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Monday, September 14, 2009

My Crossroad

I have come to a crossroad in my quest to help these children.  One road leads me down the path I have been traveling.  I truly want to help in any way I can to help find these kids and bring them home.  And I don't only help kids, I help anyone who asks. It's just that this blog is dedicated to the children.

The other is to give up. There are so many people out there, specifically people who call themselves Psychics, who are only in this for what?? Fame? Reward? Recognization? I don't know.  But these people feel free to take what I am trying to do, use it, twist it, and the turn around and question my motives.  And not just me, anyone they can latch on to.

This hurts everyone.  It hurts us, the ones who sincerely and with all our hearts want to help.  People like the women of this blog.  But more so, it hurts the children and their families.  This behavior puts up road blocks between what we are trying to do and those we are trying to help.  I'm not saying we are always right and if someone listened to us each and every child would be found.  I am saying that if we are onto something.. will anyone see it?  Will they listen?

I will state one certain fact, that here with Kim, Raven, Mish, Dom and myself, we are giving of ourselves freely and openly.. However, we are becoming more and more aware of what can happen with what we are trying to do.  Am I ready to give up?  No, not yet.  But I do think we will be forced to make some changes on this blog. 

I simply cannot let myself get distracted by the constant worry..  It will only hurt the children and our cause.


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