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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cedrika Provencher

The following are Kim's visions and her response to mine.

"Just read your email, and some things I wrote 1 month ago in my journal, kind of relates to what you see. I was very happy. This is what I got."

July 22-09 :
I heard the word New Brunswick ringing in my ear, I saw her wrapped in white fabric more around her face and head. Then I saw a field, like a wheat field. I see a wood fence and cattle on the other side.

July 27-09:
I saw a bright sunny day, I see her being led into fields. She's being pushed, not aggressively, but assertively. I see her from behind wearing a sun dress, minty green, with dark green pipping and yellow and green flower pattern on the dress. Then it skips, I’m looking out the window of a vehicle. I see water, like a coast, on a cliff. Lots of sand and rocks bellow. Waves are rolling along the shore line. I since it am a van from the size, as I look back, I see a girl with a blanket, she’s shaking, and her whole body is trembling. She looks at me and she’s crying, black eye (right), cut lip, her knees are scrapped, her hands are dirty. I keep seeing a bog tree, Not a maple tree, but big its roots come out of the ground off a slope or hill( more of a slope) Log cabin, I see a man, salt and pepper hair, he’s lonely, round cheek’s, like little balls, small eyes. woman with frizzy light hair, angry all the time. Gold wedding band. I feel a slap on the back of my head and feel her ring. (maybe she did this to Cedrika) I see a girls room in the attic, old wallpaper and furniture low ceilings. She sits there a lot. I see her dad, she thinks of him there. From a tiny window of the attic I see a vast country side. Empty. Then for some reason I see runny scrambled eggs, She’s showing me a plate of that and she hates it. Maybe she hates the eggs there. lol. I feel they hide her ( if she’s still with us) and they were Mennonites.

As for the bell, I know Jesuits still use this a lot as a form of prayer, and churches. Some communities have big bell land marks, don’t they? I’m trying to look. The dogs, she was lead away because of a lost dog, but in farms .... Aren’t there usually a lot of dogs? Breeders also live in the country side where there’s big properties. I know she went to a summer camp, the few months prior, just don’t know where. As for San Juan, (this is a cut one) San Juan is Spanish for st John, in french that’s Ste. Jean. In Quebec we celebrate a holiday the 24th of June called Ste. Jean Baptiste. Considering where you live, that’s why you see it in spanish. Isn’t it amazing how you think? Just thought it was interesting and probably something you never realized about your capabilities. New Brunswick borders part of Quebec, she was taken from the province of Quebec. Wow, together we are dangerous..LOL.!! So, I hope what I said helps. We both see her wrapped in white and cliffs and country sides. In Mennonite communities women work the fields outside together, a lot of similarities.


  1. Nothing new on the case ok Cedrika , just sad

  2. Yes I agree. Perhaps someone will stumble across this who has been able to connect a little and share something that will make a difference.

  3. There is a city of St John in New Brunswick, its an old city. could be also what San Juan meant !