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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Robert Manwill - Update

Very sad news has just been reported. According to Fox 12 Idaho News Station, the body that was found in the New York Canal was tentatively identified as Robert Manwill. I want to go back and see what is what with my impressions.

Initially, Bear Creek was off, however he was found in the water. I kept seeing an 8 as an indicator of where he was and according to Fox 12 "As a crow flies it's about 8 miles, or 14 miles of water way." See the complete story at

So far, that's it. I will post more as it becomes available.

The reason I'm doing this comparison is because I sort of want to let people see how this works. And more importantly, why its better for the intuitive to "not" analyze, just relay the impressions.


  1. You said Bear creek, it was actually Dear creak. Pretty close. The s shape you drew is the shape of the water way. I found that interesting also. You are the bomb girl.

  2. Kim,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I never thought about the bear / deer.. maybe I heard it wrong who knows?? It was a quick impulse to ask! Usually I would meditate first. The thing is, I know I shouldn’t analyze my own visions, but I can’t help myself. Glad I have someone like you to keep me in check!

    Which shape does the canal look like, the cup? I would be interested in where you found that so I could check it out.

  3. Theres part of the canal that splits, kind of like your cup formation. You should check ot the area. There is also a constuction site. Barrels are usually around somewhere. Not Bad!!!!

  4. I tried but couldn't find an aerial map of the location. You are just way better than me...

    I just still have a creepy feeling that there is more to this.

  5. Me too, I see him being hit, like whipped with sticks.Hes protecting his face. Blond lady or teen with a pony tail. Blue (navy) t shirt and jeans. Man gives final blow(kick) to his head.Big boots, like constuction boots. It feels almost like pay back. Not drug related. Theres a white home or some thing like it. White alluminum siding. Green roof. Must be a home. They beat him on the side of the house. East side, the sun is on the east side. Low cable poles. Is there a trailer park near by? Thats all I see.

  6. I don't know about a trailer park, but maybe I can google it. I just feel like he was someplace else before he ended up in that canal. Only time will tell I suppose. But I pray they get whoever did this to him!