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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Susan Powell

I know this site has always been dedicated to finding missing kids, but this woman has been on my mind and I believe she came into my meditations last week.  I wasn't sure if it was her at first, then I saw an article about a missing girl that very day and it made me wonder.  The girl, Casey Lasure, was found around January 6th I believe.  

Susan Powell, age 28, was last seen on Dec. 7, 2009 when her husband says he left their suburban home in West Valley City at about 12:30 a.m. to take their two boys, ages 2 and 4, camping in freezing conditions.

She was reported missing on the same day when she failed to show up for her stockbroker job and her children were not dropped off at day care.

My first meditation was on 01/04/10 and is listed below, but I will add it here also to keep things together.

When I closed my eyes I immediately started seeing faces. There was a man, nice looking, square features I think, but his features were all I could see. Then there was another face, happy looking, red wavy hair, freckles, big smile, round nose. He reminded me a little of Howdy Doody. Clownish. He jumped out me as if he were having fun. I also heard Rich or Rob, Rod maybe.

I could see feet walking around under a table or door?? and I noticed all different kinds of shoes, boots, dress shoes, cowboy boots and even one person with bare feet. Then it started feeling unfinished like a house under construction and then quickly something that looked like a church flashed in my mind but it felt more like it was beside the location, not the location. Then I saw a woman on the floor, like she fell or was knocked down. Not an old woman. She feels no older than 30's or even a lot younger. Long dark hair, I think, and then it started feeling bad. She shouldn't be there and probably didn't want to be. I saw a toy laying beside her like a little boat. She is a mom or a younger woman which reminded me of that missing woman who husband says he was camping with the boys when she went missing. I can't really make sense of any of this. I remember somewhere around seeing the feet, that there was a number 4 and then a yellow paper, on the floor I think. That is when I started thinking construction for some reason. Like a permit or even a paper label on wood???

What I've found so far - The missing mom is a woman from Utah named Susan Powell. I'm thinking now though that this may have more to do with a missing 16 year old from New Martinsville, WV named Casey Lasure. When I called up the weather this morning I saw a story about her. She has been missing since sometime after 10PM on Friday. I don't know why but that feels more likely. She seems to look more like the woman I saw, long brown hair. But I just don't know..

After I put the 2 pictures together, it really made me unsure of which one it might be.  It may very well be a little bit of both cases.

01/08/10 - I was trying to connect with Susan Powell and I began feeling a strong presence in the room with me. Apparently so did one of my pups because at the very moment I felt the chills going up my spine he started howling. (I believe Lucky is super sensitive to spirit, more so than Bear or Sadie. He is always doing this and howling at unseen things.) Anyway, his barking broke that deep connection but I started seeing images. I could see a drain, like a bathtub drain. Not the kind that you plug, but the ones that have levers to plug them. I feel there is evidence in a drain. I could see a woman's finger running around and around that drain. Then I felt he used bleach to try and cover up or destroy any dna evidence, but I feel he didn't get it all, there is something there.

I asked where her body is and I heard or sensed Jesse Davis. I remember that case, I followed it closely and was very accurate on what I received at the time. Jesse was found in a shallow grave by a hiker I believe, in a state park. She was killed by her boyfriend in front of their young son and he tried to cover it up with bleach. He was a cop. He also had help from an old school friend to cover it up. I'm not sure what part is like Jesse's case. I will have to go back and find my entries.

I get a mountain road and an 8. I feel it might be spring before they find her. And I think the 4, if this is connected to the first meditation, indicates time. 4 months, the 4th month (April), something like that.

I usually do a daily draw after I meditate, for me. The cards I pulled this morning indicate a very turbulent relationship, one that ends tragically. It must be connected to her instead of me. That does not fit me at all.

03/27/10 - This morning when I was trying to focus on Aja Johnson, but at the beginning I kept getting Susan so I went with it for a little while. I have not been following much of what you guys are doing because honestly I just can't keep up but I feel this probably doesn't fit much. However, I'm going to give it to you anyway just in case any of it means anything.

And also, another note. When I tried to scan the map for an area that might fit this I found a mountain road 8 that runs along the left side of the Wasatch National Forest. I remember getting a mountain road and an 8 in one of my meditations.

(ok, the link I was trying to put here isn't working.. I will try to find something else.)

Here is my meditation from this morning. I could see an area where I think they will find her body. It still reminds me of Jessie Davis. From an aerial view, there is a hill or mountain and she is on the top or close to the top. To the left is a town or neighborhood. I see buildings. To the right is the rest of the national park or forest where she is. It is wooded. Spring.

The kids may have witnessed, directly or indirectly, all or part of what happened. They are frightened of Josh. He told them it was all Susan’s fault. There is evidence in the house. I feel the police know more than they are saying but they are trying to get more. They want her body. What they have is circumstantial and they don’t feel it’s enough to convict him. There is no time limit on getting him. There was evidence in the house. The kids know something. Someone else helped him clean up and hide the body. Blood evidence.


  1. Jenny-Jean@comcast.netMarch 11, 2010 at 2:09 AM

    Hello! I had a dream about Susan. She was in a wooded area w/ dark soil under foot. She called a name: Joshua, Joshua, Joshua. It was dark out, and she was looking at a small house/cabin w/ white or light gray siding. It was older. Then Josh came out of the home. He had a duffel bag over one shoulder(like army type), a brief case in one hand, the older boy's hand in the other. The older boy was holding the youngest son's hand. Josh hurried the boy's into a gray/metallic sheen vehicle. I think it was a car. Josh looked fearful. I think he heard Susan calling him, but I don't think he actually saw her. He left on a dirt road. It seems like the porch light was still on.
    After having this dream I have been out searching for the home&Susan, because if I find it I know right where she is buried.
    I was out searching on 3/3 and as it was time to get home to pick up my daughter from school. I was at the end of a blocked off road alone. I had turned my car off to try and get any inspiration as to if I was even in the area that she is. Nothing. Then when I turned on the car I looked in the rear view mirror. I saw Susan in the mirror. It startled me because I thought I was alone. i looked in the back seat, and she wasn't there. I looked back in the mirror, and she was gone. I'm so frustrated because I didn't know what to do when she appeared to me.
    I have been searching NW of Pelican Bay in Saratoga Springs, Ut.
    I feel vry strongly that she is NW of that position, but I'm a little lost.
    My friends and I "psychic searchers" have been hiking all over the place over the past month. Some of the searchers believe that she is in the water in Utah Lake. We have searched the shore line in many areas, but haven't found any proof of Susan being there...yet.
    There is a dark shadow figure that keeps trying to through us off...distracting us...leading us to the wrong places. We have learned not to follow it, but it followed a friend home Tues. I told her how to get rid of it with light. It seems to have worked.
    I hope you can help me. maybe something I have said will resonate with you, and you can help us in the search. I'm glad to get all the help I can!!
    Thank you for your insights, and keep up the good work!

  2. I feel she is buried in a wooded area somewhere. But that is so hard to figure out which I suppose is why they do it.. I hope by spring someone will find her. If I am able to pick up on anything else I will post it. I've recently realized how much my visions are overlapping so I am going to start posting more of the randoms stuff in hopes that it will make sense to someone.

    Its great great what you are doing. I hope you are able to help!


  3. Hi, With the renewed interest in the Susan Powell lead in Ely, NV. Somehow the word "Applegate" (whatever that means) came through, and specifically someone associated with Applegate (delivery truckdriver of large boxes?), and lastly a location someplace in Wyoming, just over the border and south of Evanston. I don't know Susan, but I feel she is wanting to be heard, and perhaps all the clues will help find her.

  4. I see a flat plain with small foothills. In the foothills is a mine with a small roof structure over the opening and something tall like a telephone pole close by. A dirt road comes right to the opening. There is a shoe close by that was missed because is was dark. There are tire tracks that you need to be careful of because they are evidence. Something about the east side of the area. I feel it is in the Ryolite, Nevada area. I see her crying and wishing she had done something sooner. She says she loves her Mom and Dad. I see marks on the corner of her mouth from a gag. She may have been hit in the right side of her temple. She is wrapped in a blanket. She has a crown on tooth #9

  5. hi im not a phychic but my parents and i are from eureka, utah. eureka is an old mining town that is now a small rural community. my parents travel every morning to dugway, utah, for work. dugway is about an hour away from eureka, which means my parents leave farely early in the morning. at about 5:30 in the morning the day josh powell took is two small children camping, my parents were on their way to work and they spotted josh powelles van by the eureka cemetary. many others in and around town say they also spotted josh powell this very same day. there are many abandoned mine shafts around eureka, many around here believe that is where susans body may be. no im not a pychic but i have a very stonge feeling about her being near me. i always think about susan and her two beautiful little boys. i hope they know they are forever in our hearts!

  6. My honest opinion is that the husband was innocent, I think his brother knew more about it possibly the suspect, when I stare at her picture, I see a Window with a under lining of like dirt, than I see a Pine tree in the middle of that window, so maybe she is buried under a pine tree, or across from a pine tree where a house sits and you can look out the window... But when I try to tune in I really do not get her husband as the suspect, and I don't really get that she "traveled", I feel she is "near by".