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Friday, March 1, 2013

Cody Haynes, Age 11 - Kittitas, WA

Cody Haynes was 11 years old when he went missing from his home in Kittitas, WA on September 12, 2004. Some of his family members reached out to me for help. 

02/23/13 I was trying to meditate on Cody but I felt like I was being blocked. I was receiving a lot of religious feelings. Also big yellow cloud like things or yellow fog blurring me. I got something about a co-worker maybe, initial A. I heard “Sweet Jesus” like that is about someone who would say that. I felt like he was riding his bike that day. There was something about him taking notice of someone with big shoes, black, and the felt  like men's dress shoes but I got “size 8” for some reason. Doesn’t seem big to me, at least if its for a man, but maybe a child would think that. The last thing I got was the name Jeff. Now I’m throwing that in but I’m not sure if its for him. I just don’t want to leave it out just in case. I had, the morning I did this meditation, received and email from a guy named Jeff and it felt weird so I might have been picking up on that. 

02/26/13 I heard “Sarah was there”. And for some crazy reason I got a feeling that he liked rabbits. He should have been in school that day. (I’m not sure what that means. I looked it up and that day was a Sunday. Unless it means the day he passed??) I heard the name Nathan.  Then I heard what I thought was “servers” and I began hearing the rattling of dishes. It made me think of the noise you would hear in a diner or restaurant or something. I could see a clock on the wall. It was blurry but I think it was pointing to just before 2 o’clock.. maybe 10 til 2. Then I got “quakers” I don’t know why I am always feeling some religious stuff around him, but not in a good way. I feel like he got in trouble that day. I was trying to focus on what happened the day he went missing.  I was seeing some sort of structure, big and block like. At first I thought it was a parking building. The top seemed to protrude out over the lower levels. But then it didn’t feel like a parking garage anymore. I could see a bell on the front of the building, the type someone would ring.

  One more thing.. as I was getting into bed last night I felt like Cody came into my thoughts. I could see a pair of canvas sneakers. Not like those popular converse with the white rubber toe thing, but just black canvas, white rubber soles and white shoe strings. I heard “skipper shoes”. I have no idea.. 

02/27/13 The first thing that started coming into my mind was what looked like a gold band. It reminded me of a cigar band. But then it seemed to turn into a dragon fly. I could see, and also hear, ash and rock, rock and ash.  I felt sort of like I was walking across it. It also seemed like a large area that sloped down. But I could feel how light the ash was and I just kept hearing ash and rock. Then it seemed like the cigar band turned into other insects or maybe they were coming out of the band or the ash, I don’t know . It was all very weird.  

The next thing I saw was something that looked like a mallot. One of those with a heavy head, sort of like a sledge hammer but with a shorter handle.  And then I felt river. 

Sort of after the first part but throughout the rest I kept seeing a little boy. He was hidden or hiding. Maybe around 3, blonde hair with bangs, sort of a hair cut Joey Lawrence has when he was a little kid. (as in the actor) It made me wonder if there was yet another family that was secret, or something else being hidden. 

Then I started seeing what looked like a liquor bottle. It was laying on its side and I felt like I was seeing it sideways. It felt like I was laying on the floor of a small room and everything I was seeing was from that vantage point.  When I tried to look over I saw that little boy again. “Cloaked” was a word that came to mind as I was struggling to figure out how to describe it. 

Cody's case, Psychic's Unite Forum 

Because it seems like everything is coming in small spurts, I think I will simply add to the original post to keep the info flowing smoothly.  

Meditation from 03/04/13

I saw an owl but then it seemed to be sitting in front of a small white sign, may have had the letters T and Y but I’m not sure. It flashed so quickly. A or Aaron.

Then I saw a girl (this part is very weird). She was a blonde but her hair was bloody and hanging all down over her face. She was walking towards me. Then I heard “Walker“. The only thing I can think about that is that all my kids were watching Walking Dead the night before and I caught some glimpses of it. I think they call the zombies “walkers”.  I don’t have any idea what that means or if it means anything unless it’s a location or something??

Then I was in this place that seemed to be a cabin of some sort. I could see animal heads on the wall which made me think of a hunting cabin.  I could see growling teeth, animal teeth. 

**Again, the walker part of this is totally weird but what I'm trying to focus on now is where Cody is right now.  I have no idea why some things come to me with such strange or weird symbolism but what I'm finding with this case, it seems to make sense to someone. 


  1. When I meditate on Cody I feel a lot of abuse and neglect. I feel like he was beaten with boards. I also get a spiritual feeling around him but I feel like this is from vigils being held and people praying for him. I feel a lot of female energy around him and think a sister close to his age knows something more. I also feel water and get the feeling they should look south of the house.

  2. SS.. I am going to ask something of you before I post your comments. You do seem to be picking up on some of the things I have but for some reason, the detail you included about the abuse, I feel may create some emotional pain for someone in Cody's family. I hope you understand. I am not sure why I sometimes react to certain things but I do get a strong feeling that it would deeply hurt someone to read that. If you could, or would, please just take that part out and repost. Ultimately it more about finding where he is now so we need those details. Thanks! Oh, and feel free to email me. There is someone I can share your details with privately if you think it would help.

  3. I had a dream about Cody and found major symbols that I think are significant. I've tried to repost this and my computer shorts out as if it's not ready to post or I'm missing something. I'll try my best to give you symbols and hope they make sense.

    Boards, there are boards used.
    I feel an inability to move, perhaps paralyzed with fear. Don't feel like he ran away.
    I also feel like I'm laying on my side.
    I am in a truck moving, moving, moving SOUTH, direction is South
    Receipt as aliby is LIE TWO O'CLOCK
    something with tools
    I see wedding bands. (not sure the significance) but also feel like there was an oath to "never tell"
    I also heard "Sarah" and feel like she may be a sister or like a sister. "She heard"
    I also got the feeling like loved ones are losing hope, He said "stay strong".

    Also reading Diana's post, when I read "cloaked" I got an image of a young child hiding under a blanket.

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  5. Hi Lisa. Thank you for this! Both things you said make sense. Sarah could be Samantha. When I hear names I usually do mention that. Sarah or an S or SA sounding name. Same thing with Nathan or an N name. That happens a lot. And Christian, I never thought of that but yep, that's how it works.

    Something else I want to mention, but I will also email you, is the rocks and ash. I typed that into google and I quickly realize that you have volcanos very near where you live. I didn't even realize that. geography was/is not my strong suit. But Mount St. Helen for example. That so fits, an area like that.

    Anyway, I will email you. Thank you again for allowing me to help.

  6. I wonder if that has to do with my "Amber or Ember" vision. I thought it had to do with a young female but it could also mean volcano embers I suppose. I always seem to screw things up most when I try to interpret the signs on my own instead of just relaying the message.

  7. I am sure it has more to do with a place than a name based on how I was seeing it.

  8. Lisa, I removed your comment. I will email you and explain.

  9. We appreciate all you help Diana. Glad I found you <3

  10. I feel Cody is in water, tied/waited down (by a round excercise weight?) I feel there is evidence left behind on a beer bottle by the waters edge. I don't want to go into details of what might have happened but do feel that he can still be found. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones. -H

  11. -H,
    Please email with everything you feel about his case. we are strong and can handle whatever you have to say. Please leave nothing out

  12. Cody was a friend of my brother they were in the same class, I personally meet cody once. When I meet Cody I was fairly young but I had recently been experiencing deep, troubling precognitive dreams with the feeling of sinking and hearing a loud repetitive noise. I meet Cody a short time before his disappearing. Now every time I walk past his old house lot I can't help but stop and stare. I once sat in front of the area for nearly an hour, just trying to understand why i felt this overbearing feeling of guilt and some strange urge to follow the canal (The town has a canal that runs through part of it going north to south). To this day I don't believe it was my guilt I was feeling because guilt wasn't all I felt a twisted joy that sickened me. Part of me hopes cody is still alive but deep down I can't shake the sense of sinking.

  13. I'm so sorry.. that must be very difficult. His family, well a small part of them, are never going to give up until they find him. I am praying that will happen.

  14. I sometimes have random visuals when reading some of these psychic predictions but have never never been inclined to post anything until now. I keep having a visual of a tall man dressed up in dark clothing in front of a home that has a walkway going up to the door, the walkway has steps going up on a sort of small incline in the front yard from the sidewalk to the porch and the mans standing by a streetlight, its almost as though he was watching him for a moment before the boy notices. The boy sees him and is sort of paralyzed with fear and stops dead in his tracks. He knows the person and knows its not going to be good. Then I see fire and the visual ends there. Perhaps the home is red brick but that is not clear in my visual but there is a random brick reference in my head. I do hope the family will be able to find peace.

  15. I had dreams of Cody years ago and they stopped but came back suddenly with much more detail then I remember from 2013. These are my dreams:

    I feel like Cody was beaten in the house with boards.
    I keep seeing this piece of jagged wood that has blood on it. I'm told it is UNDER the kitchen which is very strange to me. It's very small and was not put there deliberately but feel it could incriminate whoever did this to him.

    Still feel inability to move and feel there was a significant injury to his back.
    I see him laying on his side inside a moving vehicle with a blanket thrown over him.
    Passed a gas station that was yellow and had a shell on it. (hoping maybe video surveillance?)
    Moving South or south/west but see mountains and windy roads, lots of trees.

    I see a campground but couldn't get a name on it but I see a large "Y"
    Saw those green street signs one said "Ring" and the other said "Canyon"
    Saw a campfire and feel some item was burned here.
    Cody walked me over to the river and there are lots of small rocks by it. We started trying to skip the rocks on the water. He picked up a very heavy rock and threw it in the water then pointed and said "look down there." I saw a kayaker and people floating on inter tubes. Maybe another clue to the place?

    I saw a German shepherd and was unsure if this animal was a police dog or a family pet but then I saw a man violently kicking and punching it. This man seemed tall to me and had a long reddish colored beard. Then a shorter dark haired woman walked out of the house and said "I got something else for you to beat in here." I think she called him "Dick." Then I saw Cody peeking around a tree and he said "that's my dad." He was clearly very fearful of him.

    First I was being shown stamps then I was standing on a street in a town that seems very small. I saw a wooden building with a wooden roof. It had 4 large windows and 5 supporting pillars that held up part of the roof. I walked inside the building and it was dark inside and looked like a bar. I have a feeling something was said to someone here regarding Cody. Just had the feeling but didn't hear anything. I turned to Cody and said "why are we here?" and he handed me a beer bottle and said "time out!"

  16. I saw a building that was shaped like a barn and then I saw a wagon wheel. There were green dumpsters behind it and I started looking through the dumpsters and found a police evidence box and just as I was about to remove the lid I heard "fibers in the vehicle" then saw a van that I felt was light in color. Clearly a van wouldn't fit in the box but perhaps there are photos or a statement by someone that needs to be looked at again. Or perhaps something was thrown in these dumpsters. I also got an image of a red and black flannel shirt.

  17. Cody is coming to me in dreams every night and I wake up and jot down what I remember right away. Here is what I wrote from last night:

    Dump truck with a Green W yellow M on it picked up something behind a diner.
    Could it be the barn shaped building from last nights dream?
    Look into what day and time garbage gets picked up at businesses?
    Saw a light yellow building with a green roof heard "Breakfast"
    Green street sign I90 East "Spokane" I90 West "Ellen---" He told me to turn right
    Go past mile 115
    I see green grass and distant houses to my right and a red barn to my left

  18. I see this clock move around and there is something off about timing. I smell food. Something was "dumped" before he was reported missing and I feel like truck picked it up. This is weird but I saw Cinderella's glass slipper which makes me feel like something happened around midnight, some kind of movement, I feel a sense of panic. The clock continues to spin and then I get this image of a bell that dings when someone walks through a door, like the bell is on the inside of the door, feel like this may be related to a diner and meal time is breakfast, early hours. I also see a cowboy hat.

    1. Have there been anymore dreams SS

  19. You pretty much described kittitas. Bar, time out saloon. Wagon wheel restaurant. Post office. Have you gotten more this is interesting, I am his cousin and advocate. Trying hard to find him for the past 5 years