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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trejon Eugene Fite

Trejon Eugene Fite, age 8, fell into a Salt Lake City Canal on June 13. 2009 while trying to climb across a pipe across the water. His body has still not been found.

I saw Trejon's picture on a facebook page and felt drawn to try and help find him. The page gave no real information and everything that follows came before I looked up the events. I was going on the date and the city and knew nothing about the circumstances of his disappearance. Actually, when I tried to find out what happened to him it was difficult as there is little info out there on this boy. Even though I believe that this little guy is no long with us, I hope there is something in the following meditation will help to locate his body and bring closure to his family.

Meditation - July 14, 2009 Trejon Eugene Fite, age 8, went missing on 6-13-09, Salt Lake City, Utah - I first felt that he went missing from his home but that didn't seem to feel right, it felt more like after school on his way home, or afternoon. I could see what looked like a junk yard, a parking lot or a warehouse lot.. something like that.

Mother, Mary, alcoholic, a tall lanky black man.. (I'm not saying that either the mom, mary or the man are alcoholics, it's just the order of what I heard) a rounded body or shaped car, bluish or blue greenish, smaller, rounded fenders on the front. I almost feel immediately that he is not alive. I-80, the name Tyrone. I tried to focus on where he is now, what would he see from where he is? I see a weird shape and then what looks like some kind of old gas station or mechanic shop, a lot of junk around, pipes or pipe fittings. I hear Georgia, (but that is a message I keep hearing for some reason so I don't know if it fits here) and then Macon Georgia. Then another weird picture and the names Miguel or Michael, I hear "disregarded", June 14

After the meditation I tried to find out a little about what happened. I feel that since what I was receiving was very similar to what happened that there might also be clues to where he is. Someone who knows the area might be able to help. I feel his body will be found along the canal or water banks perhaps close to a location that fits the descriptions above. Let's all pray that this boy is found so his family can have some closure.


  1. Diana, I see you incorporated some Remote Viewing techniques into your work.

  2. Hi James,
    I guess I'm not sure where the line is between clairvoyance and remote viewing but I sort of incorporate it all.

    Thanks for checking out the blog! Feel free to post feelings, comments or your remote views!!!