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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Relisha Rudd

Relisha Rudd was last seen on March 19, 2014. I have been working on this case per the request of her mother and others who are still active in the search. 

07/02/15  The first thing I got was 438. I could see myself walking along a sidewalk beside a metal or iron fence. Behind the fence I could see headstones and what appeared to be a small cemetery. I felt like the fence would have been on my right side and ahead I could see the city, or a business district or something. Buildings.

I could see crosses in my head, and I could see a church. Or I felt it was a church because of the crosses. It was a large stone building but I could only see the front. It had an entryway that was set back into the building. It felt old. It could have also been something like an old theater or something, but felt more like a church. The building appeared to have something above the doors, like a stone ornate decoration, a gargoyle, something like that. I couldn't really make it out.

We walked up to some kind of pretty park bench. It appeared to be an ornate bench, iron or whatever that is that they are made out of. There were hedges and bushes and flowers planted behind it and around it.

I picked up New York, subways or trains and Baltimore. Now I do not know if these locations have a connection, if it’s a general direction they went in..not sure. Maybe he took a train that went in that direction??

I got the feeling that they met up with someone, a female. She was very happy to see this lady. She was told something good and she appeared to recognize her. I got that feeling right around getting Baltimore.

I started getting images of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.. Unless someone can make a direct connection to that I have no idea, yet, what that means. I got the impression here of an aunt, or an aunt would know what this means. Or maybe even that there is an aunt named Dorothy. It could even mean someone has or likes red shoes?? I also felt like there was some sort of celebration in the area, she attended a celebration, maybe a party or carnival? Not sure. It could have been something city wide?? At the same time I picked zoo and 148th Street. And I also picked up going for icecream.
I heard the name Joe, and I also remember seeing balloons and characters, like street characters, people who dress up like cartoon figures, something like that...

I was holding the bunny and felt a daddy connection.. perhaps that is who gave it to her. But then I realized that I had never heard or seen anything about a father being in the picture, so I don't know. I also felt specifically drawn to the doll with pink in her hair, like maybe it was her favorite. I felt that from the moment I opened the box.

** Note.. When I first opened the box I felt a very strong connection with her, like she was right here watching me. And when I began my meditation, I could see my spirit guides and they were with her, or she was with them. I feel like she is deceased. (I am sorry to say that) But I also began feeling some hope with the locations and how her energy is. I am going to move forward hoping I am wrong, but I don't want anyone to get their hopes up. She may just have really strong energy around her.

07/05/15  Playing house until she was reported.. that’s what I feel Kahlil was doing. He was unstable. Andrea wanted to take her back when she found out. Something about Canada. 

I saw a light post. Maybe crossed a bridge. North East 3rd or 103rd

He thought about going to Canada. Wife wanted a family but couldn’t have one.

Did he have a car? Yes, dodge. (he did have a car but I think it was an explorer)

I asked who took the picture. I heard Mark.  She liked pizza. I feel these toys were used, given to her. The woman (Andrea) was nice, but then as I wrote that I got anger and scheming, sell. Still not sure about the motive but I feel like they didn’t panic at first, not until police were notified. They thought they were safe. No one would tell. Shamika does knows more.

07/08/14  Shamika was given money or something in exchange for letting him take Relisha.

Kahlil YEI YIE ??? I feel like the cemetery plays a role in this, and a mausoleum or something like that. Last ditch effort to give his kids a way to not believe he did this. 

Andrea doesn’t know or didn’t want to know.

Relisha shows me a big tree in the corner by a fence.

2, bins, ?? (Not sure what I wrote in my journal there.. ) Whatever he was going to do, he changed his mind. I feel like he had a God complex.

Carousel or ponies?? 

07/09/15   For the last couple of days I have been trying to communicate with Kahlil and Andrea. I'm not picking up much on either. Again, I don't think she knew and he is not communicating, at least not yet.

2 things.. is there a carousel around any of the search areas? Or ponies? Also I could see a large tree sitting in the corner of a lot (or location) that is surrounded by an iron fence.

07/19/15  Bike path.. 3 miles east. I am still seeing the cemetery and the mausoleum. She shows me the handle bars on a bicycle. 

4th - I ask her “Where will I find you?” I heard by a pond. Not where they think. She is showing me horses again.

Meditating on Andrea:
Andrea loved  him. She didn’t see his darkness.  (note.. I need to check the dates on the hotels, both where the video was taken and when Andrea died) 

She shows me something that looks like a rosary with a cross on it. Who were the 2 men at the hotel where he killed Andrea? They had something to do with his plans for Relisha.

I am still conflicted about whether or not she is dead or alive, but every time I ask, I get deceased.
Who is Buffy? Why were you at the hotel? He told her that he was taking her to Relisha.Andrea felt like he wanted to help Relisha. She doesn’t seem to be able to help me find Relisha.

I ask her if I can do a reading for her family and I hear the name Jody.

Meditating on Kahlil:
I asked where Relisha is and he shows me a bike path and reminds e of the horses. Why did you do it? I felt he was descending into madness.

Jody again.. who is that?

He may have been planning on taking off with Relisha. Those 2 men might have been planning on helping him. It all went wrong after it was reported to police.

I hear the name Mary Ann.

He says he didn’t kill her.

Mark, John.. names I heard when I tried to figure out who those 2 men are.


Why don’t you tell me what you did? He shows me the mausoleum again.
Shamika just turned her back on Relisha and Kahlil.

Was the grandmother aware of what was happening? I felt no.. 

As I look at a picture of Kahlil and Andrea I hear Jody again. Who is she/he?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tamra Keepness

07/05/2014  Its been 10 years to the day that Tamra Keepness went missing from Regina, Saskatchewan. I received an email about her yesterday so I thought I would try to see if I could pick up anything that would help in the search.

The first thing I see when I try to focus on Tamra is a river. I get a feeling of her grandmother at around noon on the day she went missing. I felt drowning. (I do not in any way mean to imply that her grandmother had anything to do with this. I just sensed her around this time. I don't feel any connection to the grandmother in regard to the disappearance.) I also hear the name Albert.. maybe Alberta but I heard Albert. That could also be an AL name of some sort or sound.

I could see a green chevy sedan, I think sedan, but an older model like 50's or 60's model. I saw her playing outside, or running around outside. Then I see some large rocks and trees. I get the feeling of a dog.

I hear "agent" then I see a tall, thin man with black hair. The letter K. Right after that I see what looks like a creepy mine shaft opening. Some old wood framing around the entrance with spider webs. I think there is a bridge nearby, probably near the river.

I get a feeling that she was riding a bike, or had been learning to ride her bicycle. I also get the feeling of her being around her grandmother, while her grandmother did chores, laundry, something like that. I could see her (the grandmother) hanging clothes on a line. This may be that day, or in days leading up to when she went missing. It just felt like she was trying to show me time spent with her grandma. I feel she and her grandmother were close.

I tried to get a feeling of where she was. I heard north east. I felt there may have been some kind of distraction. This may be why no one saw anything??? I get the feeling of a deep hole or cavern.

For some reason I keep feeling or being reminded of another girl who went missing, Cedrika Provencher. I do not know why.

The whole time I have been thinking about Tamra I keep wanting to call her Precious.

I have a feeling about camping or camp. I heard "dad" then long way. I do not know if he was a long way away or if that is a name of something Long Way???  I feel its an area. Long way may refer to an area. I hear "Sweetness" and I get the image of the bicycle again. Friends.. I asked for a land mark but all I got was a cross road.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Matt Greene - Missing from Mammoth Lake CA area

Matthew Greene went missing on July 17, 2013 from the Mammoth Lake area in CA
8/23/13  I did a short meditation on Matt this morning. When I look at his picture its almost like I know him, odd feeling. The first thing I got was a boat, but that felt confusing. Then I could see sort of a wooded area with bare looking trees near the edge of some water I think. I can only describe it as what I would think a marshy area would look like. I saw a guitar and felt camping. I saw this image that looked like a hammer in a way, but I heard pick, like mountain climbing pick. The next thing I saw was a bright blue sheet with bright patterns on it. It almost felt childish, like a childs sheet. It was bright like robin egg blue. I lost the connection at that point so I just stared at his picture. I felt that he is an adventurer. I heard the name Mandy and I saw a dog.

I carried Matt's picture with me that day and I also got a turtle. I asked that I get a validation of that was from him and if it meant anything. I think mostly I wanted to make sure I was communicating with him. I got a definite validation that evening and also the next day. 

08/25/13  When I went to bed last night, I had Matt on my mind. I started getting images of a rounded something, then it was a heart then it was what I would think of as a landmark.  There was a man, dark hair and blue or light eyes, and a backpack, black or dark with a red band around the middle and it may have had some writing on it.  Now I don’t know if that was for Matt or someone else, but he was on my mind when it all started popping up.  It was clear enough that I got back up and wrote it all down.  And I also hear the word cochlear, like that implant for hearing.

This morning’s meditation, I was just receiving random things, the name Lou, a buffalo, the dog again, watering hole, a wash. The dog I think has to do with location.  The wash, I feel like that has something to do with land, like a ravine or a marshy area would. I don’t know how to describe a wash but I suppose a hiker or searcher might. I just heard wash and felt it had something to do with the land or ground. I saw an arrow point sort of north west. And I got the heart again. There might be a land formation that has a similar shape that you might want to watch for.

One more thing that I can’t shake. I get a slight hint of someone else knowing or being involved. Its not a strong feeling, just a subtle undertone. I don’t know why, but in some regard, especially when I got the watering hole, I felt it could be someone he ran across. I also got the feeling of the 18th.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Gayle McCaffrey

Gayle McCaffrey, age 36, went missing on March 17, 2012 from her West Ashley, SC home.

04/01/12  I felt very distracted by a dream going into this meditation but before I could even finish, I felt like I started getting flooded by images. It almost felt like she had been patient since I had told a family friend I would work on this and then being able to actually start. Everything seemed to come on very fast. I first saw a #1 but it was more like a birthday candle shape. The I could see s pretty little house and I felt like it was a gingerbread house. The next thing that I started seeing was a little girl, blonde pigtails I think, pulling a very large "g" across the room. It was like a flat, maybe wooden type g, lower case, maybe cursive. Not sure why that feels important to say.

As I tried to move past that, my attention was caught by a bottle cap. Pop bottle or beer bottle? I went over to look closer and I began to see the snout of a pig but it wasn't real, more like a piggy bank. And then when I turned around there was a very large moose. It make me think more of a place, like a Moose Club or a bar. (the piggy bank may have been more of a symbol for me, to get me to Moose Club, but I can't be sure).

Then I was in a hallway, long big, open and sort of dark. I felt like I may have been in library. It felt like it was on a higher floor, like I was looking at it from behind a railing or banister. It was at the top of a room, like an open room and you could look up and see it. There was a man, pulling something or rearranging something. He was older, balding on top with gray hair around the sides and a beard. He was neat in appearance and had on a white shirt with those sort of bands around the top of his arms, gray or darker slacks. It all had an old feel to it. There was a room, felt like in the back or maybe in an attic. There was a small wooden desk and wooden chair. As I was looking at it from the front there was a window with light shining though to my right. If someone was sitting there it would be to their left. It was a small window in a smallish, dark room.

The last thing I heard was Graham. I don't know if that is a name or maybe it was Gram, like grandmother?? There were a lot of G's thoughout but I'm not sure what that means, but I do think it must be important.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crishtian Hughes

Crishtian Hughes went missing from San Fransciso, CA on or around February 6, 2013. His mother is desperately trying to find him.

03/26/13  The first thing I saw was the image of this object. It felt heavy, metal or iron, and I immediately got the feeling of "harbor" and boats and ships.  I got metal yard and then I felt like I was standing behind something looking out at the water. What it felt like,or looked like, were masts or poles. All heavy metal and all appeared to be old. The word salvage came to my mind as soon as I started writing that down in my journal. And then the image changed and appeared to have some sort of propeller on it.

I did not have any information about Crishtian going into my meditation except for the basic, where, when, how old, that I got from his mother and I tried not to jump to any conclusion that he was a run away and I feel that that sort of distracted me. But I did wonder about that and kept thinking how runaways are moving targets. They don't want to be found. But then again, why would a 20 yr. old have to run away? Just random thoughts.

I picked up his picture and looked closely at it and I immediately felt sadness. I also felt that he is a nice kid. But then I kept feeling the ship or junk yard, or salvage yard, the water and then I felt or heard "bay area" like he isn't far from where he went missing.

The last thing I got was fluid and flowers, or fluid flowers. I have no idea what that means.

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I did another meditation for Crishtian but I sort of feel this is just touching on him personally. I will put it out there anyway and keep trying.

03/27/12 The first thing I got was a name, Daniel or Danny. Could also be something that sounds like that or a DA name. I started seeing a football and then a star. I saw a fork but I felt it might mean more like a fork in the road sort of thing. I was trying to figure out where he is and I got Arcadia. Not sure if that means literally or was at an arcade or something like that.. I did search the word and found that there is a Arcadia CA, but don’t put too much into that yet. If I’m picking up on personal things it could just mean a friend or family.. something like that.

I saw a dog, looked shaggy with his tongue sticking out. Then it sort of turned into a cat and I got the feeling that he likes animals. Maybe even so much as to advocate for them or speak out on their behalf.  Anyway, that’s just how it made me feel.

As I was going to give up I heard clearly the name Jason. Again, it could be sounds like or a Ja name. Then I saw wolves, or they appeared to be, but they turned into hounds and then I heard Hound of the Baskervilles.  Made me think of him being a reader. 

The last thing I got was marina and then Marina Del Ray.

 03/29/13 I started seeing this image and it reminded me of some kind of churn. It was wooden and it was sitting on a wood floor. The way I was seeing this is as if I were laying on the floor, and the wooden aspect of everything seemed important. 

I was looking around and it appeared to be a small room or office, but not fancy, sort of dingy or just plain I think. I saw an office chair and when I was noticing that I could see what seemed to be a young man come up through the wood floor.  Not through an opening, but through the middle of the floor.  I wanted to go outside and see if I could get a landmark for where I was. There was a lamppost or a light. 
As I walked out what seemed to be a  long dock or something I saw a feather, but I felt it represented lite maybe. Then I got the feeling of feather lite and that reminded me of trailers. Hauling like a boat trailer.  (I am going to attach a picture of the type of feather just in case it means something else.) Then I heard Bob. As I continued down the dock I wanted to see if I could see a street sign.   looked around and I could see DAVES and it was written, the letters connected, on the front of a wooden building I think. Maybe a restaurant or some sort of shop. But it seemed like a fairly big structure. Then I saw LB and it was like I had to pay attention to how it was written, like an older type of handwriting.  I’m not sure I have the sketch right but close.   

Then I got was cheesy.. like it all felt very cheesy or maybe that means something else, not sure. The last thing I got, again was Marina and then Marina Del Ray. Its broken like first Marina, then Del Ray or Marina Del Ray. I'm starting to think its more about the Marina part, maybe a place or a street? I just can't be sure what it means.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Sidney Randall

 03/18/2013 Sidney Nicole Randall was last seen at her Walnut Ridge AR, home on March 9, 2013. Someone reached out to me to see if I could help. Here is what I got in meditation this morning.

The first thing I could see looked like the side of a hill or small mountain. It felt like a wide open space, but there were some scattered areas of trees. It was all very green and pretty. It almost reminded me of a golf course but I not sure that really means anything other than it was a pretty area.

I saw an M but I was thinking about when she went missing so not sure if that is important, but then I also got an A. Then it seemed like I was sort of moving quickly from one place to another and I was at a cabin. At first it looked pretty and it had a red tin roof and a big porch around the front. Then I began to see old fallen in buildings so I don't know if that means that this was in the past and the house or cabin is now fallen or run down, or if there are both nice houses or cabins and old fallen in sheds or structures. Or maybe it just means something in the past.

The next thing that came into view were horses. There seemed to be horses on the place and I could see 2 of them drinking out of what looked like a metal barrel. There was a bright blue rag hanging off the side of the barrel. I am not sure what that would mean but it was very bright against an otherwise dark or dimmed image.

The next thing I saw looked like cellar doors, someone coming out of a cellar door, and it appeared to be coming out of the ground more so than a house but that I cannot be sure of.

All of a sudden I seemed to traveling up over the area and I could see what looked like a large lake or body of water. Then the shape of that turned into a horse, or the horse was on top of the area. And then I could see someone that seemed to have some sort of pack on and it reminded me of hunting and/or fishing.  I wanted to get a direction and all I got was a feeling of north.  I just kept getting the feeling that if the stepfather took her somewhere it would be a place from his past or had some connection to his past.

NOTE: I am just going to continue to edit this post in order to add all of my meditations in one place. Also, I would like to send a special thank you to the woman who is working with me on this and for her efforts in the search for Sidney. 

03-21-2013  I was having difficulty connecting so these images are few and random. I was seeing some kind of ring I think. It appeared to be a silver cross sort of wrapped around. Then it turned into a spider. I picked up on a railroad, then a train station. Kept going back to that spider and the ring then I got a feeling of a cemetery. Now this I think is something, but not sure.. I was getting those railroad tracks and then all of a sudden my coffee pot started making some real loud steam noises for no reason. That instantly brought to mind a steam locomotive.

Last thing, and it may have nothing to do with this at all, but while I was trying to meditate I started hearing some really strange noises. I got up and looked around and realized it was coming from outside in the direction of a neighboring farm. I have no idea what it was but all my horses were standing at attention. It could have been a weird bird or animal but nothing I've ever heard before. The sinking feeling in my heart felt it was an animal that had been attacked by something. But the strangest thing of all was that there were dogs barking when I first started my meditation, and you would think they would be going crazy at that sound, but there was nothing.. not a single dog barking in the hollow. Like I said, it was very strange and most likely not anything to do with this, but I am adding it just in case it clicks on something.

03-22-2013 I tried again on Sidney but I have to say it seems like a struggle. At first I was trying to see where she is and even before I began, when I closed my eyes I would see flickering lights. I thought it was the flame from the candle but when I opened my eyes the flames were smooth, not flickering. It was almost like when a fluorescent light bulb is starting to die or a flashing neon sign. I was trying real hard to see landmarks or a location and I got, very distinctly DELAWARE. I felt and also saw what appeared to be a tunnel going through a mountain. I keep feeling like I am being drawn to trains. It was like a train tunnel built though a mountain. I saw a yellow fire truck that started to fade to red then almost back to yellow. It made me wonder if the flickering was fire. Then I could see what appeared to be a factory and tools.

Next I could see a star, like one you would draw, not really in the sky. When I was seeing all of this I felt the whole time I was moving in a north-easterly direction but I kept feeling left.

I started to feel like she had a boyfriend and a lot of friends who are worried about her. I saw a statue, could be a memorial they are building. ROO. Somewhere along the way I got 198 or I98, not sure.

03-25-2013 Well I had a friend of the sister of a missing woman email and ask me to help on her case. I thought maybe I would take a morning and try to pick up something for them but then I really think Sidney is not having anything to do with that. I started seeing a lot of light shooting right at me and she sort of took over my thoughts. I started seeing a dog and I got the sense that another dog search was needed. I began seeing an old structure that I thought or felt was an old school house. There was a wooden porch and a tin or metal barrel turned upside down on it. But not like a barrel, more like a watering tub.

Anyway, then I felt like I was in the woods and it was dark. I saw a deer standing across my path and he just looked back at me, didn't move. Deer crossing?

The next thing I could see was a light switch, just a single one at first then it changed to have multiple switches. It made me think of a power station or sub station or maybe a power grid.

I've thought all along about the feeling that something happened in the house and he had to get her out quickly. This morning it was more in my mind like he thought he could get out and back before anyone realized it but then that didn't happen. He got caught and when all of the focus was on him he killed himself. I almost thought remorse but I was quickly corrected. It was all about him. Killing himself was about him, not about what happened to her. I also saw an empty bottle, like a liquor bottle. It was clear with a silver lid. Don't know why I feel compelled to say that but that's what I saw.

I picked up her picture to try and get more and I got a quick glimpse of a broken down wooden fence. Maybe some barbed wire, rusty but I'm pretty sure it was more about the wooden fence. And then, sail.

I keep getting an underlying feeling that she is alive, or maybe was alive when he left her. My mind says that is probably not right, and impossible that she would or could still be alive. Maybe he left supplies and intended to go back? I don't know.. could just be her sense of urgency to be found. Its confusing. Or maybe its wishful thinking on my part. Or she doesn't realize she has passed?? It just get an alive energy.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cody Haynes, Age 11 - Kittitas, WA

Cody Haynes was 11 years old when he went missing from his home in Kittitas, WA on September 12, 2004. Some of his family members reached out to me for help. 

02/23/13 I was trying to meditate on Cody but I felt like I was being blocked. I was receiving a lot of religious feelings. Also big yellow cloud like things or yellow fog blurring me. I got something about a co-worker maybe, initial A. I heard “Sweet Jesus” like that is about someone who would say that. I felt like he was riding his bike that day. There was something about him taking notice of someone with big shoes, black, and the felt  like men's dress shoes but I got “size 8” for some reason. Doesn’t seem big to me, at least if its for a man, but maybe a child would think that. The last thing I got was the name Jeff. Now I’m throwing that in but I’m not sure if its for him. I just don’t want to leave it out just in case. I had, the morning I did this meditation, received and email from a guy named Jeff and it felt weird so I might have been picking up on that. 

02/26/13 I heard “Sarah was there”. And for some crazy reason I got a feeling that he liked rabbits. He should have been in school that day. (I’m not sure what that means. I looked it up and that day was a Sunday. Unless it means the day he passed??) I heard the name Nathan.  Then I heard what I thought was “servers” and I began hearing the rattling of dishes. It made me think of the noise you would hear in a diner or restaurant or something. I could see a clock on the wall. It was blurry but I think it was pointing to just before 2 o’clock.. maybe 10 til 2. Then I got “quakers” I don’t know why I am always feeling some religious stuff around him, but not in a good way. I feel like he got in trouble that day. I was trying to focus on what happened the day he went missing.  I was seeing some sort of structure, big and block like. At first I thought it was a parking building. The top seemed to protrude out over the lower levels. But then it didn’t feel like a parking garage anymore. I could see a bell on the front of the building, the type someone would ring.

  One more thing.. as I was getting into bed last night I felt like Cody came into my thoughts. I could see a pair of canvas sneakers. Not like those popular converse with the white rubber toe thing, but just black canvas, white rubber soles and white shoe strings. I heard “skipper shoes”. I have no idea.. 

02/27/13 The first thing that started coming into my mind was what looked like a gold band. It reminded me of a cigar band. But then it seemed to turn into a dragon fly. I could see, and also hear, ash and rock, rock and ash.  I felt sort of like I was walking across it. It also seemed like a large area that sloped down. But I could feel how light the ash was and I just kept hearing ash and rock. Then it seemed like the cigar band turned into other insects or maybe they were coming out of the band or the ash, I don’t know . It was all very weird.  

The next thing I saw was something that looked like a mallot. One of those with a heavy head, sort of like a sledge hammer but with a shorter handle.  And then I felt river. 

Sort of after the first part but throughout the rest I kept seeing a little boy. He was hidden or hiding. Maybe around 3, blonde hair with bangs, sort of a hair cut Joey Lawrence has when he was a little kid. (as in the actor) It made me wonder if there was yet another family that was secret, or something else being hidden. 

Then I started seeing what looked like a liquor bottle. It was laying on its side and I felt like I was seeing it sideways. It felt like I was laying on the floor of a small room and everything I was seeing was from that vantage point.  When I tried to look over I saw that little boy again. “Cloaked” was a word that came to mind as I was struggling to figure out how to describe it. 

Cody's case, Psychic's Unite Forum 

Because it seems like everything is coming in small spurts, I think I will simply add to the original post to keep the info flowing smoothly.  

Meditation from 03/04/13

I saw an owl but then it seemed to be sitting in front of a small white sign, may have had the letters T and Y but I’m not sure. It flashed so quickly. A or Aaron.

Then I saw a girl (this part is very weird). She was a blonde but her hair was bloody and hanging all down over her face. She was walking towards me. Then I heard “Walker“. The only thing I can think about that is that all my kids were watching Walking Dead the night before and I caught some glimpses of it. I think they call the zombies “walkers”.  I don’t have any idea what that means or if it means anything unless it’s a location or something??

Then I was in this place that seemed to be a cabin of some sort. I could see animal heads on the wall which made me think of a hunting cabin.  I could see growling teeth, animal teeth. 

**Again, the walker part of this is totally weird but what I'm trying to focus on now is where Cody is right now.  I have no idea why some things come to me with such strange or weird symbolism but what I'm finding with this case, it seems to make sense to someone.