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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rachel Cooke, Georgetown, TX

I worked on Rachel's case back in 2006. It was pretty much in the beginning of my working on missing children's cases. I remember wanting to connect with her family, in my naive enthusiasm, only to find that her family didn't want psychic help. Anyway, I record a show called Disappeared and her story was on the other day. Watching it I realized that there were things that sounded familiar to me so I pulled out my journals. It took me a while because I've been keeping a journal for about 8 years or so, but I did remember it was about the time I was starting out and it was also a time when I was working on Natalee and Colton. Here are the notes from my journal, with references to what stuck out in the show the other night.

I wanted to meditate on Rachel Cooke. A white car.. the other day I was meditating and I also got a white car. In that meditation I also got junk vehicles in a lot, a message on April 1st being left for grownups, Heather, award of excellence, red, blue and white. A white car with kids in it. Cory and Billy. I wonder if that was connected to Rachel.

Back to today, the white car, an older woman with a wide brimmed hat. I think the hat was also white with a band around it. There were 2 boys and Rachel knew them. They were younger than her. (On the show the other night they mentioned that there was a white camaro being driven around the neighborhood, seen by several people in the area where Rachel was, that was driven by 2 teenage boys who were skipping school. They were ruled out.) She may have gotten in the car. I wonder about those 2 names from the other day, not sure. I feel like they hit her with something. The object reminded me of a lamp base??? There was no good reason for them to do this, they just did it. One or both of them may live with the older woman. Coo-coo clock. The older woman may have passed by now or she is very ill. This was completely senseless which is why it hasn't been solved yet.

The place with the cars may be a place of interest. When I was seeing the cars the other day it didn't seem to be a large place but maybe like a small salvage yard. I don't know how else to describe it. There is a small building with a lot of old or junk cars sitting in the vicinity or around it.

07/10/06   Right off I got the initial Z only like on a rune, and an S. It could be Z's or ZS, not sure. I could see a small tree either close to where she is or one that someone planted for her. (On the show it was mentioned that they had planted a tree at the school but I have to admit I thought it might be close to where she is now.) Joey? I keep seeing a bank drive through. A white sheet or sail, maybe canvas. I keep seeing a lot of white. When I ask for anything else about her I began to feel real fuzzy between my eyes, like that means something. Shawn. There are a lot of names but I don't know how they are connected but seem to be helping.

07/12/06  I think there was a little part about Rachel in my meditation. V as in Victor. I'm still feeling pressure mostly in the front of my forehead. I do not know why but in the first meditation, just before 7/7 I got twin towers and then again just now. I wonder if she knew someone lost in that tragedy?

This is all I've found for now but I will keep looking..

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  1. I also have information and would like to speak you before I post anything. I need another psychic to help me with all the information I have. I'm sorry not to write more but I am scared.

  2. You can email me at

  3. Just saw a re-run of the tv show 'Disappeared' and decided to google the case to see what had come of it which is how I found your site. Reading your notes, your mention of a 'Z' may be related to the white camaro. Camaros, like most cars, are made in assorted models including one called a 'Z 28'. May be something, may be nothing, who knows...

  4. Thank you. I hadn't thought of that.

  5. Have you had any more leads in this case?

  6. I have dozens of EVPs of Rachel. I live in Georgetown, and she somehow is connected to me. Her neighbor had company, She went with them on her own accord. She's only 3000 feet from her house, She says that every time. Something about the top of a hill. Blue older car. Tom Sweeney. Ben? She specificly said. "Stupid creep" when i asked her if her parents knew him. There was something about a tree and bluebonnet. She says she sees roses. They took her to his house from what i gather. She only says "I'm sorry mom" when asked what to tell her mother. Says It's in niches and navajo, but once something lane came through. They had a gun but she didn't say if that's how she died.

  7. I have thought it was a white van, a person who had to have a reason to be in that location. Hard to take in-as my heart is compelled and drawn to her being located, this disappearance being solved.

  8. The entire area around her house is being developed into neighborhoods. Maybe if she's there, they'll find her. Sadly her dad passed in 2014 :(