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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aja Johnson, continued

03/26/10 – Aja, but I feel Danny. I think he calls her Danny. Riverdale, tea party and head banging. Banging their head against a wall. I keep feeling she is alive. The letters J and C and the number 5.

Feels like a political thing perhaps a capital city or county.. like the city that is the capital of a state. Riverdale, city?? I was trying to get a county after city. Every time I try to rationalize that he wouldn’t still have her I feel she is alive. He is abusing her, taking out his anger on her. I tried to send her a message to run. For whatever reason I could see this shelf with a bag of different snack chips. Then I saw him sleeping. I tried to send her a message to run, escape while he is sleeping and to find the first person she runs into and tell them who she is and have them take her to the police.

03/27/10 – Aja, I can see this pole like thing. At first is seemed like a flag pole but then it kept changing. It changed until it became more like a tower on a boat, one like you would climb up and into to look out over the ocean. But for whatever reason, I feel like this represents a location. The boat doesn’t have to be a real part of it, it’s the tower that is important. Maybe a theme park or attraction of some kind. I ask if she is OK – No. I ask if she is in AZ – Yes. Why are they there? – Because she is there. Who is there? Mary, or an M name like Mary is there. I can see a woman, dark hair, full, maybe wavy sort of shoulder length or a little longer.

I keep struggling with the alive or dead thing. If he was going to kill Aja he could have just done it and left her behind at the trailer. I saw in a article this morning that Tonya was beaten to death. First time I saw a cause of death. That fits with what I originally saw. Tempe.. but before it felt and still feels like a capital city. Where ever he is he is in the capital.

I remember now seeing a large bird around the time I was seeing the pole. At first it felt big, like a sea bird of some sort, when it too flight it had large wings and a slimmer body. Not like a gull but more like a pelican or something. I couldn’t really focus on its head, just the wings mostly.

I also remember seeing a feather, like a quill and a bottle of ink. I have no idea what that means unless it goes back in


  1. Aja and Lester may have been found dead in Norman, OK. This is near Thunderbird Lake IIRC

  2. thanks Gabby.. I had a lady who has worked hard on this case email me yesterday after having seen my new post and asked me specifically about Lake Thunderbird because that was what she thought of when she saw it, especially the bird. I didn't have a big response as I told her but a minor curiosity with thunderbird.. I have been arguing with myself about why would he keep her alive but I couldn't let myself go there..even though the very first time I saw her photo I thought she was dead.. I quickly decided she wasn't and I refused to believe it even when I kept getting the thing about hearing hoof beats and thinking zebra. I knew it, just wouldn't believe it. I am very heartbroken for her family and for the loss of this little life.