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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aug. 13th 2009

Madelaine Mcann
By Kim

Still see the island and the huge pine tree. I can smell the salt in the ocean through the breeze. I see wooden fish boats along the shore. Like local fishermen. I see alot of dead fish floating in the water. Maddy is playing, I ask where this is, she doesnt know, she's smiling. I ask where she is and she points to the water, She walks to where she pointed until she fades into the water.
Makes me feel like she has passed.

Aug 15th 2009

Hassani Campbell
By Kim

He's wearing shorts, grey Jacket, Hes standing on some sort of curb. Hes pointing to a black metal stair case that leads up to a wood door. The wood is painted grey and the paint is chipped. The stairs are on the side of the building. Theres stores or offices below. I see an asian woman with a bob hair cut and heavy bangs. Theres a red car and a green car parked near by. I keep seeing a church. The cross on the crurch. Church, church, keeps comming back. I see pink cupcakes.????

Aug. 18th 2009

Hassani campbell
By Kim

I see a man running down metal stairs. He has a big blue hockey bag (sports bag) I see the same asian girl sitting in the car. The car is black and mustard or gold. older car. The man is tall, sunglasses, white or grey log sleeved t shirt, tennis shoes. Curly brown hair. Hassani is in the car.
Turn down side street, 1 stop, 2 stop, 3 light, turn right to highway.
I hear "daddys friend, daddys friend"

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