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Friday, May 8, 2009

More Haleigh Cummings

02/23/09 Haleigh came into my meditation again. A diner, the name Joe.. I tried to get a feel for whether she was alive and I want to believe she is but it's hard for me with children. I never want to believe otherwise. I saw a shape (pic.6) which seemed like the shape of a state but I'll have to check it out. Pedophile, but I think I heard that on the news, something about the girlfriends cousin. I could see a drawer with stuff in it like a junk drawer and in it a large spool of something. I could see a box (pic.7) sitting there but I could'nt see what it was. As I am writing I heard or saw rat poison. It felt like a nice house. I was going back and forth on whether she was alive. At some point I remember hearing Ohio but since I have heard some news I don't know where it came from. I heard Tennessee, I think. I was listening to the news yesterday and I thought I heard them say the cousins name was Joe but I checked it out on and the internet said Timothy something. R?? But I hear the name Joe again so I need to remember that. I want to believe she is alive.. pulled a tarot card "Star" have hope.

02/26/09 I had a little time so I asked about Haleigh. I heard Joe again but it was like Joe the plumber.?? Also Timothy or Tim and Arkansas? who knows why Arkansas.. I still didn't check out the shape of the state, I need to do that.

03/04/09 Meditating on Haleigh Cummings. I think water tower and I see a paint brush. Radio announcer, red car or fire truck, fireman. I could see some men standing in a field that looked over grown or like a wheat field or something. Maybe a search party. I saw a small plane and it made me think of a small landing field then the plane, small like a crop duster. The name Joe again. I still get the feeling of her being taken. I remembered a show where a woman took a girl and raised her.. people are out there who desperately want children and they will do anything but this just seems like too many people involved but I hate the alternative. The girlfriend is involved but I didn't see what the 4 year old might know. The paint brush and the radio announcer. What I actually saw was a man with those big headphones on talking into a microphone and I thought radio announcer. The men in the search group or whatever appeared to be standing there to get a picture taken. Still I see a small landing strip.

** I was looking at the internet for articles and I saw one that mentioned a relative named Joe. the investigator spoke to him in TN. Joe was a relative of Misty Croslin, the girlfriend. She said she didn't trust him. And the shape I drew of the state actually resembles the shape of Putnam County where Haleigh lived. I found it on an aerial map.

03/05/09 I'm pretty sure now that an airstrip or airport is where she is. Yesterday I found some property for sale - Hal's, which I think is an open grassy airstrip. While I was looking
at this I found a picture of aviators headphones that looked exactly like the headphones I saw before when I thought of radio announcer. So I asked for another image from where she is and I saw a shape that looked like a hook, rounded at the top, and then a scary skull. It made me think of halloween's fright farm (hay ride) The only other image was of a woman in a kitchen making a pie and putting it in the window. Could be that there is someone living in a small house on that property.

03/13/09 Meditation about Haleigh Cummings. A frog,a woman's face. I could see a man in a day-glo green vest like a worker of some sort. A shovel and then another man in a hard hat. Reminded me of utility workers. Maybe there is some sort of work going on around where she is or she may be found by a group of guys. The number 17. I remember thinking frog pond and the woman had long dark, straight hair and a sorta round or oval face, young, light skin. As I close my eyes I can see a man with dark hair, scruffy hair on his face and dark eyes. I thought bad guy but then I heard under-cover cop, army, canvas whatever type of jacket, like hunting style.

Heard Raul Ramirez ?? black or Hispanic guys, black cap like a knit cap, army and border, border patrol? I think this is may or may not have something to do with Haleigh because it went way off track.


  1. Oh I guess that answers my previous question! LOL

    Tower matches with what another friend got! I know we were looking around by a couple airstrips too!

    But with her case the Yellow and school buses and bus stop have always bothered me!

    Again thanks for keeping the pics and info out there on these children

  2. Hi Mish,

    Thanks for the info! I hope this helps! Do you live near where Haleigh went missing? I would like to hear more.

    I would also like to speak more about Lindsey. However, I don't have an email address for you and your site doesn't seem to be letting me in. Please email me at so we can compare notes!!


  3. Diana, I think I posted something about Haleigh yesterday, but I can't find it now. I've always thought the murderer's name was Timmy, but I think it's Joe, if I heard it right on tv.

    On tv they are talking about a search going on for Haleigh. I believe they said cousin "Joe" killed Haleigh and threw her body in the water.

  4. Thanks Gabby.. I did find an article about the search. When I have a chance to check it out I will try to post something.