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Monday, August 17, 2009

Trejon Fite - Bittersweet News

August 1, 2009 little Trejon Fite's body was found near where the Jordan River Canal empties into the Great Salt Lake. He was laid to rest August 7, 2009 bringing some comfort to his grieving family. Our thought and prayers go out to his family.

According to the Deseret News, "Trejon was found some 15 miles from where he originally slipped and fell into the swift current of the 60-foot-wide canal. Some 13 tributaries feed into the Great Salt Lake, and as a result, the area is riddled with debris. Tires, piping and driftwood litter the creek beds."(described in July 14th meditatin)

I tried to do a search of where he was found and found that I-80 runs through there. (From meditation dated July 14th - I almost feel immediately that he is not alive. I-80) I believe some of the shapes I was drawing indicated how the canal branched off and also the grids, that were not closed, along the canal. (I tried to focus on where he is now, what would he see from where he is? I see a weird shape and then what looks like some kind of old gas station or mechanic shop, a lot of junk around, pipes or pipe fittings.)


  1. Your viewing was soo accurate, They found him where you said they would and all the debris you saw, they had to wisk that all away before reaching the body.

  2. I was pretty sure about this one as I had hit most of the details right off. It's sad, but at least they were able to find him and lay him to rest.