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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aliayah Lunsford, Age 3 - Bendale WV

Aliayah was last seen at home in Bendale, WV on September 24, 2011. Her ears are pierced and she is missing her top four front teeth. Aliayah was last seen wearing purple Dora pajama bottoms, a pink princess sweatshirt, and no shoes.

The first time I saw the story about Aliayah I got a strong feeling that I needed to just stay out of this one.  Over and over I was blocked from the internet being down to losing the maps. When I did a meditation on Aliayah and I still felt like something was warning me about something. After everything that has delayed this, when I laid the picture on my table by the chair to meditate, it blew off. But I did it and here is what I got.

09/27/11 - I was trying to go back to Saturday morning when she went missing to see what happened. I couldn't get anything, really felt blocked. Then I asked to go the day something happened.. I got Wednesday, and Go Mart. That felt a little weird. I was just trying to get some clue as to where she is now and all I could pick up was red carpet, inn, Philippi and East. Then I got hawks nest and burroughs or borrows.. I wasn't sure if that was a name or the word borrows. It felt like someone close to the family is connected to that. And finally I got jump start.

I have to admit that for the rest of the day some of these clues were popping up all over, including red, red, red, red.. all day. Vehicles and even houses and buildings in the area. There was even a man on the footbridge over the river with a red t-shirt. Slim, grey hair I think. I didn't get out of my car as I do not want to insinuate myself into the actual investigation. Still not sure what that is about And for some reason I started feeling like the direction you would have to go is more north on 79 or maybe that is east from where they are. I'm just not sure of any of that yet. I am terrible with directions and with figuring out my own visions.

09/28/11 - I tried again today and when I felt like I wasn't connecting  I got a message to try my pendulum. Swinging my pendulum above her picture I asked if she was alive and I did not get an answer. In my mind I can't get a clear answer but I just don't have a good feeling.

Then I asked if perhaps she had been molested? (a question someone asked me) - Yes
Is she dead? - Yes, but not clearly conveyed.. still shaky
Does someone know where she is? - Yes
Is the name Burroughs connected? - Yes
Was the man on the bridge with the red shirt involved somehow? - No

I also got the impression or image of a pillow and the feeling that it had/has been used to quiet her. I really hope I am wrong about this.

Thats all I got this morning.. I will keep trying and try to get some landmarks.

I did drive by and still get a feeling that she is not in the area where they are searching. Just one of those sinking, nagging feelings.

**I wanted to mention something before I go on.. First, I am not accusing anyone at this point of anything. Sometimes the things that come up for me that are simply meant to validate that I am on the right track. For instance, Burroughs, it turns out that there is a family friend with that name. That in no way says that this person is involved but its a good validation that I am going in the right direction. Picking up info that is connected but not directly pertinent and would not be in the paper or on the news tells me that I am connecting on some level. Just like picking up a name, I think someone is doing that here, that ends up being the name of a le officer or someone else that ends up connected. That name might be a clue but it also might be just another way of encouraging us to keep going. Sometimes its hard to tell. And the thing about molestation.. I didn't get that directly. Someone asked me and when I was trying to use my pendulum I asked the question. I have not seen that but sadly, in these cases, nothing surprises me.

On Wednesday I walked down to the bridge again and I thought there may be something going on that I walked into this afternoon.. when am I gonna start listening to my guides??? I wasn't going to go to the river today, mostly because I had/have a ton of stuff I am supposed to be doing but I changed my mind and decided to go and at least stand on the bridge, get a feel for the area and take a picture for one of the forum members. I could see some people on the bridge but I decided to walk down anyway. When I got closer I could see that one of the guys had a green vest so I figured he was a searcher. So I walked out to about the middle of the bridge and when I looked over I realized that there was a boat in the water (a red boat) at the bank and some divers in the water. I felt a little weird being there so I snapped one pic and then I turned to walk off. Then I saw several people coming on the bridge and I realized they we law enforcement. One of them said something about going up and doing the interview. Then I started hearing sirens. I figured I just needed get out of there so I went back to my car and headed up the road where I turned around yesterday. Thats when I realized I was directly behind Aliayah's house as there was yellow tape all around the yard and I could see several people in white jump suits and blue gloves taking stuff out of the house. There were a dozen state police cars all around. And I realized later.. no media, NONE. Ok.. well I got outta there and as I was leaving I could hear sirens getting closer and I passed a fire truck that was headed in that direction. I guess it could have simply been another search but the whole thing was real weird.

It turned out that what I though might have been the crime scene was actually the FBI stepping in and starting all over from the beginning.

The picture above is the one I shot from the bridge below Aliayah's house.

09/29/11 - Really not much but I was laying in bed and I couldn't sleep so I was trying to focus a little on Aliayah. There was something that I just can't remember and its driving me crazy and then I saw the image of a matchbook. I remember thinking that was strange because people don't use matchbooks anymore. Everyone has lighters.

09/30/11 - Not much.. I got rose. I could see a building and east again. I could see what appeared to be a man with a thin face, pointy like nose. And I began to see something that looked fuzzy or like crazy hair. Reminded me of Albert Einstein hair. Lion.

I asked her to show me what I would be able to see if I were standing right beside where she is. I immediately saw a mountain with a cross or crosses on it. Then I got the feeling that there were tracks, maybe RR tracks near by and perhaps to the left. 

I remember wondering at some point about the Rose and the building as for whatever reason it made me think furniture store. But I think we used to have an old store like that when I was a kid so I don't feel I need to put much weight on that. Everything in my meditation seemed to be surrounded with purple. I thought that was very strange but felt that it must mean something. I got a J name, like Jeremy or Jacob. Then the lion came to mind again and the funny hair. I wondered if it was a toy lion, like a stuffed animal.

After work yesterday, and on a whim because I was not going to do it since I would be pushing time, I decided to make a quick drive by of the area again. There were a lot of searchers out in the immediate area again and also all over everyplace I drove. For whatever reason I wanted to try to find the gas station where the mom was when she ran out of gas but I must have turned the wrong way. I remember a searcher who contacted me telling me that they had been there so I called her and asked her which way to go. Of course it was the opposite direction of where I went. But anyway as we talked a little she told me that the first place they had been sent on the first day was the Jane Lew Truck Stop. I thought that was very odd because that is maybe 7 or 8 miles away from where Aliayah went missing. She didn't know why they sent her there but said that they had seen a well from a distance and that her friend mentioned that the area looked like "peanut butter" (that struck her later after she found me and saw Katherine Phillips meditation and some similarities.) They left their area for a little bit to check it out and said that it seemed like a place where you could sink something.. I hope I am getting that right, but that is what I felt she meant if not exactly. So after I left Bendale I drove to Jane Lew which is on my way home anyway.

I also realized that right at the exit to the truck stop was a big Go Mart and that was the first thing the other day that made me think that Aliayah would be closer back to my direction.

As I approached the exit to get off at the truck stop I was dumbfounded. Right before the truck stop, is the Wilderness Plantation Inn and there is a huge purple sign for it by the road. I've seen that sign a million times but it was like.. there is the purple. I started looking around and immediately I saw to my left, a hill with 3 crosses on it. So, I first stopped at the truck stop because I wanted to go in and see if there was red carpet.. don't know why that struck me but it did. I have been in there several times but never noticed. So I went in and it was black carpet so I walked across to the convenience store side and while there was NO carpet, the floor was painted red.

I drove over to the Inn and took some pictures.. I hope you can see this ok because all I had was my phone.

So I continued to travel down the road behind the truck stop. I never did figure out the well location so I need to talk to her again, but I did find an area where I felt really drawn. I wanted to find a place to turn around and I passed a cemetery, the friendship cemetery. I don't know why I want to mention that except that someone mentioned cemetery before. Anyway I drove back and was trying to look over the edge of the road. I walked down a little way and it seemed like a perfect place to just drop something over and it would never get noticed. Not sure if its the area or just the though of how easy that would be in so many areas around here.

I drove back to Jane Lew and decided to try to find those crosses. I drove a while and never did find anything. As I was going back I thought maybe if I drove down in the industrial park there might be a road or right of way so I turned around to go back. Right there I got a nasty smell in my car like you would get when you pass a dead animal. So I just turned and went back down to the park. I couldn't find anything. As I went back I got a feeling that I wanted to get out where I turned around and look over the bank as it was a little bridge that crossed more water. I couldn't see anything but what did strike me was that there was no dead animal in the area and absolutely no odor.. that felt weird. But what felt really weird is that all of these "spots" make sort of a grid around where they were searching that one day.

What I am trying to find out now is where does the step dad work? Why would they be searching in Jane Lew? Believe me, that is not someplace they would search simply because of the river.. there had to be another reason. And also, were there any domestic or child endangerment issues with either parent or the kids.

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  1. I thought this link might prove helpful to your work. I read her work all the time as she as a very high accurate rate.

  2. Thank you! I will spend some time focusing on this to see if we can put anything together.

  3. Perhaps the reason they were searching Jane Lew that day is because that is the area that Mary and Maxine the two missing ladies from Lewis Oounty were from. They disappeared from the road behind the truck stop called Jesse's run. Linking the possibility that perhaps Ralph may have been involved with both of these disapearances perahps is why people were searching there. I am wondering if you were not getting feelings about their disappearance instead of Aliayahs.

  4. I'm sure there is more to it, the official search I mean, that just that because Mary and Maxine went missing so long ago. However, I do feel strongly that somehow both cases are connected. We keep bumping into things that are just too coincidental to be a coincidence, if you know what I mean.

  5. Hello,

    someone mentioned something about Tiger; I'm not sure if this is related at all or if this is even the same person, but on under the transcripts of the 911 call, she says the father of Alliayah is Eric Harris; I did a facebook search for a Eric Harris and the only one that came up in West Virginia went to Tygar Highschool...

  6. This is ages old, but here goes...I'm pretty sure I remember the stepdad having worked at Stonewall Resort, which is some 20 miles away from the Wilderness Plantation. This girl came to my mind tonight, and reading this, I feel like she can be found. At least, her physical body, anyway. If anyone wants to contact me, please do. I live near Weston.