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Friday, October 9, 2009

A'dryn Allen Drummond - Williamsport, PA

Real quickly, when I saw this little boy's photo this evening, I went out onto my back porch. I immediately received two numbers, 7 and 8. Could have been 78. Then I received the name Clearfield. Will try to do more on this little one.


October 9, 2009 Early Morning Hours

I meditated on A'dryn before I went to sleep. This is what I received. I felt this intense, localized pain on the very tip of my right index finger. Then I saw a bead of blood there, in my mind's eye. I had this sense that this little boy was having blood drawn for some reason, perhaps to type his blood or for some sort of test involving the need to draw blood. Then I thought of Hassani Campbell for some reason.

It wasn't until yesterday afternoon when I was sharing this vision with my husband that I realized that when I meditated on Hassani Campbell, I received blood cells. It hit me that I have received something about blood for both these children. And the fact that I thought of Hassani IN my vision about A"dryn, well it makes me wonder if these two cases are linked by blood somehow. I am not suggesting that the same perpetrator who took Hassani took A'dryn, but I am suggesting that they are similar in some way, something having to do with blood.

Some things that could be possible is that they were both taken by a "blood relative." I think this might be the most likely scenario. The only other thing that I keep thinking about, and it's only because in both cases, I felt as if each child's blood was being observed by someone else, so, it makes me think that they were both being tested for something. Perhaps paternity? Perhaps for a disease? Perhaps for some sort of experiment? I just don't know because I didn't get any information on this.

With Hassani, I saw these arc-shaped cells. Sickly Cells (I meant to type Sickle but I am leaving the misspelling as it is) are arc-shaped. Hassani is African American. And A'dryn looks to be of mixed race, as well, although I don't know this for sure. Just throwing some things out there.

Many Blessings,

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  1. A'dryn was found safe and his father arrested in October, 2009.