he was living with them.

    When I looked at Brian's dreams this week, dd8339 and dd8343 felt like they could be Brittany.

    Does any of this pull together some of your meditations?

  2. Yes it does, thanks! I did see Pigeon Forge TN when I typed in Pigeon Fork but I didn't put it together with his past. I didn't really know anything except for the basic info that I read on Help Find My Child and a brief mention on the news.

    And yes about the video games. When I first felt maybe she was involved, like I said, it was fleeting. I didn't want to entertain that thought. Perhaps she did leave with him without knowing what he did to her mother. That would make more sense as to why he could take her out in public without her appearing upset or scared enough to get noticed.

    I don't like to have any real info before I do my first meditation on a child and I haven't had much time yet to check more. I did this meditation this morning and had a little time to check maps because the kids had a 2 our delay for school. I checked to see if there was any news before I posted the info this evening in the hope she had been found but instead found that article about Walmart.

    Whatever happened, I hope she is found safe and soon. Hopefully in some way he had feeling for her that would prevent him from harming her.

  3. I just got a message from a friend that made me wonder.. I'm from WV and I assumed Romney WV and when I saw the map it sort of fit.. But I wonder, is there another Romney from the area he may be headed?

  4. I'll do a little snooping on Romney.

    His mom had put out a plea to return Brittnay that she knew he was taking care of her but he needed to bring her back. I get the impression he must have had feelings for her (maybe obsession) so I too hope he will take care of her.

    The fleeting feeling- I think she encouraged the "couple" thing (she's 12 after all) and maybe said things like mom ruining her life, etc- as many young girls will. For him that may have seemed permission or a request to get rid of her problem. Any normal adult would recognize if for teenage dramam you know? I don't think he has normal thought processes.

    Let you know on Romney

  5. thanks! I couldn't find anything about Romney outside of WV other than Mitt Romney and he's been everywhere. My friend also mentioned that the video of them in Walmart was actually before they found the mothers body. I guess I need to go catch up on the case. This is soooooooo sad and yet another reason to MONITOR what your children are doing, on and off line! This world has gone crazy!

  6. Not sure if you got my last message yesterday. I read Alabama, NC and Florida. I found Romney in PA, and TX. There is a Rome, GA on the way to Pigeon Forge.

    This is from CNN
    Brittany was afraid her mother's live-in boyfriend "would come over and take her away and hurt her mom," Rebecca Kilian, 13, told the Times on Tuesday.

    I also mention Brians Dreams dd 8339 and dd8343 seemed like they could be related to this case.

  7. Yes, I posted if unless there was more but if there was I didn't get it. I haven't had a chance to check out Brians site but I will.

    I think its strange that Brittany would be afraid of Easley since according to what I heard on the news, she changed her FB profile and gave herself his last name. I will also go check out that link. Thanks!

  8. Yes I had heard the same thing- using his name etc. The CNN thing seems really different so I wanted to post it. ''
    The father is a police officer. If family had all these misgivings, wonder why he didn't check into the guy. Of course her own mom apparently didn't know she had moved this guy in so maybe he didn't either.

    This is a very strange case. However it got to this point, the girls is in danger and I hope they can find her soon.

    Romney couldn't be Romani- like gypsies?

  9. I don't know about the gypsies, sometimes things don't sound real clear.. But it felt like direction.

    I suppose that Tina might have hidden the living situation from Brittany's dad. I just hope they find her safe..

  10. "The Oregon trail " are the signs posted along I80 toward san Francisco ..sometimes it is what you see. Beth

  11. Thanks Beth.. In several meditations lately, for different kids, I've been hearing "go west young man" after getting a location and getting west references. I was thrown by the map but what I'm realizing is that I seem to be getting some info on the child I'm focusing on and some future info but I'm not sure how to determine what is what yet. This would make perfect sense, "young man".. but then what is the map? This has happened several times lately and when the event occurs I will stop hearing the reference. Once again I am reminded to stop analyzing my own info..

    The important thing is that she was found safe and maybe now the family will get some answers about what happened.


  13. Thank you! I had heard that and I am happy she was returned home safely. That does not happen often enough!