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Friday, January 1, 2010

Kara Kopetsky - Cold Case

Classified as: Endangered Missing
Date Missing: May 4, 2007
Missing From: Belton, Missouri
DOB: 02/17/90
Age Now: 20 
This is the case of a girl who went missing in 2007. It recently popped up on the Help Find My Child site and I remembered having done a meditation on her. I went through my journals and found the info.

My meditation's from 2007

06/15/07 - I tried to focus on Kara who went missing about a month before. I see a truck, like an rig and then trucking boards. 89 like a road or then I thought about 84 Lumber?? a clue?? A house with a chimney. A railroad. There is a place I can see on my left but it seems to have a lot of junk or stuff, a rail yard? or a lumber yard? I cannot make it out. Stars (which were then beginning to become a symbol of sorts) I'm starting to think stars may represent Heaven, and she may not be alive. At first I could see 3 balls.

Then the balls came together and ended up forming what made me think of a longhorn.

    X at the beginning like she will be found in a spot - X marks the spot.


  1. That's pretty interesting, and it shows the use of Remote Viewing it can help us locate missing children or even finding any lost objects
    Thanks for sharing your good Article and good work in the community, it makes the world a better place

  2. Thanks! After I found the entry in my journal and posted it I did an internet search of the clues. I found an 84 Lumber and a restaurant called Longhorn's right in the area where she lived. Now if any of this will help I don't know, but I hope so. Maybe if someone see this that is involved with the case it might make sense and help them bring Kara home giving her family some peace.

    At the time I did the meditation on Kara I didn't even know what remote viewing was. I have since played with it some and had a level of success, but I still don't really understand the difference between RV and clairvoyance. I hope to gain some more experience in this field.


  3. Are these posts seen by everyone right away or can you edit what I want you to know but not the whole world? SD

  4. No, I have to approve posts before they appear. I do post almost everything I get, even negative comments, but I have had times when either the person wanted to tell me something in private or it was down right awful and I couldn't post. I cannot edit anyone's comments so if I post it is exactly what they wrote.

    Please email me at I can email you back or if you prefer, include your phone number and I will call you. Thanks for contacting me.

  5. There are some things going on right now in the case and I was wondering if you could take another look into it. Some of the info that are on this blog really hit home and more than anything we really need to find this girl. Would you mind trying again?

  6. I agree.. I've been trying to get back on this one. Hopefully I can get more info.

  7. After looking again at your journal entries, I pulled up a mapquest of the address of the house and looking at an overall view, directly west of the house there is a large field with a rock quarry, then there are woods and a railroad track, then there are telephone poles and an oil rigging company. The number 89 could be a mile marker on the railroad, she could be in that field near the tracks at mile marker 89. I hope that somehow you can get someone to believe this and maybe they can search that area for her.

  8. Also thinking about all this my name starts with a Ja and maybe she is linking me with the fact that I am contacting you about this.

  9. The name thing would make sense. I got a woman's daughters name recently. She contacted me about Hailey's case then she read on and say the name and emailed me again. I still need to get my info together for you. I will try to get that done!

  10. I found this comment on KC TV5 article with age progression photo of Kara. Thought it was interesting.

    "It is ridiculous that this case hasn't been solved. They should've found evidence to link her boyfriend to the murder already. A few years ago I was watching the Montel Williams show and they had on a famous psychic, who knew nothing of the case and had just met her parents. The psychic basically pointed out that she thought the teen was at La Cyene lake, near the powerplant. I wonder if they ever investigated that. Sad stuff. "

  11. I do not think the Belton police are even trying to solve this case. I don't know whats up with them but there is something...