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Monday, September 7, 2009

Hassani Campbell

Yesterday, Sept. 7, 2009, several members of a group I belong to all decided that we would do a group meditation on Hassani to see if we could come up with some valid leads. These were my impressions:

As my meditation started I could see a cross again. I got a bad feeling that he is no longer with us but I'm not sure. I saw jk and a 5 and dime, I could see an indian statue like one that would sit in front of an old store like that,tobacco.. Someone was watching, knew the routine. I felt maybe someone did see Hassani that day at or near the 5 and dime. Maybe JK? But someone had noticed the routine.. I wanted to see what Hassani was doing that day before he went missing.. I could see him riding around in his house on a little blue bike. V and F like Frank. Then I heard someone say "you look good in my sweatshirt Joe" and I got the impression of a male gay couple. I could see the guy who said it, 50 to 60ish, thin maybe tall, graying hair, short cut, clean shaven, nice looking.. looked like a business man. I get the feeling that its a ring of buying and selling children and the higher ups have the appearance of respectable business men. I think whoever took him knew the routine, tricked Hassani.. I could see a black or dark vehicle like a larger type SUV. I heard Ocala. I feel like they went out from behind around the block and right in front of the store but as I'm typing this now I begin to doubt. I am reminded of the billboard and I tried to see what was on it.. I think I could see the letters SALVIA but I'm not sure what that means. I heard V as in Victor.. I was trying to see where he is now but then the kids started acting up so it was over..

Also, just at the end of my meditation I could see a 5 3 8 4 , I think.. it looked digital like a clock or something. I'm pretty sure of the 5 3, I think the 8 4 also.

Ok, so I may be getting off track a little here, but this is just weird... Yesterday morning I woke up and I heard “Jonathan and Hank went missing 7 years ago. When I closed my eyes I could see a big burley man standing there over me. He was heavy set, think hair and beard.. looked like a logger. When I got up I typed it in and looked a several things before I found this. I found a site that talked about a woman who went missing with her 2 kids in 2002. They thought she might kill herself and her children because of a note she left but I think some are suspicious of that. Anyway, her name is Stephanie Van Nguyen. Her son is John and her daughter is Kristina, nick named Hang. It make me think about something that Kim wrote about Hassani a couple of days ago. They are asian, and Kim wrote about an asian woman with bobbed hair being with Hassani. Stephanie had bobbed hair. Well I thought that we were interconnecting visions or something now since we've been working together for a while. (maybe this was a new case we needed to work on) But when I was looking for the salvia I came across a name Nguyen-Salva.. how weird is that? Am I stretching or what? Stephanie was also driving a green car which Kim mentioned seeing.

Also, the 5 and dime.. when I was trying to find a 5 and dime, which for you youngsters is what they called an old sort of department store but small. Woolworths was referred to as a 5 and dime I think, but if you hadn't heard of 5 & dime you probably don't remember Woolworths either. Anyway when I typed in 5 and dime California I got this in an Urban directory

the five and dime 3 up, 1 down love it hate it

The cities of the immediate East San Francisco Bay Area, familiarly known as "the East Bay," which are serviced by the 510 area code. The most notable of these are Oakland and Berkeley, CA however 510 includes every city which touches the San Francisco Bay from Berkeley in the North down to Fremont in the South and includes other inlying cities such as Castro Valley and Piedmont. Some older user of the term (35+ yrs of age) also consider the further inlying cities of Contra Costa County (area code 925) as inclusive, since prior to the 1990's 510 covered that area as well, however it predominant use today is referencing just the Alameda County cities currently serviced by 510. The area code 510 translates as: 5 = five, 10 = dime, hence the name "the five & dime."

"We hail from the five and dime." "He's one of those bridge and tunnel folk from the five and dime." (something a San Francisco native might say)

Maybe this is saying that he is still in this area covered by the 510 area code.

The Indian statue, and tobacco.. I remember in front stores, I thought 5 and dimes, used to sit indian statues then I remembered tobacco and that triggered red man. Red Man tobacco.. and that was represented by a wooden statue sitting in front of the tobacco shops. I also found a Joe's tobacco shop but not sure how close or perhaps it was in Haywood but I'll have to look again, I was getting tired. Maybe JK is Joe??? I'll have to do more research.   (09/10/09 - Going back to the BART Train, I found this little tid-bit in an article about the BART in the Business Wire - "The grant covers the first two phases of the work, including Phase I, which entails software design followed by the testing at BART's test track in Hayward."  The contact number for the BART is has a 510 area code) 

Then as I was re-reading what I wrote, it struck me that where the article about the 5 and dime, at the beginning said 3 up, 1 down.. Kim also wrote in the same post about he asian woman "Turn down side street, 1 stop, 2 stop, 3 light, turn right to highway. I hear "daddys friend, daddys friend"

Ok, well maybe I've gone off the deep end now.. lack of sleep and coffee maybe..

footnote..  as  I look back over the last post about Hassani, I see the image that was shaped like a shell and now I can see how it could look like an indian headdress.  Also its weird that I also saw a statue in that meditation, be it a deer.  


  1. I was being brain dead.. I grow salvia.. it a flower really, a pretty one. Medicinal purposes, I believe because I remember learning about it in an herbal class, but I didn't realize it could be smoked. I will have to look it up in an herbal book. When I checked the internet I found several places that mentioned Haywood Ca. where you could get salvia and there is an Ocala street in Haywood. Just above Haywood is the Jackson Triangle. I mentioned a triangle in an earlier meditation and in that triangle is a Silva avenue. I also wanted to check out Salva.. who knows if I got all the letters right. When I did, well thats a whole other story.. a very weird one.

  2. Hassani Campbell-September 6, 2009
    Group Meditation

    This was a strange meditation in that throughout there was an intense strain surrounding the entire meditation. It was almost as if something was intentionally creating this sustained "block" (not the right word but I am having a hard time finding the right word.)

    The first thing I got was a very nauseous feeling in my upper stomach. This lasted for about 15 minutes then subsided.

    I kept getting "father's house." And then I saw this door to a building. There was thick, carved, wooden molding around the door. Varnished wood. Very nice. Upscale looking. Then another piece of molding that was different above the door. It looked like carved metal or made of a different material other than wood. It seemed shiny. It was pointed at the top and curved downward on each side. There was a roundish, raised thing in the middle, about the diameter of a basketball and it was also carved. There were a few steps, maybe four steps that went up to the door and there was at least one hand railing made of wrought iron I believe. Oh, there was also a little landing just outside the door.

    I kept trying to move beyond the door, get more information and a different vantage point to see what this building was in relation to others around it, but I was just stuck there. And I got "father's house" again, several times and the same door.

    Then I saw the bottom half of a black woman's face. Her face was thick and she had fat under her chin. Her lips were very, very full and she had a very, very broad nose. She had several brochures in her hands and there was an urgency to hand them to someone who had their back to me. There was frustration and anxiety too, like there was a decision to be made about the brochures.

    My husband wrote down "Nobody else followed her" although I cannot remember any details about this and don't remember saying this at all, but it's in the notes.

    Then I got "Somebody else's father."

    Then I saw this black background with all these little swishy white things swishing around and as I studied what I was seeing, I really thought that I was looking through a microscope at some live tissue, like my eye was right up against the eyepiece. I don't know enough about biology to describe what the cell structure looked like. But the moving organisms or cells were arc shaped and moved in short spurts in arclike fashion. And they were all active and moving rapidly. Then very suddenly something caused the motion to slow down and the movement became quite sluggish until all movement stopped.

    At this moment, something was placed on the bottom of my right foot and was moved from toes to heel. There was a slight burning sensation accompanied with a ticklish sensation only on the bottom of my right foot. Then both feet, from just below the toes and including the toes began to throb, although there was no pain.

    My eyes began to burn, as well, as if something foreign had been placed in them to make them feel like this and there was a slightly acrid smell and sensation in my nasal cavities. My eyes still feel like they have grit in them.

    I began at 8pm and finished a little after 9pm.

    Blessings and Prayers for Hassani,

  3. Raven - I wonder if you were picking up on Hassani's pain.. the upset stomach and the sensations in his feet and ankles. You have the gift for that. It makes me hopeful that he is alive, but very sad that he has to be going through all of this.

  4. Hey Diana,
    I am always hopeful. But really, well I just wasn't real positive after the live tissue stopped moving. It felt to me like someone was slipping away. The sensations and acrid smell in my nasal cavities and and burning in my eyes felt like someone had been euthanized (sp?). Then seeing the cells moving then seeing the movement completely stop....well....I don't know but it sort of dampened my spirits.

    I have been trying to find cells that looked like the ones I saw. Sickle Cells are arc-shaped, I found accidentally this morning. Wonder if Hassani had Sickle Cell?
    I have also been trying to find more on the cell structure of Salvia, but that's harder to find.

    I also just posted something over in our other forum under miscellaneous. If you think there's something in there that would help at all with any of the cases here, let me know and I will post them. I think they mainly have to do with me, except for the Sand and Sand Dollars. Any feedback would be great.

    Blessings Dear One,

  5. Hello I wanted to let you know that there is a ceremonial (white) sage that is used in many native american rituals for cleansing and protection also. Commonly sold as smudge sticks. The white sage is not the one that you would consume but as far as smoking I have never heard of anyone actually smoking it just using the smoke from it for purification, cleansing and protection. Hope this might help a bit.

  6. Thanks, thats what I grow and us it for also. I didn't know you could smoke it. But apparently Salvia is the scientific name of a variety of plants in this family. I grow salvia, the flower because its pretty. Then again, it never ceases to amaaze me what people will do to get high.

  7. Need to comment on the 5384 she kept seeing...this my friends i believe is referring to Hayward, CA. I lived in hayward most of my life, 538 is the starting prefix to most telephone numbers, it was given to us in the 1970s maybe early 1980s we lived in the sunset area ..near Ast. If you are on A street going east from hesperian you will see a costco on left, make a right on that side street...1 stop, 2 stop, 3 light which is winton, right onto highway which is 880 north. HOPE THIS HELPS?