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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gabriel Scott Johnson - Age 9 Mths.

Gabriel Scott Johnson

Gabriel, 9 months, went missing from Tempe, AZ on December 27, 2009.  

02/11/10 - I immediately heard the word water and then I thought street and front. Streets and/or water front. I felt or saw the baby weighed down in the water. But I kept feeling alive?? very confusing.

At some point I saw a child in the trash lying by a dumpster in an alley or something. He had been put in a box and the box was now open but this felt older than a baby. I feel maybe male but all I could really make out were his legs, jeans and sneakers, red I think.

I just felt dead and I feel she went into a manic state and killed Gabriel. I saw Melissa Manchester in my head??? Weird. A woman with a blue jacket, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her face reminded me of that girl who went missing from a school or senior trip to the beach. I can see a beach and waves. I know its my logical mind struggling with the whys? Why would she sit in jail if her baby was alive? I remember seeing a man sitting down holding a big black book, like an album. He is rocking, holding the book.

I could also see a car but it was as if I were lying on the ground in front of it. I could see the tires and perhaps a little of the car. The tires seemed big and I think the vehicle might have been white.

02/12/10 - I was trying to see Gabriel but really my only feeling is that he is gone and in the water, probably in San Antonio. I think when I checked water front yesterday a place in TX came up. I feel as if she killed the baby then told her boyfriend, panicked that she just confessed then made up the other story about giving the baby away. She went to TX to dispose of the baby and then ran to FL to hide. I feel that is logical thinking though. I also feel she has a cold, psychopathic personality.


  1. Please consider Baby Gabriel Johnson again. We feel he is alive and need direction to bring him home.

  2. I will do my best, I promise.

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  4. Engraçado, senti um poço. Antes ele se engasgava, não sei se ela o afogava ou ele se engasgou sozinho. Mas senti que sufocava e um poço.
    Sinceramente, espero que ele esteja bem, mas acho que deveriam procurar em um poço perto de sua casa ou da avô.
    Foi só uma sensação, antes de ler seu post.
    Mas torço para que ele esteja bem.

  5. Translation of the above post:

    Funny, I felt a pit. Before he choked, I do not know if she drowned or choked him alone. But I felt suffocated and a well. I sincerely hope he's okay, but I think they should look for in a well near their house or grandfather. It was just a feeling, before reading your post.
    But hope it's okay.

  6. To the above poster, did you mean to post this for Gabriel? Just curious because it reminds me of Kyron Horman's case.

    Para o autor da mensagem acima, você quis dizer com este post para Gabriel? Apenas curioso porque me lembra do caso do Kyron Horman.