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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somer Renee Thompson

Somer Renee Thompson
Age 7
Missing: 10/19/09
Missing From: Orange Park Florida.

10/21/09 - I immediately saw a thing that looked like a lolly pop but I have no idea what it was. There is another symbol it looks sort of like a swirly thing and sort of then like the rune Inguz but with a round thing on top.

I know she went missing after school and I tried to see her get off the bus with the other kids.  I see 2 things, they look like boards, tied together at the end and flapping  It reminds me of a duck bill.  Bob then name Bill or Bob, a B name, may be short for a more formal name like William or Robert.  She runs ahead because she has something waiting or her, or she is anticipating something.  There’s a reason she wants to hurry. 

  I see a crosswalk.  He is there at the cross walk  and he either helps her across or grabs her.  I see a blue van?? (10/28/09 I may have been picking up on the blue suv that that was involved in an attempted kidnapping a few days before.  There was a lot of focus on that at first.  I wish they would have released more info about that.)   I can see a home or building with windows, a lot of them, at that corner or crosswalk.

I see an older model car like a Model T but something that feels like a 50’s model and he could have owned it when he was young.  But I’m feeling 60ish for an age, mid to late. (While I’m typing this I get a sense of a model, like model cars which makes more sense because I looked it up and the Model T was early 1900’s…)  Grey hair, facial hair like a mustache and/or beard or at least a scruffy face.  Maybe salt and pepper, but mostly dark grey.  Medium build but perhaps a little hefty.

I see a pink room where he has her and I feel at this moment she is still alive.  He is not done with her yet.. I hear Maple (10/28/09 - I was wrong about her still being alive, sadly.  I wonder if I was picking up on the twin.  Having twins myself, I understand how deep that bond is.  Also, when I was checking out Maple I found Red Maple Court that turns right off of the route Somer would have taken home.  There is a cul-de-sac at the end of Red Maple Court that reminds me of the lolly pop symbol I drew but didn't understand.  This would have also be a crosswalk.  Don't know if this means anything or not.)  and I also hear Roanoke. He may live near or have her near where the took her,  A two story house .  He is not new at this,  He has been doing it for a long time but at the moment he is free, no parole or anything that has him under the watchful eye of the police.  I see a mustache again.

I hold her picture to my forehead and ask “where are you?” I immediately see a large building or structure, multi level and I can see light.  It could be offices and I almost feel medical or even a parking structure.  Parking structure feels or seems right.  In a car, or the van? Will they find her today? (10/28/09 - They did actually find her that day but not the way I had hoped.  Also, there is a medical facility near where she went missing.) My logical minds says he is not that stupid with the video survelliance the way it is today.  Does he work there? Is it close to where she is?

At some point I saw a backwards 7 and also an E which I am reminded of now as I just heard East.. 

10/23/09 - I was trying to focus on Somer again. I know she is gone, but her killer has not been caught and they really need to catch him.

I could see the guy with dark or darker hair that I saw before. I could see a motorcycle and a flag design, more of the blue and stars. He definitely has facial hair, at least a mustache. I was still seeing the van and the parking garage. I got an image that reminded me of the pump thing that a nurse would squeeze when they were taking a blood pressure which takes me back to medical. I feel he was watching and the opportunity was there and he just couldn't resist taking the chance. I wish I hadn't looked at the street view because now I can't trust the what I was seeing as far as the area. But I did see a fence, big trees and something on a tree like a sign, paper I think, and it was orange and white. I don't know what it said. I was trying to focus on his face but I saw the face of another man and as he came into focus, I feel it was an angel maybe... Thomas? I will have to look that up. (which I did but didn't find an angel or archangel Thomas, just St. Thomas.)


  1. Boy were you wrong. The girl was found in a landfill. Sorry to be so blunt but stop conning people thinking you have a real gift because you don't.

  2. Just a little off.

  3. Ok, so I had a choice to make.. ignore the nasty comment or publish it. I'm publishing it for a couple of reasons.

    1st - I am the first person to admit I can be wrong. Any psychic who says they are never wrong or 99% accurate or something like that is a little beyond believable. We are human, at least I am. And being such I am wrong sometimes.

    I actually thought I had come back and commented on this but I guess I didn't and so I will both here and on the original post. Plus I have more stuff to add. You see, there is still a murderer to be caught. Something has to be done and if anything I see can help then it's there. If not, it can be disregarded. Only someone there and close to the situation can know that.

    2nd - Understanding I can be wrong is one thing, admitting it is too. Being afraid of being wrong, I am not. I know how this works and I feel confident in my "gift". I have done a lot of good, and I have helped a lot of people. I am proud of that.

    3rd - How wrong am I? I guess we won't know until the monster who did this is caught. Yes, I was definitely wrong in my feeling that she was alive. My only thought on that is that she was a twin. Believe me, I have twins and I know how close that bond is. I could have been picking up on that, or I could have been picking up on something to come. Which in that case I would rather just plain be wrong. The rest only time will tell. My feeling that she would be found that day was spot on, but I wish it had turned out differently.

    The thing is, I am at least trying to make a difference. And I'm not afraid to sign my name to it. I have a good track record with these cases. I do sometimes get off track but its usually when I take on too much and start getting the messages confused. But its out there for a reason. That is that hopefully someone in a position to actually understand what it means, someone close to the case, can find it and do something to change the outcome. It's better than sitting on the sidelines and anonymously slinging mud.

    Ok, well enough said on that. Feel free to comment any time. But if you are confident enough in your own opinions, sign your name next time.


  4. Emailed to Clay Co Sherrif 11/4

    The killer has blondish/reddish hair with a crew cut and beard that is close shaven. He previously had a mustache, no beard and his hair was longer. He shaved his head and it is now growing out and he plans to keep it in a crew cut. He has a stocky build and about 5'9"- 6’ and is missing a tooth towards the front of his mouth, maybe 2 teeth back from his front teeth, on the top. He has a tattoo of a cross that is made of swords on his arm. He's in his late 20's to early thirties.

    He was driving a red, 70's model Ford pickup truck. He grabbed Somer by the right wrist and left bruising there, and choked her to death in a vacant back-yard with dead grass. Later he threw the body from the truck.

    There was spattered blood on a long-sleeved light blue shirt he was wearing over a t-shirt. He took it off and buried it about a half-mile to a mile off the side of the road from where he dumped her body. It is in a shallow hole under a bush near the gravel or asphalt road. This shirt is important because it has his DNA on it. He's put his truck up for sale on Craigslist for less than what it's worth.

  5. I received another message from someone this morning regarding a description of the person who may have harmed Somer. Due to the content, and the fact that the comment was made anonymously, I would like to clarify a little more before I post the comment. Please email me at


  6. Hey D. Thank you for contacting me. I'm posting your comments and I look forward to seeing more in the future. thanks so much!