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Monday, October 5, 2009

Karamjit Kaur

I wanted to do another meditation on Karamjit to see if I could figure out my feelings about that one area I mentioned before, towards Red Rock Road.

10/05/09 - Almost immediately when I start to meditate on Karamjit, I start to see a scene that reminds me of Matthew Shepard.  I hear “but he wasn’t dead yet.  He lived for a while.”  Could she still be alive?

I see an image and it think it has something to do with the location of where she is.  I hear the sound of a motor off in the distance like a 4 wheeler or a motorcycle.  I can see a building.  I wanted to see where  and what she can see, feel and hear.  I started feeling cold like you would feel in a metal building.  I can see inside of the building.  It’s like a mechanics shop.  I hear or saw the letter M. (Merrillville) I see what reminds me of the inside of a tractor trailer garage,  I see a 55 gallon barrel like an oil barrel and stuff to work on trucks.  There may be a surveillance video.  Perhaps that is the eagle watching.

I then see someone putting something in a box on the outside of the building.  The box is attached on side of the building.  They raise up the lid and put something in it.  I can see what appears to be a wooded area behind the building by the box and I get a feeling she is there.  Maybe they will find her in time?  I also see a man, friendly type, kind of chubby and maybe a little scruffy.  I hear the name or word Scully.  I see him wearing a red baseball cap.   He owns the building or works there.  I feel they will find her but maybe not in time. 

When I closed my eyes again I could see a fence, like a split rail fence and once again I am reminded of Matthew Shepard and how they found him.  This reinforces the idea of hate crime and intolerance. 

10/06/09  I'm posting a picture of the map where they found Karamjit.  I feel compelled to keep paying attention to this story and the reaction there will be to her return home.

The way that loops around reminded me of the sketch. 

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