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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hassani Campbell - Group Meditation

Hassani Campbell-September 6, 2009
Group Meditation by Raven

This was a strange meditation in that throughout there was an intense strain surrounding the entire meditation. It was almost as if something was intentionally creating this sustained "block" (not the right word but I am having a hard time finding the right word.)

The first thing I got was a very nauseous feeling in my upper stomach. This lasted for about 15 minutes then subsided.

I kept getting "father's house." And then I saw this door to a building. There was thick, carved, wooden molding around the door. Varnished wood. Very nice. Upscale looking. Then another piece of molding that was different above the door. It looked like carved metal or made of a different material other than wood. It seemed shiny. It was pointed at the top and curved downward on each side. There was a roundish, raised thing in the middle, about the diameter of a basketball and it was also carved. There were a few steps, maybe four steps that went up to the door and there was at least one hand railing made of wrought iron I believe. Oh, there was also a little landing just outside the door.

I kept trying to move beyond the door, get more information and a different vantage point to see what this building was in relation to others around it, but I was just stuck there. And I got "father's house" again, several times and the same door.

Then I saw the bottom half of a black woman's face. Her face was thick and she had fat under her chin. Her lips were very, very full and she had a very, very broad nose. She had several brochures in her hands and there was an urgency to hand them to someone who had their back to me. There was frustration and anxiety too, like there was a decision to be made about the brochures.

My husband wrote down "Nobody else followed her" although I cannot remember any details about this and don't remember saying this at all, but it's in the notes.

Then I got "Somebody else's father."

Then I saw this black background with all these little swishy white things swishing around and as I studied what I was seeing, I really thought that I was looking through a microscope at some live tissue, like my eye was right up against the eyepiece. I don't know enough about biology to describe what the cell structure looked like. But the moving organisms or cells were arc shaped and moved in short spurts in arclike fashion. And they were all active and moving rapidly. Then very suddenly something caused the motion to slow down and the movement became quite sluggish until all movement stopped.

At this moment, something was placed on the bottom of my right foot and was moved from toes to heel. There was a slight burning sensation accompanied with a ticklish sensation only on the bottom of my right foot. Then both feet, from just below the toes and including the toes began to throb, although there was no pain.

My eyes began to burn, as well, as if something foreign had been placed in them to make them feel like this and there was a slightly acrid smell and sensation in my nasal cavities. My eyes still feel like they have grit in them.

I began at 8pm and finished a little after 9pm.

Blessings and Prayers for Hassani,
September 7, 2009 11:39 AM

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  1. Greetings All,
    I decided to post these dreams that I had in the early morning hours of September 8th, just after the group meditation. After reviewing these dreams again, I noticed that I detected a blood disorder in this first dream and also wondered about the arc-shaped cells in my vision the previous night and thought they are probably connected somehow (did some research and found that sickle cells are arc-shaped and are only presented in African Americans and Sickle Cell is a blood disorder).

    And I thought perhaps that the brown sand and the sand dollars had something to do with the beach or a parklike setting that others got. Also I got San Francisco and then Galveston. Don't know what the Galveston connection could be. Anyway, here they are.

    1. In Florida at my Son's Home/Grandson Really Sick/Blood Disorder
    I am now in the kitchen of my son's home in Gainesville, Florida. I am saying hello to him, his wife and my two grandchildren. We are exchanging greetings. But when I look down at my little grandson, I see that he is really, really ill. And I know that it's some sort of blood disorder. I ask my son and daughter-in-law if little Matthew is all right. They say of course he is. I ask if they are sure and they act like I am crazy. When I look at my grandson, I can see with my own eyes how pale he is. He almost has a greenish tinge to his skin. I ask my son and daughter-in-law to look at him and they see nothing out of the ordinary. Then I realize that I am seeing beyond what can be seen to them. They even want to change the subject by saying, "Oh by the way, we have a sex offender living in our neighborhood." I am interested in this, but not enough to take my immediate attention away from my little grandson. So I pretty much ignore the statement about the sex-offender and go to my grandson. I say to him, "Matthew, do you feel okay?" He starts to get a little rigid, like he doesn't want to tell me anything. But, I can see him beginning to tear up. So I say, "Honey, do you feel okay?" And he starts to cry a little and I say, "You don't feel very good, do you, honey?" He says, "No." So I ask, "Can you show Grammy where you hurt?" And he put his left hand over his middle, just off center from his belly button and he puts his right hand on his right temple. I decide that I will work energetically with him to shift him out of this condition.

    2. Wet Brown Sand/7 Sand Dollars/San Francisco/Galveston
    I come back into full consciousness but remain in an altered state. Immediately I see an arc-shaped pattern of wet, brown sand. And beside the sand I see about 7 sand dollars intact and positioned around the grouping of wet sand. And I kept getting San Francisco and then I got Galveston.