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Friday, May 15, 2009

Briant Rodriquez

Someone asked me what I thought about Briant's father. I hadn't heard anything at all about his father, not even a mention. But then again, I tried not to listen to the news so it would not interfere with what I might get.

So, I meditated on Briant and his father.

05/12/09 - CAVA, a round object with a circle around it. At first I thought satellite but then I thought Saturn. And then I saw pumpkins. Perhaps a pumpkin colored Saturn car? I can see a woman, pretty, nice.. she has long dark hair and I can see Briant drinking milk. I see the woman or a woman’s belly and it looks like she may be pregnant. And then a profile and I see she is pregnant. It may be the same woman. I can see her coming down a staircase and I can see an abstract picture or painting on the wall. Very colorful with sort of half face and big shapes or swirls of color. 5 & 6 or e but I think it was a 6. Jara. I think perhaps a street or house number 56 J? I’m not sure about Jara, perhaps another name. Could 56 be an age? Jara a name and now I hear Gerald? I get a feeling that the dad is a possibility but if so the child is not harmed. As I try to focus more on the dad I get goat and it made me think of Capricorn. But my friend was talking about being a goat the day before so I don’t know.

I looked up CAVA and there is a virtual school in LA. Don’t know what that means except maybe to indicate a location.

05/15/09 Today as I began to meditate letters started popping up. H Y then an * and later a V. Briant came into my mind again so I followed him. I saw an image that reminds me now of an earlier image I saw. Almost like a candle stick but does not feel like a candle. It must mean something. "That Girl" like Marlo Thomas - the words "That Girl" flashed in my mind. It made me think of the dark haired woman. Perhaps she looks like Marlo Thomas in that show? I asked if Briant is still alive and I get a feeling of yes.

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