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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Relisha Rudd

Relisha Rudd was last seen on March 19, 2014. I have been working on this case per the request of her mother and others who are still active in the search. 

07/02/15  The first thing I got was 438. I could see myself walking along a sidewalk beside a metal or iron fence. Behind the fence I could see headstones and what appeared to be a small cemetery. I felt like the fence would have been on my right side and ahead I could see the city, or a business district or something. Buildings.

I could see crosses in my head, and I could see a church. Or I felt it was a church because of the crosses. It was a large stone building but I could only see the front. It had an entryway that was set back into the building. It felt old. It could have also been something like an old theater or something, but felt more like a church. The building appeared to have something above the doors, like a stone ornate decoration, a gargoyle, something like that. I couldn't really make it out.

We walked up to some kind of pretty park bench. It appeared to be an ornate bench, iron or whatever that is that they are made out of. There were hedges and bushes and flowers planted behind it and around it.

I picked up New York, subways or trains and Baltimore. Now I do not know if these locations have a connection, if it’s a general direction they went in..not sure. Maybe he took a train that went in that direction??

I got the feeling that they met up with someone, a female. She was very happy to see this lady. She was told something good and she appeared to recognize her. I got that feeling right around getting Baltimore.

I started getting images of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.. Unless someone can make a direct connection to that I have no idea, yet, what that means. I got the impression here of an aunt, or an aunt would know what this means. Or maybe even that there is an aunt named Dorothy. It could even mean someone has or likes red shoes?? I also felt like there was some sort of celebration in the area, she attended a celebration, maybe a party or carnival? Not sure. It could have been something city wide?? At the same time I picked zoo and 148th Street. And I also picked up going for icecream.
I heard the name Joe, and I also remember seeing balloons and characters, like street characters, people who dress up like cartoon figures, something like that...

I was holding the bunny and felt a daddy connection.. perhaps that is who gave it to her. But then I realized that I had never heard or seen anything about a father being in the picture, so I don't know. I also felt specifically drawn to the doll with pink in her hair, like maybe it was her favorite. I felt that from the moment I opened the box.

** Note.. When I first opened the box I felt a very strong connection with her, like she was right here watching me. And when I began my meditation, I could see my spirit guides and they were with her, or she was with them. I feel like she is deceased. (I am sorry to say that) But I also began feeling some hope with the locations and how her energy is. I am going to move forward hoping I am wrong, but I don't want anyone to get their hopes up. She may just have really strong energy around her.

07/05/15  Playing house until she was reported.. that’s what I feel Kahlil was doing. He was unstable. Andrea wanted to take her back when she found out. Something about Canada. 

I saw a light post. Maybe crossed a bridge. North East 3rd or 103rd

He thought about going to Canada. Wife wanted a family but couldn’t have one.

Did he have a car? Yes, dodge. (he did have a car but I think it was an explorer)

I asked who took the picture. I heard Mark.  She liked pizza. I feel these toys were used, given to her. The woman (Andrea) was nice, but then as I wrote that I got anger and scheming, sell. Still not sure about the motive but I feel like they didn’t panic at first, not until police were notified. They thought they were safe. No one would tell. Shamika does knows more.

07/08/14  Shamika was given money or something in exchange for letting him take Relisha.

Kahlil YEI YIE ??? I feel like the cemetery plays a role in this, and a mausoleum or something like that. Last ditch effort to give his kids a way to not believe he did this. 

Andrea doesn’t know or didn’t want to know.

Relisha shows me a big tree in the corner by a fence.

2, bins, ?? (Not sure what I wrote in my journal there.. ) Whatever he was going to do, he changed his mind. I feel like he had a God complex.

Carousel or ponies?? 

07/09/15   For the last couple of days I have been trying to communicate with Kahlil and Andrea. I'm not picking up much on either. Again, I don't think she knew and he is not communicating, at least not yet.

2 things.. is there a carousel around any of the search areas? Or ponies? Also I could see a large tree sitting in the corner of a lot (or location) that is surrounded by an iron fence.

07/19/15  Bike path.. 3 miles east. I am still seeing the cemetery and the mausoleum. She shows me the handle bars on a bicycle. 

4th - I ask her “Where will I find you?” I heard by a pond. Not where they think. She is showing me horses again.

Meditating on Andrea:
Andrea loved  him. She didn’t see his darkness.  (note.. I need to check the dates on the hotels, both where the video was taken and when Andrea died) 

She shows me something that looks like a rosary with a cross on it. Who were the 2 men at the hotel where he killed Andrea? They had something to do with his plans for Relisha.

I am still conflicted about whether or not she is dead or alive, but every time I ask, I get deceased.
Who is Buffy? Why were you at the hotel? He told her that he was taking her to Relisha.Andrea felt like he wanted to help Relisha. She doesn’t seem to be able to help me find Relisha.

I ask her if I can do a reading for her family and I hear the name Jody.

Meditating on Kahlil:
I asked where Relisha is and he shows me a bike path and reminds e of the horses. Why did you do it? I felt he was descending into madness.

Jody again.. who is that?

He may have been planning on taking off with Relisha. Those 2 men might have been planning on helping him. It all went wrong after it was reported to police.

I hear the name Mary Ann.

He says he didn’t kill her.

Mark, John.. names I heard when I tried to figure out who those 2 men are.


Why don’t you tell me what you did? He shows me the mausoleum again.
Shamika just turned her back on Relisha and Kahlil.

Was the grandmother aware of what was happening? I felt no.. 

As I look at a picture of Kahlil and Andrea I hear Jody again. Who is she/he?

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  1. Pond St is right by where Kahlil killed himself. Google earth is. It matches your description