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Friday, May 8, 2009

Summary on Haleigh

Since the posts are so long I'm going to post a summarized version of where I think Haleigh is. I sent this to a psychic in Florida who, as it turns out, offered his help and was refused.

Starting with a vision of a man wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone. I thought radio. I could see something that looked like a tower or a water tower and a paintbrush. Then a red car or firetruck, fireman? Then I could see a field, overgrown with a group of men standing around. And next came a small plane flying over and it made me think of a crop duster. It started to make sense later as I began to put the pieces together, at least some of them. The radio guy could have actually been a pilot or air traffic controller. The field and the plane could indicate a small airstrip, probably abandoned. I researched that on the internet and came up with 2 possible sites that fit the description and are within the county. Hals Airstrip and Bear Island. The reason I think she is in the county is something I drew in my journal on Feb. 23rd. It was a shape that I thought might represent a state, almost like FL but when I was looking for airstrips I found an aerial photo of the county and it was almost the very same shape. Oh, and I almost think there will be a house on or right near the property where she will be found. It felt like a small house.

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