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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hassani Campbell, Age 5

When I opened up the blog yesterday I was very happy to see that our new contributor Kim had made her first post. I didn't recognize the name but when I read the first line I realized it must be a child that has recently gone missing. I immediately wanted to do a meditation on this child so I closed the blog so as not to get any information up front. I did check to see where he was from and the day he went missing but that is all of the information I want to know beforehand. Anything more interferes with the initial meditation. The following are my impressions about Hassani. Hopefully, together with Kim, some of this information will help in the search.

Hassani Campbell, age 5, went missing August 10, 2009 in Oakland California
*** After my meditation, I called up some news articles about Hassani on the internet and I want to start out with some important information about this boy. It's being reported that he has cerebral palsy and wears leg braces. The family wants people to know that Hassani has braces on his "ankles" and could not be immediately identified by these braces. They are afraid that someone might see him, but not recognized him because people will be looking for a child with leg braces.

August 16, 2009 - I see a man's ring, oval or oblong in shape with a silver setting I think. It is large and has a stone in the middle, like turquoise or something. I feel like this would be some sort of signature type thing for him. I can see a man's face, white I think. He has angry eyes and a mean expression. His features remind me of Jack Nicholson. I hear "drug trafficking but it really doesn't make sense. I started out feeling like "would this be another parental abuse" but that didn't feel right. I don't feel a connection that way. I'm just not sure what that all means.

I can see an infant child (09/10/09 - Hassini's little sister) and I believe this child is associated with Hassani, a sibling perhaps. And I can see a woman who feels gentle in nature, his mom perhaps. (I think this is actually Jennifer Campbell) I want to say that I am feeling that he is still alive.

I can see an image and I'm not sure what it is. It looks like an X with a round thing on the front, like a camera or a lens. I feel there is a store, a small store. I hear the word canyon and I can see an image of a long stretch of road going down between two mountains or something like that. I see a cactus and I feel desert. Then I hear El Paso and am now feeling confused. I was trying to see images around where he is now. I am confused that I hear El Paso because I know that's in Texas but its firm. I see something like a train coming at me down that road, but its more like a light and I hear El Paso, River and Canyon.

09/10/09 - The train as I saw it and drew it, looks like its coming through some sort of tunnel.  And as things have unfolded with this case, the Bart train station keeps coming up referring to a text that Ross set threatening to drop Hassani off at the Bart station.  Not sure what this means yet. 



  1. So, Hassani did have a sibling and the mom was hysterical over the loss of Hassani. Drug traffiking, I did say Okland was a low income area, so the drug rate would be high. I'll try to get a feel for the ring.

  2. I saw a story that talked about a little sister, plus the step-mom is pregnant. As far as the drug trafficking goes, like I said, I don't know how that plays a part. I do not get a feeling it has anything to do with the family, but may have something to do with what happened or who has Hassani. I worry sometimes, that immediately people start throwing suspicion to the father and I also worry that my mind wonders onto other things.. what I heard came in around the angry white guy so... who knows?

  3. And also, I looked at a news clip and it seems that the families neighborhood was nice.

  4. I feel your on to something with the white man and drug traffiking. I doubt the parents had anything to do with anything illegal. They would not be able to foster children if there was anything in their pasts. I have not looked at the papers yet, I have other meditations I will post soon.

  5. There are to many conflicting stories in the foster fathers accounts on what happened when was in the parking lot of the shoe store.

    1. He told Nancy Grace that it was routine for him to take Hassani out of his car seat and have him stand outside the car to wait for the back door to open and let him in. He went to the front and told his fiance who works at the shoe store to open the back door. He said she went in the back to open the door and he went around back when she asked him where is Hassani.

    Why would you take his sister and leave him in the back, unless he was not with them from the begining.

    On HLN news they reported that Hassani can walk a short distance on his own with his brace. So why didn't he hold his little and take them both to the front of the store.

    Dropping the children off with Campbell is a family routine, Ross said. When he opened the rear passenger door for Hassani, he said, the boy already was unbuckling his seat belt.

    "I said, 'Hassani, go wait by the back door,' and he had already taken a first step out of the car," Ross said.

    Ross said he carried the girl to the front of the store and told Campbell to open the back door. He then went back to the parking lot.

    "When I got to back there, (Campbell) was already there. She says to me, 'Where's Hassani?'" Ross said. "I said, 'What do you mean?' I look to see if he's standing along by the car, but he's not."

    2. On HLN it was reported that he went to a car parts yard and people witness the boy with him crying, however no one witnessed him in the partking lot with the boy.

    3. You said something about drug trafficking. Hassani Bio Mom is a drug addict and lives in San Francisco according to the CA Endangered Missing
    There is more information about Hassani Campbell’s family life. As I wrote previously, Hassani lives with his biological aunt, Jennifer Campbell, and Campbell’s fiancée, Louis Ross. They have been in the process of adopting Hassani. The child has lived with them since December of last year. Hassani’s biological mother lives in San Francisco and she suffers from drug and health problems. Hassani’s biological father lives in San Francisco as well. Both parents have been interviewed by police.

  6. To Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comments. I saw a clip of the Nancy Grace interview and then I checked out some news stories and I noticed a lot of conflicting and mis-information. All of that and you just don't know what to think. I hope they find this little boy soon, and safe. Are you from the area? If so, I would love for you to keep me informed and I will try to work some more on this case.

    Thanks so much!!


  7. Niles Canyon
    Tilden Park
    Lake Elizabeth

    I need to check out those locations as well as more info on the "Bart" Several things have happened in regard to that train station.

    When I call up a map of the Bart station, I can see construction going on at Union Square but who knows when that picture was taken. Its a street view.