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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some of my thoughs on Madeleine..

When Madeleine's story first hit the news, I was shocked that these parents had left those 3 children, drugged in that hotel room. However, I don't ever remember thinking that they had done something to their child. I did however, think that she was probably dead. But as time went on thoughts of Madeleine started to pop up during my meditations. While I have not gotten completely though my journals, I am going to start the post with what I have found in my journals so far.

One quick note: My thoughts come in pictures that don't always make sense
to me, but usually do to those involved. I also get feelings about what I am seeing and I hear words or names... I'm pretty much going to write my ramblings straight from my journals. AND.. when a child is involved I'm wishy washy on the fact of alive or dead. I never want to think the worst but sometimes the obvious conclusions sneak in and so I don't ever believe I'm right or wrong in determing if they are still with us or not.

9/13/07 I don't feel that Madeleine's parents had anything to do with the disappearance. The first image I got was some sort of tool or something (pic. 1 scanned from my journal) I'm not sure what it is. It's like metal, the handle is open like a place to wrap your fingers. I keep thinking divining rod. I just don't know. I feel it was someone they (the parents) were familiar with. Someone who was staying in the hotel, maybe asian, became aware of what they were doing that night night (about the kids) and saw the opportunity to take her. He could easily take her out in a large suitcase or something as he checked out. For whatever reason I do not know, but I get the feeling that she is dead. I saw a letter M then I thought Madeleine but got the name Mark and the letters V and then J. A white car (but I didn't put too much weight on that cause I get white a lot, not sure why) mid sized sedan 4 doors I think not square but more smooth lines, a rental I think (pic. 2). About the first picture, the rounded open part I feel is a handle and the long pointy part is the the part that is used for whatever purpose?

10/04/07 Madeleine came into my meditation again. I asked if she was alive or dead and I was shown a sad face which made me think no. I could see the rooms like room numbers, B9 was part of it then an A C & X. I had a feeling that he did this on impulse and then with all of the publicity he didn't know what to do and he killed her.

05/16/08 Madeleine was on my mind so I focused on her. This time I got the feeling that she may actually still be alive and in Portugal right under their noses. I could see a teddy bear with glassy eyes and a pink bunny. I could see a man but I sort of saw him in pieces. His eyes were wide set, almond shaped but smaller and sort of closed or serious looking. His nose was wider in shape and maybe sort of turned up. He had thin lips and his teeth seemed small. His brow was furrowed between his eyes, long face I think. He had dark hair, long but not past his shoulders and maybe 30’s to 40’s. I think he is a smoker.

I will post more if I find more... Please add your thoughts and any information you think might be helpful.


  1. Diana,

    Interesting, the tool in your picture looks and feels to me to be an open end potato peeler. I am not a Psychic, I am more of an Intuitive. When I saw the picture you drew I had a visual flash of a man that worked in the kitchen at the hotel and got that utensil from the kitchen where he worked. When I saw the picture of the car you drew and read about the teddy bear, I got a visual flash of a pantry where she is kept when he leaves the house.

    I am not sure what this means.... but as I am typing this to you I keep getting these visual flashes of very large white (heavy material) hotel laundry bags.

    A puzzle is put together piece by piece and in the end, you have the picture. It takes time, but is worth it in the end!


  2. Thank you Darlene for your input and help. That is really what we need here. I would like to see more people come in and comment, post thoughts and whatever. Even if they are different than mine completely, the more the better chance we have of finding these kids!!!

  3. Hi Diana
    I don´t think she is dead
    I think she got carried away in a box or something like that.
    I think her name maybe now is Emilie or Emily
    In the beginning when she went missing I was just thinking what stupid thing to do- to leave a child alone, but I have not for a moment thought that the parentes had done her wrong.
    I am pretty sure that the family know/ is familiar with which ever took her. They just dosn´t know that them self.
    I hope they find her soon.

  4. Thank you Maria for your comments! It seems that we are all on board here with her still being alive and I truly hope so. I feel the more we all get on board and share out thoughts the stronger we will become and maybe, eventually we will be able to make a difference and bring more of these children home!
    Thanks so very much for your comments! I'm going to post them on the main pages so your thoughts will be out there to be noticed!

  5. Thank You Diana
    I am not Psychic , but I have a good intuitive feeling about people, and the name I have dreamt about. I wonder back in 2007 when the sighteeing in Amsterdam area , that day I woke up and thought that they had found her. I was so sure. Wonder about that episode a lot.
    Keep on the good work

  6. Hearing "What beautiful eyes you have" like from the story book. Shush secret, play a game? underground tunnels aquaducts room carpet hallway man moustache white teeth good smile thin faced brown hair wears a cheap suit and tie. Chlorine. Mountains luxury place very exclusive only very wealthy people can go there lady has a white dress on and no shoes

  7. Magic Unicorn, do you think your feelings are more of when she went missing or where she is now?

  8. I had the feeling that it is both. I do not feel that she is deceased.

  9. I hope you are right! I am hoping that my initial feeling were just her sadness and I pray that some day they will find her.

  10. I also believe this baby is alive i believe that the man that was a pedifile a few houses over moved her and hid her he has a female acomplice but will not be keeping her much longer as she is out growing his ideal age she may be found in bad videos and sold on the market she will be seen in an open marketplace and recognised she will be taken to a populated area and given a name of a live child she will live next to a doctor and his family they will have a pool she will resurface in the future and will be reinited in 3 years and 25 days the man in the restraunt that works there has more info

  11. Diana, about your picture of the metal object, could it be an dental tool ?