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Friday, October 2, 2009

Karamjit Kaur

Case Type: Stranger Abduction
Missing Date: Wednesday 30th September 2009
Missing From: Reno Washoe Nevada
Missing Country: USA
Sex: Female
DOB: 05/Aug/1993
Age Now: 16

10/02/09 As I start to meditate on this girl, I immediately get the image of an old man. White full wavy long hair and a long white beard. He doesn't appear human but reminds me more of a God, like in Greek Mythology. Then I see a lightening bolt and something else, like a rod or a stone. I see an eagle. I'm feeling a ritual sort of feeling, like there is something about her background, race or heritage. I also feel that she may be more modern or wants to be but her family, especially the elder ones, are still clinging to their heritage and wishes she would too.

I see something that looks like a snake eye and then the Eagle watching. I feel she didn't go willingly. This was not some sort of runaway or meet up gone bad. I see a young man, maybe 2. One has dark hair and seemingly dark features or sunken eyes. There is something about him but I can't really figure it out. He or they feel like rednecks. I see them driving in circles around her kicking up dust. I want to say truck, but I've see that so often lately that I'm afraid sometimes things spill over from other cases. They are drinking, I see a beer can, and they do not like what she is, her race or heritage. They taunt her and this ends up going to far. It got out of hand and something happened.

I can't seem to focus on what she was doing.. I just keep getting the ritual or tribal feeling. This has something to do with her background and heritage. That may be where the old guy came from in the beginning or what he represents.. A symbol of old traditions??

10/04/09 - I keep feeling drawn to an area which would be west, I think, of where Karamijit lived.  At the intersection of Moya Blvd. and Red Rock Road there is an area on the map that just keeps drawing my attention.  I have no basis for this, other than that feeling of being drawn there.  I suppose it could be because of seeing the scene of this boy/s driving circles and kicking up dust???  I am going to try to do another meditation on Karamijit and that area as soon as I can find some quiet time.

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