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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haleigh Cummings

I realized while looking for information on this site on Haleigh Cummings, that I never posted my original meditation on her. I will post that first and then move on to my other impressions of her.
July 2009
I feel that Misty was not in the home when Haleigh went missing
I had a hard time picking up on her, I sensed her to be shy or scared. I see her crying and I heard her say, "I want my daddy" It made me feel that the night she was taken, she was really under the impression that she was going to se her daddy.
I see a man with blond hair, ear length, sometimes combs it all back. Stubble on his face, a little scruffy looking but not dirty. Black baseball cap. Dark pants, almost like work pants and work boots. I see a scar or discoloration on his upper arm. He knows the family patterns and also knows Misty leaves at night.
The image skips and I see RR tracks and flashing yellow sign.
Sept 8 2009
I see a purple or fuscia fluffy sock, I feel Haleigh lost it while being taken out of the home.
I also see a little teddy bear, either beige or grey. One eye is missing on the bear and his nose is felt. Its near a tree.

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