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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raven's Meditations: Karla Victoria Yrigoyen- Rivas

Karla Victoria Yrigoyen-Rivas Laredo – Sept. 22, 2009 12 years

Right off the bat last night, when I looked at Karla’s photo, I got that she is already in Mexico. I did receive some information last night in meditation, but I just couldn’t seem to pull it back. I went in too deep, too fast. I was really tired.

But this morning September 25, 2009

She’s in Mexico. Slave trade. Sex.

There’s an old wrinkled woman, seer, who is involved. I thought of my old wrinkled psychic dream. I will reread it. This woman practices some version of witchcraft. But it’s not called this in Mexico. She is a several-generation seer. I will say seer, because that seems to match up more to how she thinks of herself. I saw o’s. Big ones and little ones. This is like what ______(name withheld) wrote o_O. Nothing to do with (name withheld), but does o_O mean something? I thought Chimera. Then Curandera. I thought about what I got out of nowhere yesterday, Chimissiippi, Chimasota or Chimissori. Or whatever that was. She is all of these things. Lot’s of curses or something like this. This woman also knows that there’s another group of woman who are working toward bringing these children home. On the one hand, this woman thinks she’s too clever. But she thinks about this, a lot. And it bother’s her to think about it. It makes her angry.

W e are not connecting all the dots yet. I got this. There are more dots. **Note: I got dots in my crossword yesterday AND this this morning I got dot (without the s).. And I thought of the dots that formed the triangle the other morning.

This old woman has a lot of help. She does this for power and money. This is a huge business. Everybody is making a lot of money, but this woman seems to be pulling the strings. I also got Pedro Santos this morning when I asked about where they are crossing. I also thought, why cross at Pedro Santos when they could cross in Laredo? Answer: There’s help in Pedro Santos. Thought of Diana’s two Hispanic guys. **Note: Okay, this is weird because I wrote Pedro Santos, but was thinking Piedras Negras, a town on the border of Texas. Pedro Santos is a proper name and that’s what I wrote. Pedro Santos is also a little bitty town down where we live in Mexico.

There’s also an uncle who is involved. One of Karla’s uncles. I am also getting Kara. It’s as if there’s a mistake in the spelling of this little girl’s name. I keep getting Kara, Kara, Kara instead of Karla. Perhaps one of the parents wanted to name her Karla and one Kara. I am also getting that this little girl was an easy target. There’s something about her parents. One of them adores her, one of them doesn’t. When Karla was born, one of the parents wanted to name her something special, something regal, something important. Parents are unhappy or separated or fighting or something. Something negative about the parents. She’s unhappy. She had the look and the situation to make her an easy target.

This is a very sad situation for this little girl.
I am moving this over here. This is a vision I got yesterday morning upon waking. And it didn't seem like it fit anywhere, but now it might, so I am posting here.

Here's the one from yesterday September 26, 2009.

This sure isn't much, but I thought I would write anyway. I will try to describe as best that I can.

This was one of those dreams that just wouldn't let me loose. I kept seeing this over and over and over again. You know what I mean? Maybe it will mean something to one of you all.

I see this square frame that is probably a couple of inches deep. It's probably 1 ft. by 1 ft. square. There's a gray material inside the frame and it looks and has the consistency of silly putty. It's gray and pliable, just like silly putty. Then laid inside and creating indentations into the silly putty stuff are these silver objects. They appear to be different from one another. They are not shiny object, but a little like dull silver. They are elongated and pressed into the silly putty.

That's it. There was something else to this dream, but I just cannot remember. And I just couldn't get away from this image. That's the best way I can explain it. Does this have anything to do with anything?

Kim's Vision from September 27, 2009 Early Morning

I continued to have this vision of "Looking for my Family." Seemed like for hours, this was the focus. Lost and Looking. Then I see a dictionary word in a dictionary. The word is Siek or Seik, and the word has accents that I am not familiar with, like it's part of a foreign language. Then as I am ready to get up this morning, I have this killer pain on the top of my right hand, between my middle and little finger. It's on the back of my hand just below my ring finger. It's so sore. And I wonder what I've done to cause this injury.

I get up and come out into the kitchen and make coffee. Then I go out on the back porch to sit awhile and listen to the rain. I don't feel very well. I feel really, really tired, like I've been working all night long. I even feel a little sick, like I might be coming down with something. I turn my attention to my hand and I press on the spot that was so sore just a few minutes before, and there's nothing. I am just zoning out on my back porch, continuing to look at my hand and wondering what that pain was all about. DUH? Suddenly I notice my ring. OMG, I think the pain was to draw my attention to my ring. My ring is the shape of those things that were enbedded in that gray silly putty material. I am thinking that what I saw yesterday morning, was an extreme close-up of someone's ring. My ring is actually Elk Ivory and it has this irregularly shaped stone, and the setting hugs the stone, just like in my vision yesterday morning. And the shape is exactly like the shapes I saw yesterday. Exactly. So, if we can envision a square ring with stones that are all basically the same except for size, then we have a really different ring that someone wears. I am thinking one of the perpetrators or perhaps this old woman I saw too.

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