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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kara Kopetsky


I see her walking and cutting through a field area. Maybe through the school campus. She has her phone in hand and is scrolling through it. I feel like she scrolling for a phone number. I see a big tree, she has her head looking down towards the phone and isn't paying much attention to her surroundings. Something happens at the tree. My image jumps to a wood house,looks like barn wood. I know it's not a house, but a business. It's on a big lot and the area looks and feels desolate. Big telephone poles everywhere.
I see blood on a belly, makes me think she lost the belly ring in some sort of scuffle and it bled.
I wish I could see further than that, but feel blocked.
Will try again.


  1. hello Diana, I personally feel like your on to something....have you given much thought to the ex boyfriend??? things just don't seem right with him??

  2. This particular comment was sent to me by Kimberley. She used to post more often.

    I have given Kara a lot of thought and have had many emails about her including from an investigator (who said he was working on his own) who matched up some of this and what I had said. And I was told about the boyfriend. Recently I show called Disappeared and it really did focus on the boyfriend.

    I once tried to get an investigator to come help on this, pro-bono, and they said that they would but never followed up. Kara is one of those cases that doesn't let you go. I really should try to focus on her again but I can tell you, many people who have emailed me saying they have called the police with tips but are never taken seriously. Not even necessarily psychic, but actual physical information that seems to be ignored. One guy saw something suspicious in an area that matched what I was getting and also was close enough to the area where she went missing, had the timing right and more.. but to the best of his knowledge they never checked it out. I don't know how accurate any of that info is. I would have to wonder why would they not check out every lead? Maybe they do and just don't share the info.

    I recently pulled her picture out again and I will see if there is something more I can do to help. If I do, I will get it posted!

  3. I hope she will be found , will go to spot and look a bad feeling surrounds this place,,ITS not ok now , its been haunting me for ever,Authorities ignored report, and nobody is perfect,but its so strong ,cant get this out of my head,,,GOD will guide me,,, Im no psychic,, but Im , Crazy or, She Will Be Home Soon,GOD WILLING, By March, I PRAY, Thank you!

  4. Diana do you remember the address as to how you came up with the satellite photo? We looked in this area but seems that the house may not be there any longer and there are new homes built. Not sure we are looking in the right spot. Thank you!

  5. I will have to check through my old emails for the address but I'm pretty sure I got it from a PI who was trying to help on the case, on his own. He contacted me after he saw my posts and felt I was hitting on the same area he was investigating.

  6. That's interesting about the tree and blood. Back in 2009 when I was getting a lot. I saw her against a huge tree. There was some blood on her. There is something buried under a smaller tree not too far from that tree. Was shown there was evidence left behind, not by tree, different place, but don't want to put that information here. Kara showed me a small white figurine. Said her Mom would know. Like something that she would wear on a necklace. White four door, dark blue four door, red truck. Small white house hidden in trees. Shed. Animals in shed that eat what they throw them. Something is collected from this. There's so much more, just not enough exactness, to help. Thanks Diana, for all your work.

    1. There are wooded areas here, Belton. There was a lady 2 houses up that created a spot near her white shed that should have been compost items but they were dumping garbage there so it was not more than a few days before the racoons and opossums where here daily and nightly again. There is a place that I know could ahve hidden Kara if the person knew this area. More details would help me to know if i need to find a reason to have them look in these areas, wooded areas. I have an open shed and feed ferals. if we do not get all that food up around dusk the coons come they still lick the floors but move on. please post more. To get some videos a few years ago i tossed cheezits and crackers to them in that very shed without doors and it may have been 2007. if you can post just words or inpressionsthat could be enough to trigger exacts with someone. Thank you all for the concern I know Karas Family and cvlose friends appreciate it.

  7. Thank you. I will make sure her mom gets that info!

  8. Anon, I got your comment and I will look into it. Please feel free to email me, especially if you don't want certain info public. My email is