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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kara Kopetsky

Yesterday I spoke with someone from Belton who wanted to know a little more about my posts about Kara.  After the conversation I looked at my sketch and I pulled up a map. Based on what I had originally gotten, I found a Long Horn Restaurant and the Belton Railroad.  I pinpointed a spot on the map that I felt might be of interest and when I called up a street view it really caught my attention.  I am including a map and pictures of the location.  I am not saying that the house is connected except that it fits what I was seeing the first time. And I now understand there are things around the area now that make it more interesting as to what I had written.  But I wonder if that area has been searched by authorities?

The pictures of are of both sides of the street once I zoomed into street view. 

03/09/10 -I was trying to see what Kara can see from where she is.  I could see a house, I think you would call it a ranch style house.  I appears to be brown or darkish tan, perhaps wood siding?? I think it has a white frame around the front door but I'm not sure why that seemed important.  The house has a porch across the front, covered I think and I could see what looked like a garage or something to the left but it appeared to have a little roof on it.  I think there is a big tree.

In the sketch, the X would have been about where I was standing when I was looking at the house.


  1. Hi Diana, just found your page here from the websleuths site. I am a resident of Belton and have lived here since 2001. The spot you mark on the map is not a remote area. It is where a popular park is located. I have walked that area with my kids many times. It is residential too. If Kara were there, she would have been found by now. Regarding the Longhorn, that isn't very close to that area. Don't know why it comes up on your map search. It is approx. 3-4 miles from that location along the "main drag" in Belton.

    As far as the house and the street view photos. Those would not be of the location you mark on the map. Not sure where those street level views would be, but definately there are places that resemble that around Belton. Can you indicate what address shows for those street views?

    Thanks for wanting to help. Hope I helped. Please post any other info. you may have.


  2. Thanks JM,

    I know its not a remote location. The reason I was even looking at that area is because of the the things nearby. I did the little street search icon and followed a few paths and there is something about this location. Whether is connected to where she is or whoever did this to her, I don't know..

    It probably doesn't make sense sometimes how it all works. The fact that a few names or places came up in a few mile radius is what brought us there.

    Like I said, I didn't know whether the area would be important or not. However, the person who contacted me did make some connections to Kara in that location. And he found a "spot" of interest to him??? And when he was there he said the area I posted the picture fit in regard to items and position, and so on from my original sketch. I wish I could say more about him but he sort of dropped out of the picture, and doesn't want to be involved anymore.. I cannot say what happened but I wish I knew more and I wish I knew if someone had looked at what he thought he found.

    If there is every anything I can do to help let me know.


  3. Hi Diana,

    Have you gotten the name Elliot in any of your feelings, and the number 1458? My own visions and now dreams of her have brought some information to me. These two pieces seem very significant to me, and have more just want to know your feelings on these two please. In every moment there is a beginning, middle, and end...reading what you wrote I feel you may have the beginning.

    Peace and Love,

  4. Hi Diana,
    Feb 17th (tomorrow) is Kara's birthday! Would you please revisit Kara's case again? I too, feel she's in Belton. I think you are sooo close. Could you give a little more detail?
    Sounds, sights, what do you see? J

    1. jcamp, I hope you are following this. If so, please email me. I've misplaced your email address and I need to talk to you. Thanks!

  5. Its so sad that every time I think I am gonna try again another child goes missing. I will do my best.

  6. I did another meditation on her case and I will try to get it posted this evening.

  7. the park is a place where everyone hangs out and gets drugs. its a deal spot. u mentioned something about a house. its a party house. everyone knows its a place to get drugged out. and ppl there use to grow in the house. i had a dream about kara. and i think shes in that house... they resurfaced it i believe my dream was about being somewhere dark with wet cement. so put two and two she must be burried under the cement floor

  8. Thank you for the information. If you are the same person who posted before I'm sorry I didn't publish it. I always try to be cautious of making accusations against someone, especially when we don't have any proof or the person has not at least been named as a person of interest. Although I think the guy you mentioned is at the top of everyone's list!

  9. Im getting she knew before the incident the girl she was talking to knows more than shes saying she left voluntary but because of underlying things there are people and iv drugs around her she was on a greyhound bus just a feeling i dont know her she left something out of its place for her mom they will find her

  10. Im feeling she had friends that did things that were going to come back to hurt her she had another place she considered home a few years earlier that is where she knows the unidentified man she went to work underground and has not returnerd for fear of being brought into the mess she left Theres an old man with a red pick up that talked to her about this

  11. I get a feeling of her being gone and then not so gone. Maybe a restless spirit. I feel like I can see her leaving school, frustrated, I feel like she had to walk through a field like a soccerfield,etc. then I feel like she gets into a red pick up truck. Its older a model like a chevy, kind of rusty. With a man. She knows him and it's willingly. I feel like she is thinking or has that feeling like "just take me away from here", that feeling of just getting away from all the things that are going wrong. I feel like I can see her staring out the truck window though its mostly rolled down. Like she is daydreaming..then all I see is white. I try to focus on her but all I see it a white blank. Nothing more.