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Monday, May 2, 2011

Holly Bobo, cont.

 05/02/11 - I went into my meditation this morning with the intention of focusing on another case. I was told by another psychic that this woman said if I helped her she would help me.. its a cold case. But what happened was I was taken back to Holly. Maybe she wants to help Holly first?

The reason I felt this was for Holly was that it began with Manderin, which I got for Holly before. The I was reminded of something I got the other day when I just glanced at her photo on my table. I heard Andrew, almost like she whispered it. Then I heard Conway or Conaway. I typed this into google after the fact and I found an article that said her boyfriend's name was Drew? I do not know if that is short for Andrew or if its the same person, but it was almost nostalgic the way I heard it. I had written that down but never had a chance to look into it more.

Next I heard cycle. At first I thought Cycle Shop but I'm not sure. I started feeling like it could mean something like a life cycle, cycle of the moon, something like that. Again, not sure. For whatever reason I was drawn to the moon thing.. I picked up her picture and I simply asked "Are you even still alive?" I got "yes".. I really hope so!!!

When I found the info on the boyfriend it was like a double take on the photo.. not sure why. I do not want to start accusing anyone of anything, but somehow the cycle started feeling like a game.. could be something that ties into the boyfriend/brother. Again, not accusing but I wonder if their circle of friends have been checked out. Even if they don't know there is a connection, I feel there is a connection to someone who knows her. Looking at her picture again I hear Paige.. page? It briefly reminded me of Paige Johnson which makes me think person.


  1. Hello, Diane. I have been following the Holly Bobo news for about a month and half now. I'm no psychic, but sometimes Im awoke in the middle of the night with hearing someone say a name. Well this morning I heard someone say Holly will be found alive. I hope so also. Been having this now for about a year. Where I will see or hear Addresses or peoples names that I dont even know. Don't know what it all means yet.

  2. I got a feeling that she might be still alive the other morning.. I haven't had time to post but I hope that is correct!!! Praying for her safe return!!!

  3. Here is a link to a Mandarin Palace Chinese Resturant near Memphis.

    It could be a very good lead

  4. I posted on your Hailey Dunn page about the coincidences in my life and how they connect up to other things. I read about Hailey Dunn and then about Holly Bobo and then later went to 48 hours just to find something to read and clicked on the first thing that looked interesting to me. "The lone survivor of a serial killer". It was about a girl named Holly Dunn. I knew I was having one of those experiences again.

    After reading the things you wrote about the Hailey Dunn case, I think you are picking up on all three of these cases. The killer in the Holly Dunn case was called the railroad killer because he rode the rails and killed where ever the train stopped. He killed in several states. From what I have gathered from the "coincidences" I have been shown, both Holly Bobo and Hailey Dunn were killed by the same man, the same serial killer who travels. The Holly Dunn case, he traveled by the rails but by "ribbon of highway" this one travels by highway; such as a truck driver. The Holly Dunn case holds a lot of clues about these two. It might help psychics to check this case out. I am not psychic; mine is more coincidences/serendipity .

    I think what you are seeing from you drawing is railroad tracks taking you back to the Holly Dunn case of 1997, and there could possibly be railroad tracks involved in these two cases. That serial killer was excuted in 2006, but he was the railroad killer.

    There is a cycle here, in a way, from the old case to the two new cases.The way it works for me is the coincidences connect to give clues, such as:

    Hailey Dunn has a dad named Clint and Holly Bobo has a brother named Clint.
    Hailey Dunn was born on August 28, 1997 and Holly Dunn was attacked on August 29, 1997.(I don't know the time of Hailey's birth or the exact time of the attack, but it could be the same day; either way is is too close to be coincidental in this case)
    Holly Bobo has a boyfriend named Drew Scott and Holly Dunn's attacker was arrested by a Texas Ranger named Drew Carter.(that might be the C name you're trying to come up with)
    Holly Dunn's attacker had three initals the same RRR. Hailey Dunn's brother has the initals DDD. Clues such as this. I am limited because there isn't a lot printed about the people involved in the cases.

    A friend of mine got a new horse a few weeks ago and when I saw it he said it was a dun and spelled it D U N N. That was very odd and his name is Ralph. Just his spelling of the type of horse wrong stunned me as I was studying the Dunn case, but later I went back to your site and reread it and that time I noticed you had picked up on the name Ralph. I didn't notice it the first time as that happened after I had been to your site. So I would say definately there's a Ralph here somewhere. I just wanted to point out to you that you may be picking up on three separate cases and it might help to read about the Holly Dunn case.

  5. Thank you! That is all a lot to think over but makes sense to me. I think I do pick up on other cases sometimes just to give me clues as to what something means. And, in the last twist, I have horses.. I will definitely check all of this out and see if I can connect any dots!

  6. Something regarding horses was my first thought when hearing about this disappearance.
    She was concealed in a horse trailer that could be moved around from place to place. He used an animal tranqulizer to keep her sedated. The person is connected with someone who is into buying/selling/breeding horses. I get a sense of runny nose and hay, (or is it hay fever)as if this person suffers from some sort of allergy and has a slight cough. He has been on the property and is acquainted with the Bobos through a friend. He is of slight build and would not have been able to carry her and would have had to subdue her in some form to make her walk with him. He is someone who uses drugs recreational, hunts, wears military type clothing, works for someone as a handy man on some sort of a farm and lives like a transient, or in some type of camper in the woods close by. It is very possible that the owners of the property he works on, does not know that there is possibly a body or bodies buried on their farm! Has there been any other missing cases in the area in the past 10 years? I also got the name Johnathan Joan or something of that nature.

    1. I find yur post amazing since it has so many of the psychic things I have seen.
      from the first I saw a boxy white truck of some kind parked on an access road not frar from Hollies home. I also believe an animal tranquilizer was used to subdue her and that could be the reason for the small amount of blood found at the scene.
      I see connections to a farm and farm animals and I believe that Holly was held prisoner in a local cotage or hunting cabin for some time, but then I believe after a time she was killed and buried in the vicinity.
      I believe the man had a friend help him pull this off and help him hold her captive while maybe he was working, then after a time they killed her and buried her.
      This in my opinion was a grudge killing from a rejected male from her past and my information says Holly humiliated him in some way and that is the reason for what happened.
      i see a connection to some kind of a butcher job where he had something to do with packaged b eef products in his job because i see a package rapped in butcher style and I see a roll of butcher paper and a large pot roast to keep me on the path of someone who works in meat as part of his job.
      I hope everyone working together can help bring this case to closure.

  7. It's me again, the one with the coincidences. I just wanted to point out a few more things I've noticed. I don't know what might be of help and what might not so I will just throw it all out and maybe something will click with something you've picked up on.

    I noticed under the post you have on Hailey Dunn that you picked up on Tennessee and Holly Bobo was abducted in Tennessee. That might be you picking up on her case, but of course a traveling killer could take someone anywhere. Please don't think I am being pushy as I am just trying to explain the way things work for me and the way I see things.

    I noticed that Holly Bobo and Holly Dunn were both 20 year old university students and that the news had emphasized Hailey being a student and cheerleader so I was wondering if schools might have something to do with the cases. I remembered the other day that Ralph has a brother named Dean and a dean is connected to schools. I know I'm stretching it here, but I want to get it all out here.

    The railroad killer was hispanic and I've noticed a couple of hispanic names in these cases. Are you the one that came up with a name Montega. That is hispanic I believe. That's all I have unless I notice more coincidences as more becomes known about the cases. Thanks for listening; I hope I haven't confused you. :)

    There was one other thing I wanted to mention. The coincidences took me to a site on 48 hrs about a suvivor of a serial killer. I speak of both these girls as being dead, but somewhere in me is the tinest spark of hope that maybe Holly Bobo is still alive. I don't really believe either are alive, but it was a story about a suvivor. After so much time it doesn't look promising though.

  8. I agree about Holly. I felt she was alive at the beginning but I really don't know now. I haven't done a meditation so I can't any more than logical thinking. It has been a while. But as long as she isn't found otherwise there is always hope.

  9. (posted earlier from the Kara Kopetsky blog) As I am reading this I feel she was alive and possibly for awhile. I can see her face, dirty, and crying. She is absolutely frightened and hurt by her abductor. I see hands tied with rope, and I think they are hers. I get the feeling she is in a confined space..a small shed? But that is all..


  10. Hi/I don't know how long it's been since you checked these things?I'm not a psychic.I/m a spiritualist.I get a message that this girl went to brazil with a person she met that no one knew about in the states.she has gained weight andcolored her hair dark.she does not want to be found.she lives in a house that looks a lot like the houses in the states.I get the name like lamony.Don't know if that's the town you might check.hope this can help you connect yhedots God Bless,Nick