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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maxine Stalnaker and Mary Friend

Marcus Maxine Stalnaker was last seen with her daughter, Mary Geneva Friend, at their residence in Lewis County, West Virginia during the evening hours of December 1, 1999. Police said they found no signs of violence or intruders at the house. Neither of the women has been heard from again.
The reason I am posting this info now is because these ladies seem to be connected, or persons of interest, with little Aliayah Lunsford who went missing back on September 24, 2011.

I did the following meditations back in 2007 shortly after I started doing abstract work in the court houses. When I was in Harrison County I kept getting messages for this one lady who worked there but I had not really told too many people about my "gifts". I figured she would think I was crazy but when I finally got up the nerve to approach the subject with her, because these messages kept coming, she was open to it. She was the first person who mentioned these ladies to me. She asked if I had ever heard of the 2 women who went missing in Weston and said her husband had been obsessed with the case. I hadn't heard of them which is probably why I kept referring to them as those 2 women.

Anyway, after searching through my journals around the time I started working there I found these meditations. At first I thought I was crazy, especially about them wanting to change their identities but now, after reading and article from December 2009 it makes sense.. I will do some more research and try to fit more pieces together, especially where they might help with Aliayah's case.  HEre is a link to that article. The unsolved mystery of the two missing Lewis County women.

10/25/2007 - Meditation about those 2 missing women. Mary Lucille, Rose.. first impression is that they ran or wanted to disappear. Names.. Patty, Erma or something that sounds like that. Dick, Kentucky, arrow, lake.. check for a lake arrow. New identities. When I asked why would they want to go I get Dick..

This is a start. I really need to find out their names before I reveal anything. I was wondering aloud.. Mary Lucille and Rose. Those are names I heard for Angie who is the one who mentioned these women to me.

- Those 2 women, I can see a house or a building. At first it appeared to be a garage type side I was looking at but I could see a little neon open sign and a little side walk, covered I think, to the left as I was facing it. A little wooden door at the end. A long corridor to the right or perhaps a hall inside. Now it looks like offices. I could see a helium balloon and a little beaded purse, sort of like aqua in color and then ebay?? Perhaps they sell these little purses on ebay? Identity theft. Using someone elses SSN's, like deceased people to start new lives.

The building or house appeared to me to be on a sloping street.


Not sure but it still does still feel like they wanted to get away. That Patty or P name is still in my head. I did quickly check the internet about that lake and there is a lake arrowhead in KY.

10/13/2007 - I was meditating on Stacey Peterson and I started to get an image of a building, long with a pointy top at the front. It appeared to be pillars with lots of windows and all lit up like at dark, a parking lot in front. Then with that image my mind started to wonder to those 2 missing women. I then heard bowling green and then back to that building. I tried to shake it but I don't know if the bowling green is for them or her so I asked for a sign.. 2 4 & 3. **Note - the way I have that written in my journal I can't tell if its a 2 and a 4 and a 3 or if its 24 & 3.


- I had a weird dream about those women last night. Friends, one man, former partner of one woman. Hitting on the second in a major way. Nothing wrong except the friendship between the 2 women, and hurtfulness of it. A friend of mine popped to mind and it make me think of where she works because she works with my husband in Jane Lew. I don't know if that means anything..
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