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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aisling Symes

Aisling Symes
Age 2
Missing 10/05/09
Henderson Auckland, New Zealand

10/09/09 When I first set my intention on Aisling I see a block letter Y. Then I begin to see a woman, young, dark hair and as I'm trying to see her face I start seeing mouse ears, like mickey mouse club and I begin to realize her hair and build remind me of Annette Funicello. I can't see her face clearly though, but she is wearing dark framed glasses and I believe it's just telling me that the woman is a small build, long, full, dark hair, younger or young woman. I don't feel this woman wants to hurt the baby, but she may be lonely and may have even lost one of her own. (10/15/09 - There was an asian woman that sort of fits the woman I described, that was seen talking to Aisling the day she went missing and was apparently a person of interest. 

From the Anorak News - According to police spokeswoman Kaye Calder, the asian woman had not come forward but was eventually tracked down "based on information gained over the course of the week, including information from the public and police inquiries".  She would not give any more details.  It indicted that the suspect may not have known that she was the person being referred to, because she may well not have spoken to Aisling.

 According to TVNZ News today, October 17, 2009  - Police have revealed they spoke to the woman on Tuesday night and were satisfied she is unable to help them in any way. She has a history of mental illness and of trying to lure children into cars with lollies.

I can see a wooden toy, red I think with white or clear wings. I could see a strange object but I'm not sure what it is but it sort of looks like a light pole or a signal pole or something.

  I can see a baby in a stroller, shopping.. and a park and a sand box and this along with the pole thing makes me think of a park or a ball field, perhaps near where they are. (There is a park nearby that they were searcing but don't think that ever had anything to do with this.  At least not as far as I can tell.)

I can then see a light or something projecting light. It moves side to side and reminds me of hollywood. Then I tart thinking about a movie in the park. Like a place where they would show outside movies. Next I started feeling like an old feeling, maybe a historical area but I can't remember what led me to that. the number 8 and then 6.  The 8 seemed more like a sign or marker of some sort. (It seems like I was picking up a lot on the search itself, the grid, the woman and park, lights, areas, even house numbers. They found her at #7 Longburn Road)

I remember seeing in the beginning, a map or grid. If you looked down on it it seemed like a satellite or aerial map image of a very busy or congested area. The only thing that I could make out or at least the thing that stood out was a line that might have been a road. I have no idea.

I was trying to get a feel for where the baby is. If I were there, what would I see.. I see a cross or crosses. They could be telephone poles or electric lines, whatever but it came to me as crosses.

When I was trying to remember why I was thinking historical area I remember seeing a building there was a sculpture or a marker of front, a concrete walk with a few steps up and a building. I can't remember why I thought historical.

10/15/09 - After they found Aisling I saw a report that showed the area where she was found.  That finally made sense of the map/grid/airel thing I sketched.  It was a very populated area and  they found her fits exactly with what it showed on the news.. I will post a map below.

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