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Friday, October 22, 2010

Zahra Baker, Age 10

Zahra Baker, age 10 of Hickory, NC was reported missing on October 9, 2010.

The North Carolina Center for Missing Persons issued a statewide Amber Alert for 10 year old Zahra, who was last seen sleeping in her bedroom at 21 21st Ave. NW in Hickory at about 2:30 a.m.Saturday, October 9, 2010. No other information was given.

10/19/10 - When I started to meditate on Zahra I began feeling sick to my stomach.  Then I got a feeling that whatever happened to her came out of frustration.  I felt her sick and throwing up.  I heard the name Bessie or Bettie but it may have more to something I was working on yesterday rather than this case. I'm including it just in case.  But then I started seeing our Pastor in my mind and I wanted to call her Pastor Ann.. It kept coming through like that but then I realized our current Pastor is Karen.  Pastor Ann was a previous Pastor.  I have no idea what that means, if anything.  But I will describe her (Pastor Karen) to you.  She is older, 60's to 70's.  Grey hair, not as tall as me so under 5'4". Strong woman, medium build, great personality, glasses, deep voice.

10/22/10 - Whenever I think of 10/9 as being the date she went missing I immediately hear "the date she was reported missing".  Then I saw letters, I think iagr then I heard or saw Niagara.. and I heard "Did it".  But then that lead me to viagra for some reason??? I got a sick feeling and then I heard "piece of cake" but for some reason it felt like a location.  I was trying to see a location.  Where is she? I felt time, like there was time to hide her or make sure she wasn't found.  There was something that I can't remember, then key and scissors, like the scissors are the key?  It make me think a a friend who has a hair salon and hopefully will be able to add something here.  Or maybe what she comes up with will be the "key"? The I heard Super 7, but almost like 2 separate things. Once again, I feel these are maybe locations or a map of some sort.  I also saw an image but it felt like junk and I'm not really sure what it is. I was feeling wooded area but it didn't feel literal for some reason.  So I don't know if there is a wooded area or if she is hidden well.  Then when I tried to date the entry I wanted to write 8 instead of 10.  I don't know if August might mean something???

I have tried not to look into this story because I wanted a chance to work on it first.  But I need to mention that from the beginning I felt she was not kidnapped.  Someone in the family knows what happened to her.

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  1. I see Zahra and Kyron fighting over stuff animals.

  2. :) Its nice to think of these kids as being happy.