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Friday, March 25, 2011

Marizela Perez, Seattle WA - cont.

03/25/11  This meditation seems all jumbled and incoherent.  Maybe that is what its supposed to feel like or maybe I was just feeling distracted. I'm not sure??

At the beginning of my meditation, before I started to focus on Marizela I heard the name or word Baxter and I saw a + .  I don't know if either or both of those things are important or relevant but I am putting it here just in case.

The first thing I did get was a symbol like a yin/yang symbol and that was followed by some sort of glass, like wine glass or martini glass.  It made me wonder about a boyfriend or male friend, perhaps even an ex boyfriend.  I saw or heard the word won (sounds like won ton). I could see the image of a heart and that represents love or a feeling of love for someone.  I'm not sure if that was toward her or if it is from her.  I still feel jealousy and a female energy when I get that.   I got a name and I felt it might be a street name and for an instant I though it might go with Baxter and the + , like maybe an intersection but then I lost the name and I could not remember it for a long time.  That makes me think that it was not connected like that but between this morning when I did this meditation and now I think it may have been Broadway.

I was trying to see things as she might be seeing them, like a landmark or something to show me where she is.  I could see a fork/knife image and it made me think diner.  I also get the diner might be a family place, small but in a busy area. I got a feeling of China Town, I'm just not sure if there is a china town or if I may have read something like that.

I could see an asian male. Not skinny and not heavy but solid built, more square features, dark, nice hair. I could also feel that female energy around him. 

**Going back to the last meditation, I googled question mark in Seattle WA I came up with 2 locations that might be of interest.  The first one (clock) seems more important since I also had a "time" in the meditation.  I also tried to look at a map after this meditation and all of the info seems to fall in the area around the Seattle Clock Walk.  I don't feel like she will be found in a secluded area, like the woods.  I'm not even saying she is deceased. I got a feeling like she was but its not a solid feeling, its real ify..   It feels like she is hidden in plain sight, in a place where there is a lot of hustle and bustle.

 Seattle Clock Walk
 Seattle Mystery Bookshop

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