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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random impressions

Hi Diana,
Kim here. I received something this morning that had something to do with New Mexico. It's very sketchy. And not much. I just didn't know where to post this. You can put it anywhere you wish or not at all. Here's what I got:

I am in a field with D.. and M.. We are all three together in this location. We have found one of the missing children (not specific as to identity.) Suddenly I get the word Weed. At first I think that I am getting this word because the three of us are standing in a field. The wind is blowing and this high grass is bending with the wind. But then I immediately think of a good friend who I haven't seen or talked with in years and years and she lives in Weed, New Mexico. And her last name happens to be "Fields."

This is all I can remember today, Wednesday, September 2, 2009.

Kim C.


  1. Hello again not sure if this means anything but a friend of mine has kept getting the word Odessa. I remembered reading something about Texas and when I searched Odessa I found there was an Odessa in Texas. Also I had another "dream" and it had a rr tracks with a ditch running east and west the ditch was on the south side of the tracks and there was a creek that ran north southish. We were looking for someone and someone(I think male) said Oh My God he's still alive, this was several days ago and I thought it had something to do with a different little boy that by the grace of God they found in Sandusky. If you choose not to post it I understand completely.
    Warmest Regards and Green Blessings;

  2. Thank you so much! If you get a minute and would like to speak a little more informally, please send me a comment with your email address. I won't publish it but I will get in contact with you!

    Thanks again!!