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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cedrika Provencher

I did a meditation about Cedrika after a woman named Kim commented on a post about Lindsey Baum and asked me if I had ever had visions of her. I sent the information I received off to her for her comments which I will post after this.

07/28/09 – Cedrika Provencher went missing on July 31, 2007 from Trois Riviere, Quebec. I could see what was sort of shaped like a buried bell in the sand,
the name Frank. I also saw a shape that looked like a mushroom. I see mountains and sand or rock. It seemed like an old time place, not a city exactly. More like a desert place or dry. I hear Padre’. I see dogs, like dogs had some meaning here. It made me think of using a lost puppy to kidnap a kid. (let me say, I did search for the date of her disappearance, but was careful not to look at the information. I do not like to know anything beforehand so as not to interfere with what I am receiving. I don’t know if I may have picked that part up on the internet by accident and was just remembering…. Just wanted to be honest about that part) I could see an older model truck but was having trouble getting a read on whether she is alive or not. I feel probably not. I could see a shadowy like figure passing by and I think it was around the Padre’ but I’m not sure why. I could see women working around the area, like it happened in the daytime. After that I asked my guides and my grandmother straight out, “is she alive?” “No” “Where is she?” I could see a train, I felt railway. I saw a marker like an X and I heard San Juan and railway again. It felt murky.

I’m not sure what that all means. I tried to do an internet search on San Juan because that seemed to be weird for that work to be in connection with Quebec but I did find some references. Putting it together, I wonder if there is some sort of crossing into or over San Juan, where there would be some sort of marker. I feel that if she is dead, it all could be trying to indicate a location.

07/31/09 – I tried to meditate on Cedrika again and I could see an older man, gray hair, longer and sort of a mustache and a blue or dark colored van. He is looking for the dog but may have a rabbit in the van that he wants to show her. I don’t know what this image is. I feel that old town again, a bridge. I can see some thing that looks like an old train station or an old time store porch with benches or chairs lined up around or on the porch. A barrel sitting there, PX2, I could see the older guy holding something like a long stick or a handle like on a shovel. Where? California, but that makes no sense. Show me where you are… Canyon is what I hear NW North West??? A tunnel but once again it feels like a train.


  1. I, this is my first time on your blog, and i was wondering if you had anytning else for Cédrika.

    Thank you,
    Marika, volunteer for Cédrika Provencher

  2. I my name is Marika, i'm a volunteer for Cédrika since the pas 2 years.

    This is my first time on your site and i was wondering if you had anything else for Cédrika.

    I think that the old man is good...

    I do wok with 4 other clairvoyantes ans they see the old man to !


  3. Hi Marika.. I think everything I had is posted. However Kim is close to this case so I will double check and see what she might have. I know she had been working on Cedrika's case long before I met her so she might be able to help!


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  5. Hi Mirika,
    My name is Kim. Diana spoke of me to you about Cedrila and I wold be willing to help if you would like. Let me know the best way to contact you.

  6. Hello,
    My mediumship impressions is that Cedrika, was abducted by a french-speaking male. He is approximately 5 feet 9 inches in height; weighing 185lbs. He is a smoker. He lives in the country, on a large piece of land with many trees on the property. The house has white siding, with an aluminum outer door which covers the front door. This man has brown hair and brown eyes. He is now in early to mid forties. He is someone who works with his hands. He seems to work with wood. I also envisioned a dark blue van, with no windows in the back. I almost sense that it looks like a Gaz Metropolitain truck. I believe this man works with a company that provided him with his own truck. I envisioned Cedrika being kept in an unfinished basement. I saw her wearing what looked like a flannel nightgown. The mattress she was on was striped and bare. She was calling out for her mother. " I consider myself an optimist. However, I believe that the news is far from optimistic. I also see this man as having a female partner. I am not certain whether she was aware that this man had abducted Cedrika. I saw the letter S as the first letter to where this man lives. I had the strong impression that she may have been taken to Sorel, Quebec.

  7. supplicated by pillow she knew them male probibly teen maybe cousin name like gerimy or jermain she says lashauna street oleary r u n dik gardner fishery man is a cook

  8. Just wondering if people are still thinking/focusing on Cedrika. It'd be nice to hear more

  9. I get emails occasionally from those who are still searching. I hope she will be found someday!

  10. San Juan... At least two in California, and one in Nicaragua fully named San Juan del Sur. It is not far from the city of Granada. Nicaragua is internationally known as a passage for human trafficking. Next country is Costa Rica, the new American continent sex paradise especially for pedophiles. This is what I have read from an international organization. Sorry I can't recall exactly since it's about three or for years ago, and I don't want to get through some more searching. He is wanted by Quebec for children kidnaping, and is condemned to 3 years of jail by Belgium in connection with different charges.

    The link with Trois-Rivières may be possible, but I have no proof that he has something to do with the kidnapping of Cedrika. The smart man is in its mid or late 70s, but I understood that he has disciples in the province of Quebec. When I first heard about him through a Radio-Canada reports, he had an hotel in Granada. His pickup truck was still plated from Quebec. Your reading is the second one that attracted me to Nicaragua.