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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paige Johnson - Covington, KY

Paige Johnson, age 17, went missing on September 23, 2010.

10/06/10 - I tried to meditate on Paige this morning but I didn't get much.  I was interrupted by  my son's nightmare.  I will try again but here is what I have gotten so far.

The very first thing I got was drugs, but not so much that she did them?? confused.  I heard the name Rick or an RK sounding name.I can't get a fix on alive or not.  I heard "shot up".  It felt a little like she was shot up, NOT did shoot up, with something but it was a fleeting feeling.  I could see a little stuffed penguin toy.  Then I could see a cup and at first I thought coffee but it came more into focus and I thought "no, tea".  Because it came into such much detail I wonder what it could mean.  It was a small china cup, not traditionally tea cup shaped (more mug) but small like a tea cup and a saucer.  Gold rimmed, pretty. 

I am only including this next part because I don't know if it fits as to Paige or fits as to a person that may know something...

I began feeling that the family is middle class or well off, but then a woman came to mind.  She came onto the blog one time and was very judgmental as to what I was doing.  She seemed to want me to prove something to her, even though she said over and over she didn't believe any of it, so I did a reading for her.  The thing with her was that my first impression of her family was taken over by another scene that played out in my head so I told her what I felt more strongly than the original feelings. I should have gone with my first impression because they were correct for her, and the stronger feelings turned out to be about the missing girl.  (That was later confirmed to me by a psychic that had worked closely with the girls father.)  Of course she didn't see that, only that what I said was not about her, and she was very offended and defensive.   The description was of a well to do family.  The girl had a privileged life and was very smart, pretty, talented but sad and insecure inside.  That did not show to the outside world though.  Her mother was controlling.  She loved her daughter but was demanding.  She gave her daughter "things" and support but seemed to want it to be about her.  Her father was doting and loving.  The parents were not together. 

Anyway, I have no idea if that means anything here or if it was just a random thought..  I'm including it just in case.

After all that I started to see something taking shape.  At first it seemed like hair, but just hair.. then it came more into focus and it was sticks, like a brush pile or something and then as it became denser it reminded me of those burrs that the animals get in their fur especially this time of year.  Woods? 

I keep feeling there was something else that I lost when my son woke up but I can't get it back. I will try again as soon as I can.

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  1. The first thing that came to me was drugs too but forced on her. I think there was an accidental OD. Two young men involved. One has brown hair and the other dyes his all the time. I smell a road, heavy traffic but with a very large open field on one side and the road is cut in to a hill side leaving a cliff type area over the road. I feel like she was alive when they left her in the field but didn't know it.
    I hope she is alive and I pray for her and her family.
    With Empathy

  2. although I have never actually "met" paige.. she is my 3rd (blood) cousin..(her dad is my second cousin).. The information given here is very interesting to me, and I would love to see anymore thoughts, or visions(?) that anyone may have.. or have to finish? I can't believe she hasn't been found and I feel so sad for the family.. I moved about 30Miles away, about 20 yrs ago, and never kept in contact with that part of our very large family.. but do still feel very much love and compassion for them. so, if anyone has anything else at all... please? I think any info at all could be of use... thanks so much for your time and consideration!

  3. my name is marcus mitchell and i live in cincinnati ohio. i had a crazy episode of what i saw in the water one day i crossed the bridge going from covington to newport. i was walking across the bridge and i passed the missing picture of paige johnson on the pole and i felt akward for some reason so at first i paid it no attention and proceeded to cross the bridge. then i was about halfway through walking across the bridge and somethin just made me stop. i dont know why but i just stopped walking and i glanced down and i visioned paige johnson laying in the river. the vision was only there for a couple of seconds but i was so spooked that i just hurried up across the bridge the rest of the way cuz i never had that type of vision ever EVER IN MY LIFE. the only reason i decided not to go to anyone about my vision was because i had a feeling noone would believe me if i told them that i believe she is in the water based on my vision. again, as i said before, i never ever had a vision episode like that in my life and i felt like the vision was telling me somethin. im not a phychic, im not a liar. im a samaritan who knows what i saw that day and ill never forget it. it spooked me so much that when i got back to cincinnati i even told a nice guy from the hot dog stand because i had to get the vision out of my system, i had to tell somebody. so when i told the hot dog vendor, he just shook his head and said "wow really". i dont know if he believed me or not but i also told a guy that works in the downtown mall at the watch selling stand in the middle of the first floor of the mall. i dont know what he thought but i didnt take much of his time because he was only interested in selling a watch to me. so wen i walked out the mall i noticed a cop and i stopped him and told him. he asked if i was ever diagnosed with anything i of course told him no. it seems like the internet is the only way i can get things out of my system without someone thinking im crazy. but anyway like i said, all i wanna know is if she is in the river because i havnt really been able to sleep that well ever since i saw the vision of paige which was a couple of days before christmas , if i remember correctly. but everyday i continue to tell myself that maybe my mind is playing games but something in my heart tells me that she is in that water. and im too good of a person to sit and make up a fake story about my vision of paige. after i visioned her i knew that i would nver be the same after that day.. u just dont forget things like that. but knowing cops they will probably think im just some dumb black guy and thats one reason why i really dont wanna go to the cops to tell them about the vision episode that i had of paige. but regardless of whether my vision is right or not, i still wish and hope that some day there will be closure for her family because they sure need it. i wish everyone all the blessings and enjoy the rest of the night everyone.if anyone is willing to talk more about this case feel free to call me anytime 5137650223 and if i dont pick up leave a message.. thanks for reading.. marcus----

  4. Thank you Marcus for sharing. I know that can be hard sometimes, especially when you feel people will think you are crazy. Every little bit of information is helpful to those who are searching. I wasn't sure about posting this since you included your phone number but it seemed like that is exactly what you wanted. If you ever decide you would rather not have it here where everyone can see it, let me know and I will take it down.

  5. The Covington Police are showing how useless they are in this case. Am I the only one that is noticing the remarkable physical similarities to Paige and the girl that just disappeared in Indiana? I doubt there is a connection, because it seems to me the guy that dropped Paige off in the crappiest part of Covington should have protected her and should have known what she was up to... they were FRIENDS. So there is definitely something wrong with Covington Police not being able to connect those pieces. Yet is really creepy how much Laura looks like Paige and is about the same size and weight. Women that size could be overpowered by just about anyone. But these cases are similar enough that the FBI should be investigating.

  6. There is a definite resemblance in the two girls. I wonder if there are any other girls in connecting states that fit? I haven't looked into it but I might try. If so, and the patterns are similar then the FBI should have been contacted or at least picked up on it themselves. You would think anyway!

  7. It's U.A. again... Paige has haunted me for over a year now. She disappeared on my birthday last year. I see her in the dark, on a road, street lights. I see her in a car, cigarettes, laughter. Then I feel maybe running, and it's kind of cold,frost is in the air? Then I see telephone poles/electirical poles, frost covering the ground, I see green grass covered in frost, like a park? There is a hill or two, not too large, and the poles(electrical or phone) go behind them and continue from left to right. I see an oak leaf. I feel cold. But it is the frost and the park that sticks out in my mind the most. I can see the sky too with the hills, it is daytime, but the sky is cloudy and kind of grey. I get the idea that that area has been searched but they seemed to have overpassed her?

  8. 1/7/13.I am a clairaudient and meditated on this case today. I saw a clearing with groundcovering and a natural cliff face she can see. It looks med brown in color with greenery growing on top of these cliffs during spring time. Said she was in sugarcreek. Hikers might find her in spring time. Hope this will help.

  9. I am very familiar with the Sugar Bay/Creek area and would love to speak with Anonymous who posted above, if there is anything additional you can offer that would help pinpoint a location, I would be happy to search. Sugar Creek has been a target location for me since I first heard Paige was missing so long ago.